Fugger: Lea Michele

What The Fug: Sheers at the Glee 100th Episode Party

If the idea is that the more episodes you have in the can, the more skin you show, then they ought to pull this show off the air NOW.

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Fug or Fab The Cover: Lea Michele on Teen Vogue

There’s a lot about this that I really like:

The No Makeup makeup, which I always love on a teen-oriented magazine, the vow that big hair is back (you know I love big hair), the dreamy retro filter that makes her look like she’s just fallen out of a box of photographs someone once kept at the top of their guest closet, the white eyelet top. I have a white eyelet thing. I once bought a white eyelet Marc Jacobs shift dress at the Barney’s Warehouse sale and I still think of that dress sometimes, even though I never wore it and I ended up selling it on eBay because it made me look like a giant envelope.

But I just want to know what’s wrong with her hands and why she’s about to eat that weed. I know you’re a vegetarian, Lea! I saw you on Top Chef. But maybe try an avocado instead! (Actually, the day Teen Vogue runs a cover with an actress biting into an avocado like an apple is the day I send the Avocado Lobby forty bucks in cash.)

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Well Played, Lea Michele

This happened a couple of days ago and I just managed to track it down! I’m glad I did, because it’s all festive and whatnot:

Don’t you think that Emily is totally going to pop up on Revenge wearing this at some point? Eventually, they’ll get to some misguided Christmas episode and she’ll be wearing this whilst angrily mainlining a giant, booze-filled tumbler o’ nog. I know that doesn’t sound like a compliment. But I promise you, it is. Pop your collars, everyone, because I think this is cute.

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Fug the Cover: Lea Michele on Elle

I have to think Lea Michele would’ve wished for something better than this:

It’s her big Life After Cory interview, and she looks, to be blunt, totally freaky. It’s like she’s wearing ten extremely expensive chastity chains– placed right next to a red-tinged cover line about SEXUAL AWAKENING — and then a demi-trench whose belt is flapping around and confusing things. Her hair looks greasy and stiff, like she styled with butter, the eyeliner is as if she’s been on a massive bender and hasn’t removed last Friday’s makeup yet, she looks aggressive and kind of angry rather than sultry and alluring, and worst yet, NONE of this flatters her face at ALL. She is SO MUCH cuter than this. Rather than reassuring me she’s doing well and finally revitalized after that hellacious loss, it makes me nervous that she’s about to go crackballs. NOBODY WANTS CRACKBALLS.

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Lea Fugchele

I think the statute of limitations on post-Monteith fuggings of Lea Michele has passed, right? Because I can’t pretend I like this, nor can I ignore it. This dress IS the bandage we’re about to tear away.

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Casual Fuggerday: Well Played, Lea Michele

Lea went out to lunch with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison the other day…

… and I love it. If I had the gams, I’d wear that skirt all the time. I especially love that it’s got a black lining, which ties in a dark top more easily and yet also subtly. I’m not going to nab her on NAB because it’s just a lunch date, and sometimes bracelets get in the way when you’re trying to snatch at the bread basket like a heathen; the lipstick makes her look cold, though, and I would maybe like to see her grow the bangs into something softer, but let’s not nitpick on this fine football Saturday on which my team does not play and therefore cannot break my heart. Let us just bask in the icy-hued glow of her skirt’s cuteness and raise a beer bottle to NCAA bye weeks.

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Teen Choice Awards Well Played: Lea Michele

Well, this had to be the ultimate bittersweet night for Lea Michele. She won for best actress in a comedy, and Glee won, and it was her first public appearance since Cory Monteith died, and… it is so hard to face doing something, knowing exactly what everyone will be thinking and wanting to ask, and suspecting you will cry your way through the night.

But Lea looked gorgeous — that dress is extremely cute — and in fact the other two ladies behind her look nice also (I wonder if the three of them intentionally color-coordinated)(and then there’s Kevin McHale, whose shorts with socks/tights/whatever I can’t even talk about right now but suffice to say unless Cory Monteith once told him, “BELIEVE IN THE SHORTS, DUDE,” then I really don’t get why he couldn’t just wear freaking pants). Lea has worn a lot of that darker bright pink before; perhaps it’s like her sartorial Happy Place. Good for her for pulling it together, making a classy tribute to her boyfriend, and doing him and herself proud. What they’re doing at work right now must be unimaginably hard, and I’m glad they get to show up today feeling like everything they did with Cory really was appreciated.

I don’t have anything funny or snarky to add. Sometimes you just have to hug it out, not fug it out.

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