Fugger: Melanie Griffith

Fug/Fab Face-Off: Melanie Griffith vs. Duchess Kate

Melanie Griffith has chosen to stop into the ring against the Duchess of Cambridge, who recently wore a creamy version of this Barbara Cassola dress, primarily to great acclaim.

Melanie Griffith

Unfortunately for Melanie, it’s hard to gauge whether we like it in black, because she either decided to roll the transparency dice or fell prey to the Flesh Flash (aka, when you don’t realize we can see everything until the photographers really get going). Or is it lined on top but not below the waist? I don’t know, but mostly this making me applaud Kate either for getting away with one by wearing the white version during daytime, or somehow making damn sure hers was locked up tight and wouldn’t cause an international incident. Melanie Griffith, I feel like, will let this roll off her back if it caught her by surprise. Kate would be branded a full month with the scarlet H for “hussy.”

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


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