Fugger: Katherine Heigl

Fugshion Week Fugs and Fabs: Assorted People We Saw

Not as many doozies as we would like. What is the world coming to?

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Scrolldown Fug: Katherine Heigl

Before we begin, I have to say that Jessica and I watched One For The Money recently — we were in the mood to see a hilariously bad movie — and oh, boy, was it a mess. Not even fun-bad; just flat-out BAD, and confusing, and therefore depressing. We literally sat there in silence and then turned on Love Ranch, so we could watch Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren be a married couple running a brothel, and I’m not kidding, it was a major step up. Heigl’s accent in that movie joins the pantheon of Fake Accents That Come And Go With Reckless Abandon (see also: Jessica Alba from Honey), and none of it makes a lick of sense. Wonder if she’s missing those Grey’s Anatomy accolades right about now.

In other news, she appears slowly to be solving the conundrum that was her haircut…

… but WHAT i going on with her lower half? Those shoes are all wrong (and possibly manure-colored?). And those dishwater tights give her Muppet legs — as in, they somehow look like exactly the same color and texture as Miss Piggy’s. This is only acceptable if you actually karate-chop someone who has wronged you and/or can ride a motorcycle through a stained-glass window without sustaining a scratch.

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Legsily Played, Katherine Heigl, with a Humorous Assist from Lea Thompson

I have this theory that Katherine Heigl’s acting career is basically over — if nothing else, she has lost a huge amount of momentum given that she hasn’t been in a decent/successful movie since 27 Dresses, and that was in 2008 (!).  And while I always will give her props for speaking out against Isaiah Washington’s homophobia on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, she is not great at knowing when to just keep her opinions to her personal circle rather than sharing them on Leno. For example:  DO speak out against homophobia, DON’T complain about the hours you’re working as an extremely highly paid television star when everyone else on your crew is working the exact same hours without the same paycheck.  I could go on for HOURS about this, but instead will simply direct you to this incredibly interesting and quite damning Star Market that Vulture did. Girlfriend’s career is in trouble. So what does your momager do when things are circling the drain? RELEASE THE JOLIE.



Fug/Fab Face-Off: Katherine Heigl vs Herself

At the premiere of One For The Money last night — which looks crazy terrible and farcical and slight, by the way; I had heard good things about the books, so fans will have to let me know if this is a fair representation — Katherine Heigl’s styling was eerile familiar. I present to you Heigl circa 2008, at the Oscars:

And Heigl last night, in New York:

two for the show


Fug or Fab: Katherine Heigl

Speaking of people with whom I have fugging fatigue… I just went on a rant about Angelina Jolie, and now here we have Katherine Heigl.

There’s nothing really wrong with the fit — she looks slim — and her face is still rom-com worthy, assuming anybody writes a script for her that doesn’t make people want to go out and murder a tree just to get revenge on the species on whose paper said script was printed. (Phew, that was a mouthful. But seriously, The Ugly Truth? Killers? Life As We Know It? I was going to Fug the Fromage of that last one but I fell asleep, which I NEVER DO.) But here are my two boringly repetitive beefs with La Heigl: She never picks good shoes, and she always wears the clothes of a 45-year old society kook. Seriously, if you had amnesia for everything except Bravo shows, and I said, “This is Tiffini Tiffany of The Real Housewives of A Couple Blocks of Park Avenue,” you would probably believe me, after expressing momentary suspicion due to her non-surgically-altered facial tissue. So I just can’t judge this. It fits my two criteria of “AGAIN? REALLY?” and so that’s where Fug Nation comes to my rescue.


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Fugged Up

Okay. Get-a-Grip Friend time:

WHAT is going ON with Katherine Heigl? I kind of like her cape, and I ALWAYS appreciate the drama of a hat — especially if you are, for example, sweeping into a murder trial to give unexpected and exculpatory testimony, and ESPECIALLY if you’re doing that in a situation where you have been presumed dead for several years. But HAT + CAPE + GLASSES + BOW SHIRT = Cracked Out Old Broad Going to Meet Elaine Stritch For a Drink, In Clear Violation of the Terms of Your Witness Protection Program Agreement. Which is a GREAT look, actually, but it only works if you’re 20, or 80.