Fugger: Katy Perry

WTF: Katy Perry in Pepperoni

Dammit, Perry.

Katy Perry Pizza Onesie (1)

Now I’m hungry.

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Well Played, Katy Perry in Elie Saab

Sadly, I didn’t have a clean full-body shot of this gown.

President Obama And The First Lady Host "A Celebration Of Special Olympics And A Unified Generation"

But not only is it gorgeous and soothing and the most relaxing way to tip into the weekend, it’s also a RELIEF that she is performing at an event at the White House — for the Obamas, and for the Special Olympics — in something measured and classy, which does not turn her boobs into pinwheels that shoot fire.

I do have a close-up:

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Katy Perry on Cosmo

Apparently, Katy Perry is on every cover of Cosmo this month, all over the world — Cosmo has a bunch of them here; it’s interesting to see which countries get a totally different look, and which have similar covers to the American one, so take a look if you’re into that. I would love to be in a cover meeting just to hear what goes into the decision-making process. I do remember talking to Kim France once, when she was at Lucky, and she told me that non-smiling covers just never sold. I wonder how ones where Katy Perry might be trying to hex you do:

Very sultry! At first I thought she was wearing a hotpants romper and I was all, “oh, KATY.” But now that I know it’s actually a VERY VERY short dress, for some reason, I think it’s rather cute? I don’t know: when you’ve seen a woman wear a bra that shoots firecrackers out of her nipples, you can’t really be shocked by a crotchtacular sequined number. I’m more weirded out by the fact that the holes near the neckline make her look like she has eyes where her armpits are, like she killed a very festive dragon and made it into a dress. That’s not actually a complaint. It’s commitment to a look, though.

How does it grab you?

[Cover: Cosmo/Matt Jones]


Fug or Fab: Katy Perry in Versace

It’s entirely possible that I have been deeply brainwashed by Fug Madness — which continues tomorrow! — and now when I can see anything that’s not, like, horns protruding out of someone’s elbows worn with a coconut bra and a grill comprised of old Budweiser platinum caps, my reaction is automatically kind of positive. But the truth is that I might think I like this.

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Casual Fuggerday: Katy Perry

THIS is what happens when we’re all distracted by the Oscars:

DISASTER. It’s like mid-80s Madonna had a baby with a pair of kitchen curtains. You are very wise to have deployed this whilst we were all distracted, Katy. Very savvy indeed. Take THAT brilliance and apply it to your wardrobe.

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Who Fugged It More: Katy Perry vs Nicole Scherzinger

These two aren’t wearing the same thing, but both DID change from their BRIT Awards ensembles into something vaguely dated and belly-baring. And the Olympics are ending and football season is over, so it’s the time to go crazy.

I’m sure Katy Perry is tired of dressing like something that popped out of a candy factory, but you can clean it up and class it up and still look youthful, which this does not.┬áIf this had been a whole dress, maybe it would’ve worked better for me, but something about splitting it into pieces only emphasizes the musty cut of the top. It makes the sheerness of the skirt bottom look even more desperate — not for eyeballs, necessarily, but as a last-ditch attempt to bring this into today.

Nicole Scherzinger, who in this picture looks kind of like The Mean Kardashian, also went two-piece:

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BRIT Awards: Performance Fugs and Fabs

This see-through, black, slinky Beyonce dress from the Super Bowl wasn’t in our subscription, so I’ve basically been waiting for an excuse to talk about it: She wore it fresh off the similarly nude white lacy Michael Costello from the Grammys, and I was afraid it was the dawning of a really tiresome phase. This dress encourages me that perhaps it’s NOT all about windows for her this season.

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