Fugger: Dakota Fanning

New York Fugshion Week: Day Six Celebs

Two days to go!


Fug or Fab: Dakota Fanning

I have a lot of hard-to-translate feelings about this.

In essence, my brain is suggesting that she’s serving up a head full of Mrs. Carrie Von UnderTrapp Goes To Reign, atop some clumsily served-up folded-napkin origami quilting bee Ren Faire artsy coaster awkwardly drop-waisted realness. Which is the word vomit equivalent ofL I see things that went awry with this (the pink stuff on the sides is going a little wonkus on her) and yet I can’t look away, especially because her face ITSELF looks luminous. So I need you to vote some decisiveness into me.


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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Paris Fashion Week

In which we get both Fannings, more Lupita Nyong’o, some Noomi Rapace, and a surprising amount of Angie Harmon.

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Fugs and Fabs: Dakota Fanning

Well, Lily Collins is at home, so I guess somebody had to pick up the midriff mantle.

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Venice Film Festival Fugs or Fabs: Dakota Fanning

Dakota’s movie is called Night Moves, and that feels apt, as she’s clearly using her side-boob to lose some of those awkward teenage blues.

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Met Ball Fug or Fine Carpet: The Fannings

First, I realize Jaime King — here featured — is not a Fanning, but since I just realized she and Elle Fanning look a LOT like each other, I’ve decided to make her an honorary one. Like maybe she’s the “distant cousin” who is secretly Elle’s mother due to an EastEnders-style scandal in her childhood. Anyway, on the heels of Elle’s Fug Madness run and Dakota’s surprising ability to continue being under our radar despite not being above reproach EITHER, let’s take a look at these three Fannings, real and otherwise.

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