Fugger: Emma Watson

Well Played Emma Watson in YSL

I quite miss the Letterman Dumpster. I find it tragic that as soon as we started really writing about Dumpster, Dumpster suddenly disappeared. Are you just shy, Dumpster? Because we love you and want you to be happy, and also to send dispatches about how you feel about Emma Watson in her very elegant suit, but if you’d rather just lurk in the background and be ignored, we can try to respect your privacy:

Stupid inanimate objects. First Dumpster abandons us, then Bag loses its Fug Madness game. All of which means that tackling this is left to me. No back-up from Dumpster. Luckily, this one is easy: I think she looks great. Very chic. Classy. Smart, in all sense of the word. I suspect those two random dudes in the background agree.

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Well Played: Jennifer Connelly in Giambattista Valli and Emma Watson in J. Mendel; Madrid Premiere of Noah

Well, friends, mark your calendars and get out your diaries. I am Well Playing a jumpsuit. I know. Wonders truly will never cease. People can change. MIRACLES ARE REAL.

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Fug or Fab the Cover/Spread: Emma Watson On Elle, April 2014

I feel like there is a LOT of text on this cover, some of which is making my eyes cross. But if you’re going to slap the words “Smooth, Radiant Skin” up there so prominently, Emma Watson’s face is a damn good one to be right next to it, even if she IS in a denim jumpsuit.

[Photos: Elle/Carter Smith]


Well Played (Mostly): Douglas Booth, Emma Watson (in Wes Gordon) and Logan Lerman

This is very simple, and she looks great in it; the boys don’t look too shabby either. I feel like Emma Watson must think to herself, “I am always the meat in a co-star sandwich.” It’s worked out well so far, kid.

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Oscars Well Played, Emma Watson in Vera Wang and Joseph Gordon Levitt in Calvin Klein

In which all of Twitter, including us, decided these two need to start dating immediately.

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Elle Style Awards Fug Carpet: Emma Watson

Looking at this just makes me want to see what’s under it.

Not in a “show us your knickers” way, but in an “I can tell there’s a skirt under there somewhere and I’d like to see it if you could just get the massive loin bow out of the way.” She’s carrying it off as well as anyone can, but I just think having someone waddle around in heavy fabric pelvic swaddling goes beyond architecture and into absurdity. Especially when you catch them in motion:

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