Fugger: Julia Roberts

Oscars Fug Carpet: Julia Roberts in Givenchy

As we said in our Cut slideshow, this one’s hard, because obviously Julia Roberts had a LOT more to think about in the past few weeks than what to wear to the Oscars. I am not unsympathetic to the awkwardness and unpleasantness and grief that goes along with everything that happened with her late half-sister, but I also can’t fold all that up and tuck it into my bra like my emergency twenty dollar bill and pretend this is a great choice:

The skirt, I can live with, but the top is really frumpy on her. The peplum is NOT GREAT, BOB, the top is just loose enough that it makes her boobs look like they are resting on the waist band, and I don’t even understand why only one of her straps has a lace flap. It’s all very, “Well, I don’t like anything else BETTER, so…” And it’s a shame that her entire awards season trajectory went from OMG to WTF to DOT DOT DOT, all of which are below the equator on the Fug Graph. Seriously, scroll down so that you can’t see her head, and then consider that if I told you this was an actress whose name starts with J, you’d go to, say, Julia Ormond, or Julie Delpy, or Juliette Binoche — plenty of other J names, none of which would be “Julia Roberts.” And yet here we are. I hope she gets to play a saloon madam who swills her own impure moonshine, or else this isn’t worth it.

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Grammy Awards Better Played: Julia Roberts

I’m sure the cut of this dress will knock you over from shock.

After her Globes and SAGs outfits, I feel like Julia must have been DYING to get back into a cocktail frock with loose sleeves, like the ones she favored leading up to awards season. It’s an Elie Saab, and it’s very pretty, and it shows off her legs — which she obviously is justifiably proud of — and I think The Great Dual Crotch Incident of 2014 really had us all holding our breath that she would ride the crazy coaster straight through until March 2, so: EXHALE. The reset button has been hit, and the BAFTAs and the Oscars may be saved after all.


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SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Julia Roberts

The psychological thriller about this outfit is called The Jumpsuit Had Two Crotches.

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Ladies of “August: Osage County”

I hated Julia’s Golden Globes dress with the fiery and intense passion that can only be worked up on the first major awards show of the year (later ones, I’m too tired), but this dress? I LOVE IT. Oh, Julia. Maybe we’ve made up. Also looking good: Meryl, and Juliette. The less said about Abigail Breslin the better, I am sorry to report.

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Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Julia Roberts

Dude, Julia:



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Palm Springs Film Festival Fug or Fab: Julia Roberts

I feel as though the fabness of this dress has a proper context…

… and that context may not be Julia Roberts. It belongs on, say, your fabulous old Aunt Peggy, who drinks scotch neat and used to sing cabaret in New Orleans and once lost her soul to jazz and maybe has a child named Jazz, and has at least three boats named after her, and smoked two packs a day from a skinny holder and still wears heels and brilliantly obvious wigs and sounds like ten pounds of gravel and gives you hugely inappropriate sexual advice and is basically a total kick and probably in fact goes by Kick among friends. Julia Roberts is too young to be Aunt Peggy, but somehow she seems not to know that.

She does, however, seem keen to be Aunt Leggy. Jess and I were just saying that she dresses like a woman who, right now, has the most confidence in her legs, and that she may well go as far into awards season as possible without wearing a long skirt. We’ll find out Sunday. In the meantime:

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