Fugger: Kat Graham

MTV Movie Awards Weekend Fugs & Fabs: Kat Graham

Bless Kat Graham for being reliably interesting.

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Fug the Red Carpet: Kat Graham at the Dream Builders Project

This really amuses me:

This event was in Beverly Hills, and I feel like she read the invitation and thought, “Beverly Hills? I’m going to bring you some 80s Dynasty realness, 90210. I’m talking giant shoulder pads. I’m talking sensible black slacks. I’m talking an outfit that Krystal Carrington would wear to a charity luncheon to discuss the Plight of the Children before getting kidnapped and held for ransom by her secret identical cousin. I’m talking something a Woman of a Certain Age would wear to eat lunch salads at Spago while talking to other women wearing the exact same thing about how we’re going to ruin So-And-So’s new young wife. I’m talking Conservative + Cleavage. I’m talking Ball-Busting President of the Junior League, 1987. IT’S ON.”

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New York Fugshion Week: Day Seven Celebs

We finally got some A-listers! AT LAST.



New York Fugshion Week: The Heart Truth Red Dress Show

Let’s be honest: This show is always a hot mess. But it’s an amusing hot mess to behold, which is always worth the time. I mean, would any of us have wanted to miss out on anything involving Valene Ewing and a PANTS CAPE? No.

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Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Kat Graham

And, no sooner did Lady Victoria Hervey astonish me with her naked grasping, than Kat Graham bummed me out with hers.


And from the front:

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New Year’s Fugging Eve

Come for the giant coats, stay for the ribbon diaper.

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