Fugger: Max Greenfield

Teen Choice Awards Who Fugged It More: Lily Collins vs. Bella Thorne, With Bonus Schmidt

People wear the same designer to an event all the time, but with something this distinctive, it feels like a strange choice to let these two ladies face off in matching palm trees. Then again, I will remember them both, so maybe the designer is a total genius for doing it.

First, Disney Channel’s Bella Thorne.

If we hacked off the black sleeves, or fitted them so that they didn’t look like a surgically altered sweatshirt, then I’d quite like this. For an event where people hand out surfboards, the whole palm tree/sky/ocean thing makes sense without being overly adorable.

Lily Collins picked a more dramatic version:

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Emmy Awards Man Fugs and Fabs

I’m sorry, Fug Nation. None of our subscriptions had any photos of the Cumberbatch. Will you accept Thomas Jane looking like a lunatic as a peace offering?

… No? Okay, then there’s a treat for you at the end. Which is working correctly now that said treat is placed where I INTENDED it to be placed. Sigh. Technology.

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