Fugger: Elizabeth Debicki

The Man From F.U.G.C.L.E.: Elizabeth Debicki in Valentino

I suspect there’s a contingent of people who will find this floaty and romantic and fine, and I have tried to join it, because I’m having trouble articulating my precise issues — so I thought maybe I was just being difficult.

Elizabeth Debicki The Man from UNCLE

But it’s very flat and unremarkable on her. The colors read dull, like seaweed washed up on a beach.  The seaming looks a wee cheap. There’s no real styling to speak of, so it’s just basically barren to me — it’s a thing she put on, not something she’s wearing. And I think she can aim higher. Anyone who saw her in Great Gatsby knows she is capable of some serious wow — she was dripped in all manner of dramatic things, and yet she possessed them wholly – so let’s DO THIS, Debicki. Bring the thunder.

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Comic-Con 2015 Fugs and Fabs: The Entertainment Weekly Party, Part 1

As far as I can tell, Jennifer Lawrence did not walk the red carpet at this thing, which is unfortunate because that means we’re stuck with pictures of her looking like a total goof outside the event. Then again, if there’s anyone in Hollywood who’s unafraid of a ticket on the Fast Train to Gooberville, it’s that girl.

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Cannes Closeout: Fugs and Fabs of What’s Left

Everything! Must! Go! Including Laetitia’s outfit. I really do want that to leave.

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Fugs and Fabs of Why Are There So Many Gatsby Premieres

At least this one is in Sydney, which is ALWAYS good for some random fugs.

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