Fugger: Lucy Hale

Much Music Video Awards Fug: Three Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell is basically one of the best-looking humans I’ve ever seen, so this photo bums me out:

Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson

Ashley’s ensemble, however, is even MORE depressing. They’re both so good on Pretty Little Liars, and both such lovely women, and I want more for them than those clothes. This is proof positive that what seems like a sexy, slouchy negligee-inspired idea too often reads like sad, messy, forgotten socialites who do not REALIZE they are sad, messy, forgotten socialites. Think Romy & Michele’s Showgirl School Reunion, but with more personal wealth and less of a color story. [Also, my computer kept trying to autocorrect "socialites" into "socialists," which a) I guess means that socialites really are a dying concept, and b) would make for a TOTALLY different narrative entirely.]

Lucy Hale went in a different direction:

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Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the Billboard Music Awards

Famous last words, you guys, but I think the Era of the Sheers may be coming to a close. I can see barely ANYONE’s undies.

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Fugs and Fabs: ABC Family — Whoops I Mean “Freeform” — Event

Obviously, someday I will start calling this channel “Freeform” and it will roll off the tongue. But I assume I will never LIKE IT.

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People’s Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is doing a time jump — people laughed when One Tree Hill did it, but honestly, I think more shows should; all the crap they made the Gossip Girl characters do would’ve made more sense if they were 23, not 18, and besides it lets you clear the table and reset things — and I feel like NOBODY is more excited about not having to play 17 anymore than Shay Mitchell.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at New York Comic-Con

Yes, because what we need are TWO Comic-Cons. At least this one is smaller.

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Teen Choice Awards: The Pretty Little Liars

First of all, Getty Images told me that Burgundy Suit over there is Ian Harding (Ezra), but that’s  Tyler Blackburn…isn’t it? IS IT? Is this a new “Who Is A?” like mystery? You’re welcome, Pretty Little Liars, I just answered the question, “what are we doing next season?”. You’re figuring out which short-haired brunet dude is who:


No, wait, never mind. You’re going to have to break that story yourself. I was right. THANK GOD. I was fairly confident about this because (a) I actually really love Tyler Blackburn and quit Pretty Little Liars when they wrote him off, and then forgot to come back with him, and because (b) I see this photo every time Heather texts me:


That is Ian Harding, on the pre-show prior to this past week’s season finale, shoving a cupcake into his mouth before they went to commercial, and it is divine. Speaking of divine,  let’s discuss the assorted Liars, all of whom look pretty good to my mind, even if Ashley Benson (who, for what it’s worth, I love) insists on wearing what looks like the strapless version of this dress that recently made me cry. Vanessa Ray, kicking things off in the black dress, looks flirty and cute; Lucy Hale looks flat-out great in that blue; Janel Parrish looks vaguely like her dress might be choking her which is at least thematically appropriate given the character she plays; Shay Mitchell is a tall, gorgeous drink of water, and then Ash Benzo is trying to slowly kill me, and Tyler Blackburn is snazzily representing for all the dudes. So they’re four for six, which would be a great night if they all coalesced into the body of a baseball player somehow. And somewhere, everyone else shoves another cupcake in.