Fugger: Chloe Sevigny

Fug or Fab Or Less Fug: Chloe Sevigny

So, listen. This is so much better than her last trek up Mount Crackatoa that I can’t even see straight.

That’s why I need you guys to give me some perspective. Dismissing the hair, which still looks like it got stuck in the back of her hair dryer and didn’t notice until she smelled burning and then she had to cut it out — which of course has NEVER HAPPENED TO ME, EVER — is this… good? It might be. It might be kind of cute. It might also look like she is part-dragon, or a cheerleader at a high school for amphibious teens. But my eyes are crossed with “One Fugging Moment” majesty and so I need someone to give me a swift virtual slap into a sensible place.


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Fuggy Sevinfug

These photos might be the best thing that will happen to me all week, and yes, that INCLUDES our scheduled visit to the same high school in Torrance where they shot Beverly Hills, 90210, and Buffy. Because LOOK AT CHLOE SEVIGNY. And the rest of her outfit is just as cracked. It’s like a magical gift from the cosmos, reminding us that even as one Fug Madness is ending, another has already sort of begun.

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Usually, I wholly embrace the chance to put 1,000 words to any photo.

In this case, though, I think Natasha Lyonne’s facial expression says it all.

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Big Fuge

Somebody needs to hire Chloe Sevigny again, because fug like hers needs to be leaving the house all the time.

Admit it: You missed coming into work and being greeted by this, and you’re kind of wishing you could print it out poster-size and wrap your boss’s door in it. Maybe I’ll do that for Jessica for Christmas. It’ll involve a little light breaking and entering, but I think she and her neighbors will forgive me once they see it. Let’s go to the close-up:

Yes, let’s


CFDA Awards Fug Carpet: Chloe Sevigny

Oh, Sevigny.

I always wondered what would happen if Yvette from Clue had a baby with Lady Gaga, and they sent her to some obscure European boarding school where they awarded her prizes in sneering and snark and taught all the students how to wear weird shoes that look like denuded sleep masks attached to clogs and kind of pull them off. NOW WE KNOW.


Fug Love

Yes. The Sev is back!

Feet provided by the 2011 touring company of Annie, outfit courtesy of a really posh prep school that has its own cocktail lounge, and head provided by a Manson Family fan club.