Fugger: Jennifer Lopez

American Fugdol: Jennifer Lopez in Valentino and Marchesa Notte


jennifer lopez instagram american idol XIV

“Do you like my blouse? Pants are for fools, lovers. Pants are for Garners. When you are the president of Legifornia, you do not play coy.

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Oscars Post-Party Fugs and Fabs: Stars Who Changed Clothes

It happens every year: We line up our posts for the day after the big ceremony, only to find out half the people we’ve already featured had another outfit on tap for the after-parties. There are a lot of tired stylists in Hollywood today, to go along with all the weary bloggers.

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Oscars Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab

“HOLA LOVERS. Another award show, another person who makes my cheeks flame with all of the rage. Yawn.”

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Jennifer Lopez

“HOLA LOVERS. Yes, it is winter, and I have been wearing many coats, but in Miami it is THIGH TIME and I have been wearing a lot of those also.”

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Fugs and Fabs: The FOX TCA Party

In which we have a sisterwife dress AND a shiny gold blazer to ogle!


Golden Globes Post-Party Fug Carpet: Jennifer Lopez in Amanda Wakeley


Jennifer Lopez Golden Globes

“Yes, yes, I shed my cape. But it was not in vain. It was for art, lovers. It was for this sculpture of FEELING that depicts a straitjacket embracing me like I am its one true love. The meaning? That my abs are crazy, and THE LOPEZ IS MADNESS. Also, lovers, you think I am going to work ten hours a day to make my stomach like an iron plate and then NOT let it explode out of some soft restraints? NOW WHO IS CRAZY.”

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