Fugger: Lena Dunham

Fug or I Give Up It’s Fine Whatever: Lena Dunham in Lisa Perry

I am sure she hasn’t, but somehow I feel like Lena has worn this before:

lena dunham paddle for pink

But it might just be that the parade of cheerfully shapeless tents starts blending together after a while. Full marks for the colors, and I really WANT them to unduly influence me into thinking this is cute. I can’t quite get there, though. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the makeup, or that I still am not sold on this haircut. Whatever the reason, I see this as the garment completely overwhelming her, thus forcing my eyes down to the confounding footwear. Granted, I’m not sure where plush ankle testicles do have a place, but it’s certainly not here.

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Unfug or Fab: Lena Dunham in Mary Katrantzou

I think Lena’s pixie cut looks better on the magazine cover than it does in life.

lena dunham variety power of women

But maybe it’s just that she needs a stronger lipstick. I can’t decide. As far as the outfit goes, the blue shoes are REALLY cute (and play off the back of the dress, which is solid, in that shade), and the pattern on the frock is funky too. I almost love it, but have reservations about whether the sleeve length is the best choice on her, and… Is it just me, or do those pixies work better on people with immaculate posture? I don’t mean that as a knock — I have terrible posture, from all this sitting and typing; it is what it is — but rather that having no hair basically means you have nowhere to hide, so even a fractional slump can end up looking much slouchier than it actually is. It’s a trick of physics or something, and that can drag down an outfit as fast as the garment itself.

Thoughts? Keep the cut, swap or tweak the dress? Keep the dress, plug in a wig? Take two lipsticks and call me in the morning? Discuss.

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Fug or Fab: Lena Dunham in Tanya Taylor

I actually was going to give this a full Well Played, because I think this is pretty damn fetching.

lena dunham

But then I decided Fug Nation should get to gnaw on it a bit, in poll form, given that we’ve been begging Lena to pull it together for such a long time now. Her hair and makeup are cute, the dress is as springy as I think everyone on the East Coast is eager to be (yeah, it’s not WARM there yet, but after such a rough winter a little optimism isn’t going amiss for me), and I actually really love the whimsy of the polka-dot shoes with a striped frock. I pause a little on the fact that the basic shoe is a Champagne satin, which looks dirty even a leg’s length away from the dress itself, but I’m otherwise extremely optimistic. And of course feeling pangs of loss for the reliable raft of fuggery she floated on before — this site creates a complex relationship between tugger and fuggee, in which we both want them to change for their own sakes and NEVER WANT THEM TO CHANGE, EVER, for ours — but let’s put this sucker to a vote and see if you’re all as stoked as I am, or if it’s just the Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs talking.

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Fugs and Fabs: Girls at Paleyfest

It seems almost unfair — like it should be illegal — that they did anything without either Zosia Mamet OR Jemima Kirke. One veers between cute and crazy with amusing unpredictability, and the other always looks ready to lead a seance. That is irreplaceable energy.

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Fugs and Fabs: Raising the Bar to End Parkinson’s

I freely admit that I am always delighted to see Lea Thompson attending events thrown by Michael J Fox’s foundation. It just makes me happy. BUT WHITHER DOC BROWN, I ASK YOU?

I have a theory that everyone has a few celebrities over whom they would just…freak out, even if just internally, if they were to meet them — not because they’re huge stars, but just because they have been a huge part of someone’s pop culture life for a very long time in a consistently positive way, and Michael J Fox is one of mine. Because I love Back to the Future so much, and I loved Alex P Keaton and basically I have loved Michael J Fox since I was 8. Not in like a pervy way. I just LOVE him. I do not think I would be able to act cool in his presence. (FWIW, I would have the same reaction to Mary Lou Retton. She was going to come into an office at which I was working once, for a meeting, and I literally didn’t think I was going to be able to handle it. I LOVED HER when I was 8. Maybe these Internal Freak Out Celebs are all tied to being eight years old. I want to know who yours are.) Note: despite this wall of text, MJF himself was not at this event. His cinematic Mom will be a good stand-in, though.

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Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Candids of Sundance

On Twitter this past week, Lena Dunham noted that she expected to see more “bazonkers snow fashion” at Sundance and I must concur! But don’t worry. There is some bazonkersness within. And there’s also coats, and men with facial hair, and Keanu Reeves. KEANU!


Fugger or Fabber Cover: The Other Elle Cover With Lena Dunham (Feb 2015)

Yesterday, we discussed the Lena Dunham Elle cover, and how the punk look worked surprisingly well but the bizarre hand-positioning was terrible.

Well. I was in line at Target shortly thereafter and saw this version on the newsstand:

Lena Dunham: Elle Magazine Feb 2015 cover

I love her head. It works swimmingly – JUST the right touch of Duran Duran. The pose makes her look like she’s cold, but overall I think this fixes my other issues — she doesn’t look like a coy toddler with an oral fixation, and it’s not quite so close-up, as if they’re afraid to show any of the rest of her. The crossed-arms “Brr where is my coat” thing isn’t a terribly confident alternative, but overall this solves more problems than it creates for me, so I’ll take it.

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