Fugger: Marion Cotillard

Met Ball Fugs or Fines: The Dueling Diors Again, a.k.a. Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence

It’s been awhile since the darling dueling Dior representatives had to share the same red carpet. Here, they had to pose together, so they got very different outfits, neither of which service the theme and neither of which makes me delirious with joy nor engulfed in hate-flames on the side of my face. In fact, I think Dior totally, disappointingly, punted. Let’s discuss.

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BAFTA Fug or Fab: The Dueling Diors, Part the Third

Rounds one and two went to Cotillard — in fact, round two was decisive, as you named her your best-dressed of the SAGs. Let’s see how Dior’s ladies fared in what might be their final round (will Marion even go to the Oscars?) as they went head-to-head at the BAFTAs. At least somebody thought to put them in different colors this time.

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SAG Awards Fugs or Fabs: Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard

For the second show in a row, we have Duelling Dior Divas. Someone on Twitter pointed out that this is also the second show in a row where Marion got the better gown. I guess it’s good that Jennifer Lawrence — who did at least get a BETTER dress this time– can console herself with all her statuettes. Or take out her fury on them.

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Golden Globes Well Played, Plus Some Other Stuff, Marion Cotillard

Her Globes dress might have been one of my favorites of the night; the rest of the stuff she wore this weekend was deliciously cracked out. Variety is the spice of awards season.

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Critics’ Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Marion Cotillard

I feel like this is the amazing version of the dress Victoria Justice wore to the Met Ball:

Parenthetically, there is something so weird and off-putting about seeing these gorgeous and intricate gowns plonked in front of an ad for SkinnyGirl Cocktails. First of all, most proper awards shows do not have corporate sponsors on their step-and-repeat. Like, can you imagine THE 83RD ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS SPONSORED BY NAIR? Second, say what you will about SkinnyGirl (it’s hilarious; it made Bethenny Frankel very rich; it’s not as terrible tasting as you might think; it is insane to pay $15 for a drink you can make yourself at home; name-checking skinniness as an aspirational concept with regards to booze is somewhat bizarre, etc etc etc), it does not really feel like a high-end, status-y brand. Which, like, neither are Doritos and I love them. But I am worried that the Critics’ Choice is running out of money, is what I am saying.

Right. Marion. When I first saw this — six hundred years ago before I fell into that SkinnyGirl hole — I kind of wasn’t feeling it. But now I think I might love it. The back is part of what sold me:

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Fug and Bone

This might not be fugly, exactly, but it’s not stunning enough for me either.

The skirt might’ve been onto something,  and in life I am not opposed to lapels, but… I’m snoring right now. Actual letter Zs are leaking out my nose. Maybe it’s because Marion is so freaking pretty, or maybe it’s because she’s talented and yet last thing I saw her in was the Batman movie in which she was actually sort of terrible and that left a sad taste in my soul, but: I always want her to dazzle me. This feels like she stole it from Helen Mirren’s reject pile.

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