Fugger: Kate Hudson

Well Played, Kate Hudson

And so my mercurial relationship with Stella McCartney continues.

Well, it’s not ENTIRELY mercurial. It’s more… lots of lows, interrupted by occasional confusing highs like this. I think Kate looks spectacular in it. In fact, maybe it’s Stella attempting to rectify that horrid rodeo-glam gown she had Kate wear to the Oscars. I think she has a few more years and tens of gowns to go before that debt is paid, but at least this is a step toward balancing the karmic books.

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Golden Globes Well Played: Kate Hudson and Helen Mirren

There is something terribly awesome about the fact that Kate and Helen both went with slinky black gowns that had gold accents, and both of them completely kicked red-carpet derriere without detracting from each other.

I love this, even with the whiff of danger that it’s going to turn on her and crush her larynx. That actually feels like a movie — some cross between Speed and Indiana Jones wherein Harrison Ford and his OTHER, better son, played by Ryan Gosling, has to rescue Ms. Hudson from the ancient Egyptian fashion curse that she activated by plucking this dress from what she thought was a novelty King Tut bin, and whch will end in this choking her before the clock strikes twelve. And because I would totally go see that movie, I still like the dress.

That Helen Mirren is in the same post as Kate Hudson and will not suffer by comparison is a testament to her greatness.

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Fugs and Fabs: The amfAR Gala

Yet another event where people look like they’re going to totally different parties — which is secretly one of my very favorite things when it comes to celeb events. I mean, we’ve all been invited to something where they make the dress code something that is essentially meaningless (“cocktail picnic!” “formal hoe-down!” “festive business!”) but you’d think these things would be more clear cut. I mean, “GALA” is right there in the name of the event.


Fug or Fab: Kate and Lea

KATE: Hi, Lea. Have you heard the rumors that I hate you?

LEA: Silliness!

KATE: Absurdity!

LEA: Nonsensical musings!

KATE: Ludicrous lexicography!

LEA: Wackadaisical textual fib fireworks!

KATE: Okay, fine, GOD, you don’t have to be all showy about it.

Lea first (just the way she'd like it):

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And Kate?

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Fug or Fab: Kate Hudson

Well, her bod looks great — clearly, working out with Tracy Anderson (also Gywnnie’s trainer. COINCIDENCE? OR EVIDENCE??) is keeping her in fine fettle. But what of the gown? Beware, basically bare butt cheeks lurk within.

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It’ll Do, Kate Hudson

First off: there is nothing wrong with this (although I think the pants are an eighth of an inch too long), and I thank the stars and sandwiches above us that the Venice Film Festival has started, so THINGS ARE HAPPENING AGAIN that aren’t just, like, “Kate Walsh Looks At Watermelons At Whole Foods!” — no offense to Kate Walsh, as I am sure even she thinks that looking at watermelons is fairly prosaic. HOWEVER:

When I saw this in thumbnail form in our image provider, I thought it was Gwyneth Paltrow, and then I decided, YES. Kate Hudson needs to make a movie in which she cracks her head on the edge of her toilet and wakes up as a sociopath hellbent on Single White Female-ing Gywneth Paltrow…no matter what the cost. I don’t mean that I want GOOP and Hudson to star in a remake of SWF. I mean that I want this movie to feature Kate Hudson playing EVIL KATE HUDSON and Gwynnie playing herself…except herself as terrified of Kate Hudson. And obviously, no one else in GOOP’s life believes that Kate Hudson is trying to kill/ruin/destroy her, because….you know. It’s Kate Hudson. “It’s just Kate Hudson,”  Chris Martin would say, briefly looking up from his piano. “She’s harmless. Didn’t you see How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days? Actually, that reminds me: she called and asked me if I wanted to get drinks this week.” And then Kate Hudson would start a lifestyle newsletter called HUUD, all about the organic citrus she’s cultivating in Malibu with her friend Wolfgang Puck, and the best places to stay in cities around the world (“If you’re going to be in Jakarta, this hotel called The Four Seasons is lovely“).  And then Gucci starts giving KATE all the best white double-breasted blazers, not Gwynnie. And the movie climaxes, of course, on the roof of the aforementioned Indonesian Four Seasons, with a full on-Kate Hudson/Gwyneth Paltrow bitch-fight in which they are BOTH wearing this suit and ripping each other’s $3000 blonde extensions out. Who will fall to her death, and who will live to become/remain Gwyneth Paltrow? You will just have to see the movie.