Fugger: Lea Michele

Stop the Fugness: Transparencies at the Elle Bash

A ton of people went to this bash, and we will get to them all, but I think these outfits were the ones that — viewed in quick succession — broke my brain the hardest. Julianne Hough and Lea Michele make for potent bookends. Fug Madness will be here before you know it, ladies, and y’all could be in single digits if you’re not careful.

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Fugs and Fabs: The American Horror Story: Asylum Premiere

I’m impossibly excited for this to return, and will be very disappointed if it isn’t openly deranged; totally uneven, to the point where it’s both awful and amazing within the same hour; full of Jessica Lange and Chloe Sevigny going toe-to-toe on-screen, because they are two people who can turn pretty much any script into watchable TV. In fact, I like to think the Sev’s dress here is illustrative of the Ryan Murphy oeuvre: Compulsively watchable even when it might be a train wreck.

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Fug or Fab: Kate and Lea

KATE: Hi, Lea. Have you heard the rumors that I hate you?

LEA: Silliness!

KATE: Absurdity!

LEA: Nonsensical musings!

KATE: Ludicrous lexicography!

LEA: Wackadaisical textual fib fireworks!

KATE: Okay, fine, GOD, you don’t have to be all showy about it.

Lea first (just the way she'd like it):

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And Kate?

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Fug the Cover: Lea Michele

It’s not her fault. But I CAN’T EVEN.

Is it weird that I would be more on board with this if she were actually wearing an actual cat costume? Is is also weird that the shorts, and the eyeliner, bother me more than the cat ears? Does it make a difference if I tell you that I wear a knit cap in winter sometimes that HAS little cat ears knitted on the top of it? But that actually that cap — which I love — sort of makes me look like I’m wearing a very subtle knit Batman cap, which is a thing I think almost everyone ought to do, because Batman is awesome? And that said Batman toque is literally the only thing I’ve ever worn that has caused New Yorkers to do a double take, like, have have you seriously never seen a girl in knit cap that sort of subtly  looks like Batman’s cowl, fools? This is New York city. There is a woman over there dressed like Jesus. (No one cares when I wear this hat in Los Angeles.) Also: what the hell am I even talking about? Oh, right: if we’re all supposed to start wearing that makeup now…well, I guess I just got back twenty minutes of eye makeup removal time every night before bed. I plan to use it to fight crime. Obviously.


Fug or Fab: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

Well, they’re definitely cute together, and they seem happy — and also as if they are using the same colorist.

But I’m not loving his tattered work boots. I’m sure it’s A Look that he quite fancies — the idea that he’s hip but also edgy, man –but the pieces together don’t seem to fit. I’m not sure that necktie plus vest plus untucked shirt plus grey jeans plus work boots from District 12 adds up to a finished ensemble, so much as it equals, “Aw, hellfire, I forgot about this thing and now I’m going to be super late. What’s clean?”

Let’s take on Lea next:

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Fug and Fab the TCAs: FOX Party

It’s been a really long time since I watched Bones. Is it on its last legs? Is that why Tamara Taylor is in full HELLO YES HERE I AM EVERYONE mode?

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