Fugger: Jennifer Nettles

Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the CMAs

Gotta love a Hump Day awards show.

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Billboard Music Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

In which I serve you a melange of random celebrities from (close to) the A list, all the way down to… well, let’s just say a place where letters have no meaning.

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Fugnifer Nettles

Please note that I am NOT fugging the fact that Jennifer Nettles is so pregnant she was in real risk of giving birth, like, mid-lyric. Girlfriend is just doing her job.

But I’m not as happy with the person who decided it was his/her job to dress her fetus up as a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer cabaret show.


New York Fugshion Week: Heart Truth Red Dress Show

Well, we love hearts, and we love Diet Coke, but the Heart Truth Red Dress show — which traditionally opens the February Fashion Week — is always a mixed bag in terms of both the quality of clothes and the fame level of the celebrity models. One year we saw Liza freaking Minnelli break into “New York, New York,” and then another, weather delayed us from arriving in time to see GFY’s imaginary mentor and beloved camp deity Joan Collins, at which point we shook our fists at the heavens and wailed and wondered how Diet Coke could be associated with something so painful. Since then, the show got moved to the day we travel, so we can never go — and that’s how we came to miss KRYSTLE CARRINGTON. Does the universe just think Dynasty is unimportant? Not true, universe. NOT TRUE. BITE YOUR GALACTIC TONGUE.

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CMA Awards Fug Carpet: Jennifer Nettles

This was a tough one for me. I started out as a Well Played — in fact, I thought this was Ellen Pompeo at first, and I was like, “DAMN, Ellen Pompeo has never looked this good!”

But it’s not Ellen — it’s Jennifer Nettles, of Sugarland. I KNOW. Tough to tell. Anyway, the color is lovely on her, there’s an elegance there… a reader emailed us to laud this by saying it’s a really hard dress to pull off, and I think that’s true. Especially when I saw it from a different angle, which is when my opinion changed:

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ACM Well Played, Rihanna/Fug Performance Jennifer Nettles

RIHANNA: I look awesome. Even with this crazy fringe! It works!


RIHANNA: Excuse me?

JENNIFER: Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just strutting around in my quasi-jumpsuit. I learned from Steven Tyler that, when doing that, it’s imperative that you make self-satisfied grimaces. It’s a rule. They’ll never ask me to perform live again if I don’t make this face occasionally.

RIHANNA: The fact that you’re taking advice from Steven Tyler explains A LOT about those pants.

JENNIFER: How do you mean? I feel like these fit surprisingly well considering that the rise is the size of small child. Suri Cruise, say.

RIHANNA: There’s so much wrong about that sentence. You don’t even know.