Fugger: Lena Dunham

Fug or Fab: Lena Dunham in Tanya Taylor

I actually was going to give this a full Well Played, because I think this is pretty damn fetching.

lena dunham

But then I decided Fug Nation should get to gnaw on it a bit, in poll form, given that we’ve been begging Lena to pull it together for such a long time now. Her hair and makeup are cute, the dress is as springy as I think everyone on the East Coast is eager to be (yeah, it’s not WARM there yet, but after such a rough winter a little optimism isn’t going amiss for me), and I actually really love the whimsy of the polka-dot shoes with a striped frock. I pause a little on the fact that the basic shoe is a Champagne satin, which looks dirty even a leg’s length away from the dress itself, but I’m otherwise extremely optimistic. And of course feeling pangs of loss for the reliable raft of fuggery she floated on before — this site creates a complex relationship between tugger and fuggee, in which we both want them to change for their own sakes and NEVER WANT THEM TO CHANGE, EVER, for ours — but let’s put this sucker to a vote and see if you’re all as stoked as I am, or if it’s just the Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs talking.

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Fugs and Fabs: Girls at Paleyfest

It seems almost unfair — like it should be illegal — that they did anything without either Zosia Mamet OR Jemima Kirke. One veers between cute and crazy with amusing unpredictability, and the other always looks ready to lead a seance. That is irreplaceable energy.

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Fugs and Fabs: Raising the Bar to End Parkinson’s

I freely admit that I am always delighted to see Lea Thompson attending events thrown by Michael J Fox’s foundation. It just makes me happy. BUT WHITHER DOC BROWN, I ASK YOU?

I have a theory that everyone has a few celebrities over whom they would just…freak out, even if just internally, if they were to meet them — not because they’re huge stars, but just because they have been a huge part of someone’s pop culture life for a very long time in a consistently positive way, and Michael J Fox is one of mine. Because I love Back to the Future so much, and I loved Alex P Keaton and basically I have loved Michael J Fox since I was 8. Not in like a pervy way. I just LOVE him. I do not think I would be able to act cool in his presence. (FWIW, I would have the same reaction to Mary Lou Retton. She was going to come into an office at which I was working once, for a meeting, and I literally didn’t think I was going to be able to handle it. I LOVED HER when I was 8. Maybe these Internal Freak Out Celebs are all tied to being eight years old. I want to know who yours are.) Note: despite this wall of text, MJF himself was not at this event. His cinematic Mom will be a good stand-in, though.

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Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Candids of Sundance

On Twitter this past week, Lena Dunham noted that she expected to see more “bazonkers snow fashion” at Sundance and I must concur! But don’t worry. There is some bazonkersness within. And there’s also coats, and men with facial hair, and Keanu Reeves. KEANU!


Fugger or Fabber Cover: The Other Elle Cover With Lena Dunham (Feb 2015)

Yesterday, we discussed the Lena Dunham Elle cover, and how the punk look worked surprisingly well but the bizarre hand-positioning was terrible.

Well. I was in line at Target shortly thereafter and saw this version on the newsstand:

Lena Dunham: Elle Magazine Feb 2015 cover

I love her head. It works swimmingly – JUST the right touch of Duran Duran. The pose makes her look like she’s cold, but overall I think this fixes my other issues — she doesn’t look like a coy toddler with an oral fixation, and it’s not quite so close-up, as if they’re afraid to show any of the rest of her. The crossed-arms “Brr where is my coat” thing isn’t a terribly confident alternative, but overall this solves more problems than it creates for me, so I’ll take it.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Lena Dunham on Elle Magazine, February 2015

The styling is good, but I call this pose I Have A Zit And So I’m Just Going To Pretend To Bite My Thumbnail And It’ll Look Totally Natural and No One Will Ever Notice. And instead it looks awkward – the magazine equivalent of hiding a pregnancy by making an actress stand in front of an aggressive fern.

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