Fugger: Isabel Lucas

Fug the Premiere: Immortals

It’s so nice to be in a stretch where people are going places, but the inevitable consequence is that a movie premiere happens and we don’t notice because Versace for H&M is just that bad. Oops. Sorry, Immortals. It’s not personal. In light of this grievous oversight, we really don’t deserve the Mickey Rourke sighting you have afforded us, so thank you for being a friend.

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Transfuggers 2: Rise of Whatever

Hey, remember Isabel Lucas? She kind of fell off the face of the earth — I assumed this was because she decided she hated being an actor and in the public eye and chose instead to live a life of quiet solitude and gardening, or something.

Turns out she was just REALLY busy making that headpiece.


Met Ball Well Played Body/Fug HEAD: Isabel Lucas

Honestly, although I don’t understand what’s happening between her breasts — surely, if that’s a fancy clasp simply to hold her boob curtains closed, it might have been easier to dispense with the concept of boob-curtains all together, in favor of something we call A SHIRT — I kind of like this dress. The color is swell, the pleats are fun, and it doesn’t look like something you’d find in the back of the closet of one of the Manson girls, unlike her usual get-ups. HOWEVER:

WHAT is going on WITH YOUR HEAD?

No. Really. What?


Fug Madness 2011, Round One: Cher Bracket, Part II

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It is really hard to know what to say about Fabiola, socialite (or ex-socialite, because socialites might be so over that they don’t even really exist anymore) and lady-about-town, except that these pants and their lovely holster give her the abdomen of a 70-year old man playing cribbage in a nursing home.

Contrast that with British “It” Girl, and American “What?” Girl, Alexa Chung. If Fabiola is a geriatric card player, then Alexa is the crackling old dame who gets all the Gin Rummy dates, hasn’t paid for a Jell-O in the cafeteria in five years, and probably handles all the contraband:

You probably would want to know her

But that’s not all. She also apparently¬†needs to be able to hang herself from her thighs before¬†running off to the Ren Faire

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Fugabel Lucas

I am obsessed with the fictional life I’ve totally made up for Isabel Lucas:

In my mind, as you know, she’s part of the Manson family, she’s Amish, and she’s the protagonist in a Lois Duncan novel. This outfit, I think, dates from the chapter in that novel right before she actually moves to the commune. And I must admit that I don’t know the rest of that story for sure, but I am REALLY pretty sure that it doesn’t end very well for me, personally.


Fugabel Lucas

Look, I don’t know for sure:

But I feel like it’s VERY UNLIKELY that Isabel Lucas came in and said to her Hair and Face Team, “tonight, I’m really feeling, like, Manson Family about two weeks before the shit really hits the fan. Can we make that happen? Awwwesome.” And yet that is where we have ended up.