Fugger: Leslie Mann

Mostly Well Played: Leslie Mann in Reem Acra

The dress itself is nice enough, if a bit of a mishmash of embroidery:

Leslie Mann

But let’s be honest: I’m totally wooed by the fact that she pulled purplish shoes to bring out the colors in the dress. And we were JUST discussing shoe wisdom with regards to Rooney Mara and Lauren Miller Rogen and, oh, countless others since the dawn of time. This feels like a thought fully executed from start to finish, as opposed to abandoned halfway through because dinner was ready.

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Fug or Fab: Leslie Mann in Marchesa

I have come to a greater understanding of myself.


And it is that, given my feelings for this look (positive), it’s possible that I may have A Thing For Feathers. This does not jibe at all with the fact that I have a raging phobia of birds — unless! And I may have just further figured out my own psyche! UNLESS I find this look so appealing because it represents to me a beautiful way to SUBDUE THE BIRD. By, you know, sitting on it all night.

In all honesty, there is part of me that finds the idea of a feather skirt kinda gross, if I think about it too long. But this is like taking a glamorous marabou slipper and making a whole outfit out of it, and I am therefore sort of into it.

"How To Be Single" New York Premiere - Red Carpet

Also, I do love a halter.

All that said, I recognize that you, Fug Nation, may think I have — if you’ll pardon the pun — gone cuckoo.

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Critics’ Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: Patterns

The Critics’ Choice Awards managed a MUCH more interesting nominee list than I had anticipated — I mean, we had winners like Andre Braugher, Rachel Bloom, Constance Zimmer, Jesse Plemons, (LANDRY!), Master of None, Carrie Coon… There’s something great about a show where you actually KNOW WHO VOTES IN IT (more or less) and they (more or less) can willingly answer for their choices. Ahem, HFPA and the Academy and all you other nebulous bodies.

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People’s Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Dakota Johnson (And Friends)

Dakota didn’t walk the red carpet — several of the bigwigs didn’t, actually, like Sandra Bullock — and I have to say, I find that frustrating. It’s the People’s Choice Awards. It may not feel like a real award ceremony, but I BELIEVE all the winners have been pre-notified? Regardless, if you are nominated by fans for an award VOTED on by fans, and you have won it, then walk the freaking red carpet as a thank-you to the people that put you there. It’s not a lot to ask. Maybe her ensuing wardrobe malfunction was the universe giving her a karmic rap on the knuckles.

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Elle Women in Hollywood: Fugs and Fabs, the Patterns

Judy Greer might win this one. Actually, wait a second. It’s possible that sentence should just read, “Judy Greer might win.”

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Fugs and Fabs: Day of Indulgence Party

I assume this is some kind of Celebrity Gifting Suite and Pampering Adventure. So even though these are mostly what you’d call candids, it seems like the surprise factor at being photographed is on par with going to lunch at The Ivy, but with added product placement.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Trainwreck Premiere

In which Marisa Tomei plays the role of SWINTON, SWINTON plays the role of a more lowercase swinton, and Andy Cohen plays the role of Justin Timberlake.

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