Fugger: Courtney Love

Fuglebrity Skin

Where WAS I when this happened a few weeks ago? Seriously, how did this escape my notice?

It’s like Laura Ingalls got drunk on grain alcohol in the clearance section of Mood.

Live Through Fug

Memo to Courtney Love:

[Photo by Splash]

We already have a Lady Gaga. And I can hear what you’re saying: You were Courtney Love before there even WAS a Lady Gaga. But that is also my point, Courtney. Why are you adapting the Wacky Face-Obstructing Headgear/Makeup Reminiscent of Raging Conjunctivitis look so beloved by La Gaga when you already have a very visible brand yourself? (That brand being, in general, [ALLEGEDLY] Cracked Out Pirate Wench.) You do YOUR brand so well, my dear, why go half-ass Gaga, when you can go full-on Courtney? Especially when Gaga is going so FULL-ASS Gaga her own self. See?

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Fug or Fab: Courtney Love

Doesn’t Courtney look so wistful?

Maybe she’s fondly remembering her old face. And yet I must admit that old C Love looks almost cute here, even if her dress appears to be a trompe l’oeil version of a strapless dress pulled up over a long-sleeved tee shirt, of which I can not approve. What do you think, Fug Nation? Prithee weigh in:


Freaky Fug Friday: Courtney Love

I think you are all familiar with this week’s subject, and thus, probably won’t be surprised to see what kind of ensemble she’s wearing in this picture.

THE FUGEE: Courtney Love. No resume required.
THE DETAILS: Yes, those are tie-dyed socks. 
CHALLENGE: We’re bringing back one of our favorites: the acrostic poem, last deployed with Juliette Lewis and to hilarious effect. For those of you in need of a refresher, an acrostic poem is one in which the first letter or syllable of each line itself conveys a message or spells a relevant word. Like, writing one about Courtney that spells YEEEOOOW. It can be as short or long as you like. Clicking on those Juliette links will give you a ton of awesome examples. 


You know the drill by now.
Each entry must be posted in the comments of this post, not sent to us by

Everyone can enter as many times as they like. 
Ooooh, those socks are bad. 
Oh Courtney, Fug Nation is going to let you have it.
Only other caveat is that they must all be posted by Sunday night at 10 p.m. 
West Coast time.

Potentially Well Played/Hmm, Maybe Not/What The FUG: Courtney Love

Everything started out so well for Courtney here.

Great shoes, flattering little black dress, cool leather coat — there’s nothing remarkable here, for sure (although I wouldn’t mind borrowing the Loubs and the jacket), except that it feels like Courtney Love needs a bigger pat on the back than most of us just for completing average, everyday tasks — like successfully getting dressed in something that isn’t made of crazy and doesn’t look like she got caught in her skivvies chasing the paperboy down the street after he demanded his two-dollar fee in cash and then deliberately hurled the Los Angeles Times through her garage window.

Then the jacket came off:

If she had just averaged out the sleeves on this dress, it might’ve looked better — instead of one long and one absent, it could’ve been two of moderate length. Yeah, the dress has more interest the way it is — but on the other hand, her right arm seems to be mourning the death of the chalk slate and one-room schools, while her left is in some kind of sinew contest with Madonna. I’m not sure those messages needed to be mixed in one outfit.

And then somehow — inexplicably — this outfit turned into, or ceded ground to, this one:
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Fuglebrity Skin

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney.

[Photo:Splash News]

Actually, I don’t know that I have much to complain about right now. i am weary of the baby-pink lipstick everyone is wearing these days, which makes it look like they are mouthless mannequins. But the dress — or coat; whatever — isn’t offensive necessarily. It’s SHORT, but you know what? I’m really tired. Fashion Week is ending and the Oscars are on Sunday, and I’m all tapped out of crotch jokes. I need to save whatever mojo is left in that arena, in the event that Meryl Streep wears a buttock-scraper this weekend or Mickey Rourke decides to put on a gown with a giant slit up in the vicinity of his business. Know what I mean?

Instead, let’s look at her shoes:


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Courtfug Love

It’s not often that I think to myself, “Wherever Courtney Love is going, I want to go WITH HER.” And yet:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

I love the idea that she’s pursuing a new career as some sort of fortune-telling Swami, and I want to be there when she starts some impromptu soothsaying. Like, we could sit down at a banquette and then I’d be reaching for a pig in a blanket on a tray, and she’d grab my hand and say, “The road to enlightenment doesn’t go through cocktail weenies, you f**king crazy motherf**ker! When you crawl into the bottom of a beer barrel and wake up the next morning on your floor covered in Sharpie and wearing a diaper and a Fez, and then you go McDonald’s for two sausage biscuits and a bucket of hash browns, THEN AND ONLY THEN will you discover f**king spiritual peace, you crazy asshole. Meditate on THAT. And get me a f**king Fiji water.”