Fugger: Kat Graham

Fugs or Fabs: Vera Wang Store Opening Party

I swear to you, for a split second, I thought Kelly Osbourne’s purse was a trash bag.

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Critics Choice Television Awards: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

In which a lot of people we like look decent — Keri Russell has never been such a bombshell — and then Kaley Cuoco and Michelle Monaghan bring some serious WHAT to the proceedings.

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Fug or Fab: Kat Graham

I actually think the spirit of this is fun, and she certainly embraceleted herself (I do love a made-up word that fills a void):

But the skirt is sticking in my craw. It seems too tight on the hips, which makes the thigh slit look more like a thigh split. Which is too bad because the only split I am into right now involves bananas and hot fudge (which may lead to my own split, as book-deadline sugar binges are when pants go boom).

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The Fugpire Diaries: Kat Graham

I quite seriously do not know what is even happening here:

In case you were wondering, you know shit has gotten real when you find yourself thinking, “Well, they’re not garters,” as if GARTERS worn with her denim diapers is a scenario that would make sense.

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MTV Movie Awards Weekend Fugs & Fabs: Kat Graham

Bless Kat Graham for being reliably interesting.

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Fug the Red Carpet: Kat Graham at the Dream Builders Project

This really amuses me:

This event was in Beverly Hills, and I feel like she read the invitation and thought, “Beverly Hills? I’m going to bring you some 80s Dynasty realness, 90210. I’m talking giant shoulder pads. I’m talking sensible black slacks. I’m talking an outfit that Krystal Carrington would wear to a charity luncheon to discuss the Plight of the Children before getting kidnapped and held for ransom by her secret identical cousin. I’m talking something a Woman of a Certain Age would wear to eat lunch salads at Spago while talking to other women wearing the exact same thing about how we’re going to ruin So-And-So’s new young wife. I’m talking Conservative + Cleavage. I’m talking Ball-Busting President of the Junior League, 1987. IT’S ON.”

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