Fugger: Chloe Sevigny

Fugs and Fabs: The Louis Vuitton Monogram Celebration at MoMA

I like having Nicole Kidman out and about again. She has a boatload of projects in the next year, too, so hopefully it will be a more frequent occurrence, because girlfriend has some deliciously inconsistent taste.

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Casual Fuggerday: Chloe Sevigny

She’s walking around, it’s summer, we’re all casual here — whatever.

But a dear friend once brought back Hawaiian ensembles for the beans after her vacation, and one of them was, I think, EXACTLY this. So I can’t take her seriously if she’s dressing like two four-year olds who liked to put this on and then pretend to play Queen on a ukulele. Or perhaps I can’t take her seriously UNLESS she is pretending to play Queen on a ukulele.

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WTF: Chloe Sevigny

In case you’re wondering if Chloe Sevigny ever wakes up and desperately misses her days of being a sister-wife on Big Love…

…the answer is obviously YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

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Well Played, Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny, I have missed you.

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Public Transportationally Played, Chloe Sevigny

Note: I don’t actually think Chloe looks that bad here:

She looks like a vaguely sweaty artist leaving her studio after a hard and unproductive day in her smock, but in a kind of good way. Maybe I’m just saying that because the idea of Chloe Sevigny whizzing past me on a CitiBike — like Fug Nation’s very own Almira Gulch, which fewer impulses to steal our little dogs (presumably) — seems like it would be a benediction.

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Fugs and Fabs of The Bling Ring premiere

Yeah, she’s not in the movie, but whenever the Sev is at an event my antenna perk up a little. She’s usually a Very Special Fugpisode, and even when she’s not, it’s worth a quick ogle.

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The Fug Project

Oh, Chloe. I am so glad you’re back on TV — thank you, Mindy Kaling! — and therefore out and about and looking like a disheveled modern dance instructor:

Her interpretive dance about the existential angst experienced when you begin to wonder whether or not your city is ACTUALLY sorting the recycling from the trash is a sight to behold. Will no one think of the newsprint?!?

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