Fugger: Lea Michele

Fugs and Fabs: The Versace Show

Most of this went well. UNTIL IT DIDN’T.

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Fug or Fab: Lea Michele and Jenna Dewan

JENNA DEWAN TATUM: So…what’s wrong?

LEA MICHELE: What are you talking about? Don’t I look SO HAPPY?

JENNA: Yeah. But your hair has gotten to the point where it’s covering, like, forty percent of your face now.  It’s like you’re trying to hide from the world. (I have been reading psychology books to learn how to deal with everyone’s surprise at the fact that my husband is actually really funny, apparently. No one believed me for years. Survivor’s guilt. No. That’s not what I have. Resentment? Whatever.  He’s funny, America. DEAL WITH IT.)

LEA: Are you done with your parenthetical conversation that has nothing to do with my face?

JENNA: Yeah. But I’m worried. You have a really NICE face! Why are you covering it with HAIR?

LEA:…honestly? I forgot to pluck my brows this week.  This hair is triage.

JENNA: Now let’s talk about your dress:


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Well Played, Lea Michele

I know this is simple, but it’s great on her:

See, sometimes you can underline the statement without using your pelvis.

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Fug AND Fab: Lea Michele

Lea Michele’s Letterman outing was like The Tale of Two Lea Micheles. This is the young, fresh, cute Lea Michele:

Tis a far, far better shoe than she generally wears, tis a far, far more relaxed look than she has ever known.

Especially in comparison to what she wore on the actual show:

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Met Ball Well Played: Lea Michele

Maybe quitting Glee is giving me a renewed ability to appreciate Lea Michele, but this is great on her — sexy, sleek, sparkly, and above all, she’s not hiking it up to her wait to make sure she’s getting maximum exposure. See, Lea? Sometimes the foxy can stand on its own.

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Well Played, Lea Michele

Giving up Glee has done wonders for my feelings re: Lea Michele.

Now, I can just note that she looks adorable and summery (and leggy, and well-shod) in this without lapsing into some caps lock-filled rant about how mad Glee is making me. This must be what it’s like when you escape from the Mafia! With more talk about strappy sandals, sure, but still.

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