Fugger: Katy Perry


Amid Miley Cyrus’s deep and abiding display of mental sophistication, a lot of other stuff got lost. Let us rectify that.

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Fugger Queen

Katy Perry’s new fragrance is called Killer Queen, and I assume, therefore, that it smells like Freddie Mercury (so, showmanship, capes, and tremendous pipes? I could go for that):

This does not explain why she’s dressed like what would have happened had Cher Horowitz been forced to turn to milk-maiding to make rent money.



Fug or Fine: Katy Perry

Is her dress trying to hypnotize me?

I guess we’ll find out when I start dissecting whether I like the hip kerchiefs with the dated white boots (Carrie Diaries, you should call her), and then suddenly I’ve gone from talking sense to clucking like a chicken anytime anyone says the word “hmm.” Bok bok bwooook. Uh-oh.

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VMAs: Crazy Performance Fugnanigans

Or as I said to Jessica, the night Miley Cyrus became LMFAO Minaj. Do we think her tongue obsession came BEFORE this outfit, or because of it?

Note: Sadly this isn’t a Fug the Hellshow of the whole thing; just of what people wore during notable performances. I couldn’t bring myself to go into this again THAT deep, and I say that as someone who watched Sharknado TWICE. So you know this was bad.

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VMAs Who Fugged or Fabbed It More? Katy Perry vs. Coco Rocha, plus Well Played, Coco

I have NO IDEA who decided it would be a good idea for Katy Perry to wear something to the VMAs that Coco Rocha already wore to the Met Ball, but WHY would you set yourself up to be in a Who Wore It Better with COCO ROCHA??!?! That is not going to end well unless you are, like, Karlie Kloss and possibly not even then. It just feels like setting one’s self up for failure.

Who do you think wore it better? Get your judgement on in the comments, please.

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Baby, You’re a Firefug

Don’t laugh:

Katy Perry’s “Salute To the Mid-90s” long program is expected to get high scores, even from the Russian judge.

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