Fugger: Jennifer Lawrence

SAG Awards Well Played: Jennifer Lawrence

I think this is the best Dior’s done by her in… who even knows how long:

I don’t think SHE agrees, since she spent the entire red carpet interview talking about her “armpit vaginas” — which, for the record, your pits look totally normal, Jennifer — leading me to think she was not wild about how this thing fit. It does look slightly tight in this photo, and it was probably damn uncomfortable, but she looked fabulous in this overall and my God, J Law, use the power of positive reinforcement with Dior whenever they put you in anything half-way decent! NOW is not the time to be fretful! That was LAST WEEK.

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Golden Globes Unfug It Up: Jennifer Lawrence

This isn’t the worst Dior of the lot, by any means, but that doesn’t mean I have to love it.

It just looks a bit like she’s wearing a carpet that only got part-way untied and unrolled. I want to snip out the second black piece and then see what we’ve got — something simple, sure, but at least it would be more flattering. The hair still isn’t flattering to her face shape, either, and I think her makeup may have been TOO heavy-handed, but let’s stay on topic: When talking to Seacrest, Jennifer noted that she was wearing Dior, with a quick quip about what a huge shocker that would be to everyone. Methinks she’s getting bored of it and when they uncage this beast — whenever the hell that happens (she was announced as the Miss Dior face in October 2012) — I think we’re in for a serious fashion binge, like going off gluten for a week and then being put in a room full of delicious, delicious sandwiches. She will CONSUME IT ALL, side effects be damned.

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Fug The Covers: Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, and Cate Blanchett on W Magazine’s Movie Issue

The covers feature six very attractive people looking like six varying degrees of imperiled, sexy, normal, wet, creepy, and crazy. There are inside photos of a bunch of other people, too, but let’s just focus on the front of the book, since that’s what is supposed to make me want to peek inside. Which I would, if I liked horror movies.


Fug or Fab The Covers: Jennifer Lawrence on Various Media

I kind of love that InStyle took the girl on fire and effectively put her on ice.


Casual Fuggerday: Coats

It’s winter. Bundle up, y’all.

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Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence

For the talk-show circuit, Jennifer got to break the Dior streak, picking J. Mendel instead.

The leather jacket goes a long way, but the dress underneath… The slice of midriff almost looks more like a popped seam, and the skirt looks like a ode to jacked-up control top nylons. I have never in my life wanted an ode to jacked-up control top nylons, although back in the day I certainly composed a few very rude sentences about them which one could interpret as “impromptu poems.” And, as many a pair of actual nylons before it, Jennifer’s skirt developed a hole in the thigh somewhere between here and when she sat down on the Letterman couch, and she was talking about it and trying to cover it up as the interview proceeded (which ended in her underneath a quilt). I suppose an unsightly ladder is at least verisimilitude.

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