Fugger: Hugh Jackman

Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon, Part 4

The Wimbledon Celebs In the Stands coverage continues! The first bit is here; the first Wills and Kate bits are here; the next bit is here, the SECOND Wills and Kate bit is here. This particular go-round includes Colin and Posh and Samuel L Jackson and The Hems!  And also some full-on ridiculousness from Suki Waterhouse.

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Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: Black and White

SO MANY PEOPLE came to this thing. I really think the Met Gala brings a way better celeb-per-square-foot ratio than any awards show, period, anymore.

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New York Fugshion Week: Day Five Celebs

Today was the day I marched around with a curling iron burn mark on my FACE, because I am that cool.

We were standing so close to Solange at Milly that our hair may have started a conversation, but we chickened out of doing it ourselves.

Debra Messing seemed to be having a great time at Dennis Basso, but she might want to be careful about shouting out her phone number. One never knows who’s listening.

The Carolina Herrera show began with us entering through a Hall of Men. No, really. We assume Dita Von Teese didn’t enter that way because that’s what she does every other day of her life.

We feared for our lives at Alice + Olivia.

Hugh Jackman is pretty damn delicious in person. Thank you, Donna Karan. Plus: bonus Katie Holmes sighting.


Played, Anne and Hugh and Amanda

I’m sure these three are tired, but it’s the Walk of Fame! So what if the stars are bought and paid for; it’s still kind of fun (I assume) to have your name on the ground.

Seyfried actually looks adorable in the boots and tights and trench; Jackman looks strangely rumpled, as if he just woke up an hour ago and still hasn’t quite shaken off the whiskey. And Anne Hathaway… is also there. Her hair looks great, but the dress apparently does not take kindly to things like “sitting down” and so it gives off the aura of having fallen off the hanger in the dress bag and nobody had a steamer. So it’s not… all bad? But it’s not the knockout I wanted. Hopefully they’re saving that for a big Los Angeles Les Mis event at which everyone will look suitably glam and/or winged.

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Fugs and Fabs: Les Other Miserables

It is going to be hard to top the madcap campathon that was Anne Hathaway’s contribution to the festivities, but for the record, other cast members attended and were dressed.  In fact, they all looked fairly good, but for a few nits here and there we can pick. Let’s do it.

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