Fugger: Katy Perry

Casual Fuggerday: Katy Perry

I actually quite like this fabric, in theory, so it is sad to have to say this:

This might be the most unflattering thing Katy Perry has ever worn, and yes, I say that KNOWING she is a woman who once wore a carousel on stage.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Chanel Front Row

Karl brought out an intriguing melange of folks to sit front row at Chanel, from Katy Perry to a Thai princess. And the truth is, some of them looked really good. Others looked like they mugged a swashbuckler.

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Amid Miley Cyrus’s deep and abiding display of mental sophistication, a lot of other stuff got lost. Let us rectify that.

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Fugger Queen

Katy Perry’s new fragrance is called Killer Queen, and I assume, therefore, that it smells like Freddie Mercury (so, showmanship, capes, and tremendous pipes? I could go for that):

This does not explain why she’s dressed like what would have happened had Cher Horowitz been forced to turn to milk-maiding to make rent money.



Fug or Fine: Katy Perry

Is her dress trying to hypnotize me?

I guess we’ll find out when I start dissecting whether I like the hip kerchiefs with the dated white boots (Carrie Diaries, you should call her), and then suddenly I’ve gone from talking sense to clucking like a chicken anytime anyone says the word “hmm.” Bok bok bwooook. Uh-oh.

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VMAs: Crazy Performance Fugnanigans

Or as I said to Jessica, the night Miley Cyrus became LMFAO Minaj. Do we think her tongue obsession came BEFORE this outfit, or because of it?

Note: Sadly this isn’t a Fug the Hellshow of the whole thing; just of what people wore during notable performances. I couldn’t bring myself to go into this again THAT deep, and I say that as someone who watched Sharknado TWICE. So you know this was bad.

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