Fugger: Lucy Hale

Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at New York Comic-Con

Yes, because what we need are TWO Comic-Cons. At least this one is smaller.

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Teen Choice Awards: The Pretty Little Liars

First of all, Getty Images told me that Burgundy Suit over there is Ian Harding (Ezra), but that’s  Tyler Blackburn…isn’t it? IS IT? Is this a new “Who Is A?” like mystery? You’re welcome, Pretty Little Liars, I just answered the question, “what are we doing next season?”. You’re figuring out which short-haired brunet dude is who:


No, wait, never mind. You’re going to have to break that story yourself. I was right. THANK GOD. I was fairly confident about this because (a) I actually really love Tyler Blackburn and quit Pretty Little Liars when they wrote him off, and then forgot to come back with him, and because (b) I see this photo every time Heather texts me:


That is Ian Harding, on the pre-show prior to this past week’s season finale, shoving a cupcake into his mouth before they went to commercial, and it is divine. Speaking of divine,  let’s discuss the assorted Liars, all of whom look pretty good to my mind, even if Ashley Benson (who, for what it’s worth, I love) insists on wearing what looks like the strapless version of this dress that recently made me cry. Vanessa Ray, kicking things off in the black dress, looks flirty and cute; Lucy Hale looks flat-out great in that blue; Janel Parrish looks vaguely like her dress might be choking her which is at least thematically appropriate given the character she plays; Shay Mitchell is a tall, gorgeous drink of water, and then Ash Benzo is trying to slowly kill me, and Tyler Blackburn is snazzily representing for all the dudes. So they’re four for six, which would be a great night if they all coalesced into the body of a baseball player somehow. And somewhere, everyone else shoves another cupcake in.


Fug Night With Seth Meyers: Lucy Hale in Vatanika

Lucy Hale seems fun. She could charm the fur off a monkey…

lucy hale pretty little liars late night seth meyers

… or, more aptly, the air filter off a purifier.

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What the Fug: Lucy Hale

This ticks all three Pretty Little Liars boxes; She is pretty, and she is little…

lucy hale AOL Build Speaker series pretty little liars aria

… and whoever told her this DIDN’T look like she would bust into a tap routine set to Best Little Whorehouse In Texas was a liar. Done.

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American Music Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone in Basic (and not so basic) Black

I’m still not sure if I understand a lot of these things, like (a) how we’ve gotten to a point where Nicki Minaj isn’t popping up places wearing like swizzle sticks and tennis balls anymore, (b) how come everyone seems to be taking the AMAs so super seriously, and (c) the continued public appearances of Jenny McCarthy.

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CMA Awards Well Played: Lucy Hale in Romona Keveza

Lucy Hale often falls victim to Stumpitosis.

Lucy Hale

I am thrilled to say that she may have found a vaccine. This is quite simply the best I’ve EVER seen her look, and so whatever rare tuberous root she’s juicing to get Essence of Elongation into her morning smoothie… keep doing it, kid. And send the recipe.

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VMAs Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Black and White

Okay, Lucy Hale’s has pink in it. But it’s so CHEERFUL, so it’s our lead-off hitter. Look at me, dangerously breaking the rules a mere half-hour before the Emmys red carpet starts! It’s bedlam ALREADY! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW.

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