Fugger: Kate Hudson

Fugs and Fabs: The 2015 InStyle Awards

I do love a mid-October awards show.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Kate Hudson

I had no idea this Bill Murray movie was even happening, much less that Kate Hudson is in it. Look at me, learning on the job.

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Well Played: Kate Hudson in Michael Kors

I’ve never really thought Kate Hudson had much in common with Jessica Simpson, but whatever she’s doing with her hair right now definitely counts.

kate hudson god's love we deliver

Not that it’s bad; it just seems a bit more Newly Installed than I typically associate with Kate, who inherited Goldie’s devil-may-care vibe. And regardless, I still think she looks stellar. That frock fits her perfectly, and the mustard shoes with it are such a fun pick; less confident individuals would’ve gone with bright white or jet black. In all, this is such a cheerful upgrade from her Jennifer Lopez Hudson Collection Caftan from two days ago, which itself was very Versace for Kohl’s. Applause for kicking that thing to the giveaway pile.

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Kookily Played: Kate Hudson in Yanina Couture

So, if I’m reading this correctly, it’s a see-through flowery seduction muumuu with a silver sequined onesie underneath.

kate hudson la mer

The pool guy will be SO EXCITED when she totters out onto the patio smoking a cigarette out of a long holder and asking him to put sunscreen on her nape. I hope he know how to mix a Singapore Sling.

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WTFs and Fab: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala

So, last night there was a gala in St. Tropez for the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, and it was a pizza buffet. Most of the pictures aren’t available to us — boring blogger specifics; pour some out for this loss, though, because I would’ve dearly loved to show you a see-through Versace on Naomi Campbell, and Kate Hudson’s semi-sheer Versace-esque Julien Macdonald. Notably, the frequent Queen of Pizza, Chrissy Teigen — who even posted a photo the next morning of herself in front of a huge array of ACTUAL pizzas – went with something more full-coverage (the fact of which mildly pings the Uterine Secret radar, but not entirely, because it’s not like she spends her whole life in Sheers. It just felt like an event that would’ve played right into her hands that way), as did Marion Cotillard in a floral Erdem sheath. And, say hello to Leo’s Revenant beard. It is robust still.

ANYHOO, we do have photos of the worst offenders — Jessica Stam and Michelle Rodriguez — arriving alongside a classed-up Nina Dobrev, plus a few shots from celeb Instagrams to shed more light. On their nethers.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Serpentine Gala

As ever, this party is chockablock with models and legitimately interesting outfits. Thank you for keeping it fancy this past weekend, London, while those of us in the United States rolled around in our cut-offs.


Fug the Covers: Kate Hudson and Kerry Washington on Glamour UK, July 2015

The UK edition of Glamour must not be able to see through its own crack haze. Case in point: This is supposedly Kate Hudson.

Kate Hudson: Glamour UK, July 2015

And, yes, elements of Kate Hudson still exist there,but this honestly looks more like they took a photo of Carrie Underwood — or even some random blonde from Central Casting — and then photoshopped Kate’s individual features onto it. That is not her face shape. It’s so strange. The rest of it is okay; I mean, I can at least imagine Kate Hudson wearing that outfit while curling up on a floor pillow and discussing with Goldie Hawn the intricacies of her most recent crane pose. It seems true to her. But the head… I don’t know. The rest is like a Kate Hudson lookalike that you hire to sing “Tiny Dancer” to your friend who looks just like a young Tony Danza (Phoebe Buffay would get that joke), or to work your How To Lose A Guy In Ten Minutes speed-dating party.

Kerry Washington is having the opposite problem, in that she might WISH this did not look like her, but it does:

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