Fugger: Florence Welch

Fugs and Fabs: The LACMA Art and Film Gala, Part III

In case you missed them, part one of this event lives here, part two lives here, and this is the final segment, in which we visit with THE CRAZY and the colorful. J Lo! Amy Adams! A Casiraghi! A caftan! Kanye! AT LAST!

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Fug or Fab: Florence Welch in Vilshenko

Ultimately, I think the Heidi braids are a bridge too far:

Florence Welch (1)

And I don’t get the shoes. In short: The styling is confusing me in a big way. And I hate being confused. It makes me hungry and I have no good snacks at the moment. That’s not even getting into the fact that the dress itself seems to be teetering on the edge between Charming and Costume, although I like the pattern in a “Great Surprising Lining for the Inside of Your Coat” kind of way.  God knows, she’s pretty good at pulling off the Costume-y — she might even be doing it here, frankly — but let’s just say I have concerns.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Couture Week

Everyone is in a post-SAGs, pre-Grammys, pre-pre-NYFW, pre-pre-pre-BAFTAs, and pre-pre-pre-pre-Oscars hole right now. So not that many people other than Olga Kurylenko made the rounds in Paris this time, but let’s see if those who DID made it count.

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Fug It Off

I have had it with these fools.

These are not pants. These are “pants.” Or (pants). Or pants (?). PUT ON SOME PANTS THAT ARE ACTUAL PANTS.

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Well Played, Florence Welch

I think I enjoy this on our girl Flo:

It’s artsy an interesting and shiny, and very her without also making her look like a cult leader. I haven’t watched Reign yet, and I’m not sure when exactly that is going to happen, but I do look at this photo and wish that they’d add Florence Welch as one of Mary’s minstrels. SURELY that girl needs someone walking around behind her strumming an anachronistic musical instrument, singing advice to her about boys and how to cope when people you know are executed.

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Glastonbury Fugs and Fabs

Glastonbury is, to me, Coachella with wellies. And, at least in 2013, a hundred percent more human dinosaurs.

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