Fugger: Leighton Meester

Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester in Cushnie et Ochs

Well, at least this fits her. And it’s funky.

Leighton Meester

But I keep thinking this is what it’d look like there was a Fashion Week flag-football tournament, with referees by Serena & Lily. Conde Nast versus Hearst is going to be epic. I can’t wait to see her nab Anna Wintour for roughing the passer (you know that woman blitzes hard and goes full-tackle).

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Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester in Narciso Rodriguez

I love a lively pant.

Leighton Meester

But I swear, I detect a whiff of the polterwang in there, which is not quite the packaging one wants from one’s pants.


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Fugs and Fabs: The Judge premiere

The previews for The Judge are so schmaltzy and all-over-the-place. It reminds me of The Butler — sorry, Lee Daniels’ The Butler — when every single ad had Oprah purring the words “that butler,” because there is WAY TOO MUCH of Robert Downey Jr. calling Robert Duvall “Judge.” That sentence is extremely inelegant, also, but it had to be done. For on this, the premiere day of Bad Judge, I couldn’t bear the burden of my judgment of The Judge any longer. If only Judge Reinhold were around.

Judge Reinhold

Ahhh. Much better.

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Tony Awards: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

Well, they look about as stoked about this as I am. Remember, Leighton, Blair Waldorf was nothing if not an extremely polished salesman.

Let’s open this up, too, into a discussion of the Tony-nominated performances and plays. How did everyone feel about the winners? Do we think the likes of Bryan Cranston and Neil Patrick Harris should have won, or were they rewarded for the heft of their celebrity? That’s an honest question — I am sure both are fabulous in their roles, but I’m always curious about the allure of the crossover star when it comes to doling out these trophies. As much as it would be fun to vote in one of these things, though, ultimately I don’t envy the process of choosing, EXCEPT for how often it means I would get to go to the theatre. Man, I would be there ALL THE TIME. “Yeah, you know what, can I just go to A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder ONE more time? I’m REALLY TORN, YOU GUYS.”

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Met Gala Feh Carpet: Leighton Meester in Emilio Pucci

I really want to like this, but it has similar problems to an Elie Saab that Angelina Jolie wore not long ago.

That being, it’s not super flattering to the chest. I love the idea of a gold art-deco demi-caftan, but the way it hangs off her makes her look a lot more… gravitationally  touched. And the shoes make it Cheesecake on the Lanai rather than Big Fancy Gala.  I know she’s maturing and all, but this IS a woman who once wore a tulle Marchesa jumpsuit. She CAN go bigger and braver than this, and she’s certainly more interesting and young than it’s allowing. Mostly, though, I’m just sad that so much kick-ass fabric is being wasted on a gown that creating anti-mammarial optical illusions. AND on a night when her former co-star’s chest looked so resplendent. Serena Van Der Woodsen wins again.

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Unfug It Up: Leighton Meester in Emporio Armani

Welcome back, Blair Waldorf. Stay awhile this time, will you? With both you AND S off the canvas (whither Boobs Legsly I ASK THEE)(just kidding, she’s finally shooting a movie)(but damn, that took a long time) there has been a void of crazy fuggery others have been filling with way too much stretchy nakedness.

At least this isn’t see-through. It is a cheap shift that ate some curtains and is currently regurgitating them, but it is a CHANGE, and I am so HAPPY to have something else about which to gnash my teeth. (She’s even wearing a BRACELET, although the shoes are a totally boring color choice here and so that’s probably a styling wash.) I mean, I actually like that bottom fabric, potentially, but why does it look like it’s been sewn into the other thing with dental floss? How would you ladies fix this? Would you even bother? PLEASE, talk it up, and rejoice and be glad that one of the options doesn’t have to be, “Line it.”

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