Fugger: Jessica Lowndes

Fugs and Fabs: Celebrities at New York Fashion Week, Part 2

And Taylor has re-emerged. It’s the first time we’ve seen her at an event after the Kimye scandal and the implosion of Hiddleswift, and what a well-chosen one it was: At the Tommy Hilfiger show, she would have been able to control whether or not she spoke to any media (and if so, which ones), and likely entered and exited flanked by security. Every photo would be about her playing the role of smiling, happy, supportive bestie to Gigi Hadid, who walked in the show and debuted a capsule collection with Tommy. Tay even sang along to that Calvin Harris song she supposedly co-wrote in secret, so she comes off like a great sport, and generates chipper headlines without having to say a word to any reporters. I’m not saying these aren’t necessarily sincere things she’s doing — Taylor may well have wanted to be there for her friend, and might be super proud of that song. It can be all of those things and more, but it can ALSO simultaneously be really useful and helpful and convenient to her PR needs. That’s why you pay your team the big bucks.

After the jump, we embedded a couple Instas and tweets from our past few days at New York Fashion Week, in case you’re curious.

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High Fugshion: Celebs at New York Fashion Week, Part 1

Whatever you think of the middle, I have begun and ended this slideshow as strongly as I know how.

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Fugs and Fabs: Halloween!

In which certain celebrities continue not to understand that certain costumes are probably not a great idea, and no one in their lives gives them good advice. In other news,  as ever, I look forward to you guys helping me figure out what some of these costumes even are. For a few celebs, my notes literally read, “???? Sexy???” So….let’s consider this a group project.

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New York Fashion Week: Days 1-4

In case you wondered what we’re up to/what people are wearing to Fashion Week.

As for us:

1) We talked to a variety of women about their advice for younger women and other women in general, as professionals, and got some really good quotes, I think, from everyone from Christina Hendricks to Alica Silverstone.

2) Day Two was full of intriguing shenanigans, like The Return of the Choker, and the fact that now Solange isn’t talking to the press, either.

3) We wrote up the Project Runway finale; no spoilers herein, other than what each designer may have showed, because everyone who is still on TV as of Fashion Week gets to show a collection.

4) And Heather waited for an hour outside mashed potatoes — not a euphemism – to talk to (a very drunk, actually, as far as it seemed to us) Jessica Simpson.

5) And I got to chat up former Bachelorettes Jillian Harris and Andi Dorfman about break-ups, and Bachelor in Paradise and WINE. SO MUCH WINE.


Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Black-and-White

We’re at the point in Oscars coverage where all I can hear in my head is Billy Crystal singing, “Oscar OSCAR, who will WIIIIIN.” It’s quite an earworm.

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9021Fug: Jessica Lowndes

I have to confess, I never thought it would be Jessica Lowndes who took our collective hands and dragged us back into 2006.

I guess that means we need to stay on the alert for sincerely crazy celebrity behavior including but not limited to: driving the wrong way down the freeway; “accidentally” flashing of bits; CAR-JACKING; head-shaving; real bad kitten heels; 36-hour Vegas marriages; a rash of romances amid the back-up dancers; a new Paris Hilton CD; a couple of sex tapes; jail time; and a celebutante reading prison-penned poetry on Larry King. I CAN’T WAIT.