Fugger: Jennifer Hudson

Fug and the City

Here’s one good thing about Jennifer Hudson’s outfit:

It’s made me realize that I am DYING for someone to make a really juicy biopic about En Vogue. Think of the costumes! Think of the soundtrack! Think of the early 90s kitsch — everyone will have beepers! Rolling Stone will still be oversized! Madonna can wander through the background of one of the scenes at the Grammys with weird bleached eyebrows, as she had for much of the early 90s! If nothing else, think of the scenes where they have big fights with Luther Vandross! Someone start typing.

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People’s Choice Awards: My God, So Many Neutrals

I mean, really, most of my posts so far have been about white outfits, and that wasn’t even all of them. And the other ones weren’t even the WORST of the white outfits, either; I think the first two things in this post cover win that handily.

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AMAs Unfug or Fab: Jennifer Hudson

I can’t tell if I would’ve liked this even without the mullet.

Because, problematically, it’s not like the top part is all that flattering; if it weren’t that awesome shade of Electric Jamba Juice, it wouldn’t have much to recommend it. I do love the pink backing on the orange fabric, though; can’t we have a do-over on this and give it a more graceful design? Something with a more swirly, flowing skirt that’s a more graceful take on the shorter front a more flowy skirt, instead of one that just hangs there like it’s depressed about its recent divorce from the other segment of skirt and feels it should be getting more alimony.

Fix it, fug it, or fab it?

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Fugs and Slightly Less-Fug: Soul Train Awards

I’m getting concerned about the eyeballs Ashanti is using. They can’t be hers, right, or they’d have her best interests at heart. Did she have a transplant that we don’t know about? Did she get the eyeballs of a serial killer, or a defective Cher clone, and those eyes are now sabotaging her — like when people get a serial killer’s hand and it turns them evil (I saw that in a movie once so it must be true)?

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Jennifer Fugson

In a way, wanting people to THINK you are in a bikini top may be worse than just going ahead and wearing one.  Can we just write this off to her having a torrid affinity for geometry?

Of course, if you look at it a certain way — this is Rorschach with lace — the bodice looks like an old-school TV with antennae. If she can wriggle herself around enough to get good reception of The CW, everyone at the party, at least, should love it.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I have notes on this one, but they pale in comparison to my feelings about what she wore on-stage.

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