Fugger: Gwen Stefani

Fugs and Fabs: Halloween!

In which certain celebrities continue not to understand that certain costumes are probably not a great idea, and no one in their lives gives them good advice. In other news,  as ever, I look forward to you guys helping me figure out what some of these costumes even are. For a few celebs, my notes literally read, “???? Sexy???” So….let’s consider this a group project.

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Scrolldown Fug: Gwen Stefani

I saw this photo of Gwen leaving Church, shouldering what I assume is one of her kids’ Sunday School backpacks, and thought, “Okay, I could be on board, especially because she somehow matched her lens tint to her kid’s school supplies.”

Gwen Stefani is Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring At Church

But this is Gwen Stefani we’re talking about here, so we cannot assume a cheerful patterned shirt that might end up on the walls of someone’s downstairs quarter-bath is JUST a cheerful patterned shirt. We cannot judge the book by its cover. Because when that happens…

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Fug or Fab: Gwen Stefani

I want to start with the important thing. Gwen’s shoes:

Gwen Stefani Stops By Whole Foods With Her Boys

At first I thought they were AWFUL, but now I might have changed my mind, and I could possibly think they are amazing. Has the heat gotten to me?

It may help you to see the rest of her ensemble:

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What’cha Fuggin’ For: Gwen Stefani

Don’t speak, Gwen. I don’t need your reasons. Don’t tell me, ’cause it hurts.

gwen stefani

Besides, your pieces of flair are doing plenty of talking for you.

It’s even worse from the front:

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Fugs and Fabs: Gwen Stefani

I feel like Gwen is the other side of the Reese Witherspoon Coin of being often photographed out and about, going about her biz. I PERSONALLY skew way more Witherspoon in my personal wardrobe, but Gwen is awfully cool. Well, usually.

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Grammys Fugs or Fabs: Gwen Stefani

Ugh, even those crazy pants look good on her. I don’t know when this happened — I am a native Southern Californian only a few years younger than she is, so of course Gwen has long been a part of my life, a constant red-lipped presence, but I was never a No Doubt mega-fan or anything — but I kind of buy her in…basically anything. HAS GWEN STEFANI BECOME MY BEYONCE?

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