Fugger: Michelle Williams

Well Played, Michelle Williams

She is very good at this.

That is so simple, but it’s beautifully fitted, casually yet chicly put together, and it has the delicate tiering (might be hard to make out on some monitors) and two little bows to make it special. She seems very happy and less timid, also; I know she and Jason Segel haven’t been together in ages, but it seemed to start there, so I’ll carve off a piece of this Well Played and award it to whatever he was slinging.

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Well Played Ad, Michelle Williams

Let’s talk about how Michelle Williams looks in these new Louis Vuitton ads:


Because I think she looks great. One of the things that I occasionally find off-putting about her on the red carpet is that she has a tendency to revert to the twee, and she sometimes comes off as very fragile and delicate. Which she may be — and it’s not a crime to be fragile and delicate, but I personally just don’t find it super appealing at all times. But here, she looks so confident and direct. It’s sexy. The bold makeup doesn’t hurt, either (as People StyleWatch pointed out, her brows look awesome). It’s basically a very, very different look than we’re used to seeing from her, and I wish it would stick around.

It’s worth noting that, while I’m not a huge fan of the LV bags because I’m not that sprung on visible logos (unless you’re talking about vintage LV luggage, duh), that bag is kinda great, too. Champers all around!

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Met Ball Well Playeds and Hmms and Zzzs: More Celebs Who Look Perfectly Fine, Mostly, But Also Seriously Could Be Absolutely Anywhere Else

So, there is acreage between “catering to your dramatic whims” and “looking like a crazypants naked and/or upholstered crackpot,” and the whole point of the Met Ball is the former, even if you fall on your face doing it (which leads to the latter, and outfits like that are exactly why Anna’s annual gala is such a hilarious good time and must never, ever change, even when we get capsy over people’s insane choices). Don’t we think it’s about time, say,┬áRenee Zellweger had some semblance of a dramatic whim again? She is operating at a severe dramatic whimsy deficit. Her last one was Kenny Chesney, I think, and although that didn’t turn out so well for her, it was a VERY exciting time for all of us looky-loos. ALWAYS THINK OF THE LOOKY-LOOS. If we’re stuck with a stupid term like that to describe what we’re doing, then at least please make sure we’re having fun doing it.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Tiffany Event

I was wondering why Gwyneth skipped out on the Iron Man 3 shenanigans happening in London. I guess when a jeweler asks you to come hang out at its big ball, you call the studio and tell it you don’t want to see the movie again right now anyway and that you’ll make it up to them with weird outfits at the U.S. premieres.

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Fugs and Fabs: Kate Young for Target Event

It is a weird world indeed where Michelle Williams is doing something that both Posh Spice AND Kate Gosselin did first.

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Fugs and Fabs: Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and James Franco

Do I like this dress, or am I just enamored of the fact that the perfect fierce wind and her perfect fierce face make her look like she’s stomping down a yellow-brick runway? I like to think that whenever she’s mad at Ashton Kutcher, she’ll just send him a JPEG of this face and he’ll go straight to the florist.

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Fug: The Great and Powerful

In good news, Michelle Williams’s face has NEVER LOOKED BETTER:

Remember when she was on Dawson’s and you were like, “I don’t know about this person’s face?” Maybe that was just me. I was really mean then. Also, she was slightly awkward. But talk about growing into your looks. Gorgeous.

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