Fugger: Jessica Simpson

New York Fashion Week: Days 1-4

In case you wondered what we’re up to/what people are wearing to Fashion Week.

As for us:

1) We talked to a variety of women about their advice for younger women and other women in general, as professionals, and got some really good quotes, I think, from everyone from Christina Hendricks to Alica Silverstone.

2) Day Two was full of intriguing shenanigans, like The Return of the Choker, and the fact that now Solange isn’t talking to the press, either.

3) We wrote up the Project Runway finale; no spoilers herein, other than what each designer may have showed, because everyone who is still on TV as of Fashion Week gets to show a collection.

4) And Heather waited for an hour outside mashed potatoes — not a euphemism – to talk to (a very drunk, actually, as far as it seemed to us) Jessica Simpson.

5) And I got to chat up former Bachelorettes Jillian Harris and Andi Dorfman about break-ups, and Bachelor in Paradise and WINE. SO MUCH WINE.


Well Played, Jessica Simpson (????) in McQ Alexander McQueen

I’ve decided that this whole outfit just means that J Simp is a HUGE Outlander fan. SHE WILL WEAR ALL THE TARTANS:

Jessica Simpson Has Gone Plaid In Manhattan

But — feel free to call me crazy, it will not be the first time even today — I like this better than anything she’s worn in years. Do I wish Ashlee would sit her down and explain that she doesn’t need to always wear a platform shoe? I do. But there is something sassy and youthful about this in a way that says, “Yes, you MAYBE COULD see this on Gwen Stefani, even if possibly just in that recurring dream you have about her,” and as far as I am concerned, that’s progress.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


White House Correspondents’ Dinner Fugs and Fabs: The Pastels and the Patterns

I am about to be (mostly) nice to Jessica Simpson. AND Katharine McPhee. I know. Prepare yourself.

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Fugloween 2012

Here are two things I’ve learned from doing postings this Halloween: 1) I am pretty sure Chris Brown’s costume is going to make your head explode, and b) I’d best not even try to ID most of these costume for fear of angering Fug Nation when I get it wrong. Some folks are REALLY disgusted that I happen not to have seen Moonlight Kingdom. It’s like I personally knifed them, just because I can’t watch or get to the movies as much as I’d like. Please forgive, Fug Nation. I hate it when we fight. At LEAST wait until I can acquire and don some leggings as pants, so that your disappointment can be complete.

[Photos: WENN, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Bauer-Griffin, INF]


Fug or Fab the Cover: Jessica Simpson

Let me guess: HOW GAINING WEIGHT MADE HER HAPPIER does not include the actual REASON Jessica Simpson has gained a ton of weight lately, namely, that she is GESTATING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Which surely has made her happier, and is a very good reason to BE happy, but was certainly totally unmentioned in this interview. That always seems so very awkward for a magazine — and maybe, therefore, it’s a good rule of thumb to not run a cover line like, “how gaining weight made her happier” when you know that, based on photos and rumors from at least the last several months, THE HER in question might be cooking a bun in ye old oven. At least so as to avoid people rolling their eyes when they see the cover line.

THAT BEING SAID: I actually think J. Simp looks really pretty here. Yes, her hair — to filch a line from Heather — looks as though it’s been dropped on her head from above. That is one big-ass wig. But her makeup is pretty and natural and she looks NORMAL, rather than like a girl with a stuffed-up nose who just got hit on the back of the head with a brick, which is how she often looks in photos. With that, I can find no fault.

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Fug Kisses

OH GIRL. You have a seventy-billion dollar fashion empire. Did NO ONE ever tell you that if you’re wearing something roomy on the bottom, to wear something fitted on top, and vice-versa? THAT’S LIKE REMEDIAL FASHION 101. Are you TRYING to get summer school?