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Royals Round-Up, January 29th, 2016

THE BEARD ABIDES. Also, Maxima, what are you wearing?!

And, elsewhere:

European Queens Waged More Wars Than Kings, says The Science of Us. We ladies like to get things done, what can I say?

People explains what was involved in some of the religious ceremonies performed by Prince Albert and Charlene this past week.

– Also at People, Pips just did this major ski race, and celebrated afterward with fondue. I support that.

– This is an interesting piece in The Telegraph about the work Camilla is doing for charities devoted to helping victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

– One of QE2′s former press secretaries recently died, and his obit — also in The Telegraph — is very interesting. I love him for this alone: “With better locations [for press covering a royal event], the photographs and copy might have been more interesting.” THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT OUR COPY, SIR.

The Sun has this whole piece — and, you know, grain of salt and all — about how Prince Harry is totes bummed now because everyone he knows is getting married and having babies and he’s all byyyyyy himseeeeeeelf.

– This is from the Mail (I KNOW), but you probably want to read all about the auction they’re doing of the Duchess of Devonshire’s estate. WHAT SHALL WE BUY? (Also, it’s really random that Madonna gave her a signed copy of The Year of Magical Thinking, which, by the way, MADONNA DID NOT WRITE. I get it, but…that’s a strange gift. “Hey, I put a super chipper note inside this book that’s SUPER UPSETTING.” I mean, that is a great book but it’s also a total bummer and full of people dropping dead, so sort of tone-deaf to give to, like, a 95 year old woman who’s lost so many people in her life.)


Royals Round-Up, January 22, 2016

This week’s round-up encompasses everything from the Pope to the circus. Seriously.

And elsewhere:

People explains why Charlene — as pictured in the slideshow today — wore white to meet the Pope. It’s complicated and interesting.

– Sophie Wessex turned 51 on Wednesday, and Hello! of course rounded up a variety of facts about her.

You can now take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace! This would have been helpful when we were writing The Royal We, guys. (Royal Central)

Shit is getting real for Spain’s Infanta Cristina, if I may be blunt. Money laundering is no joke. But I did laugh a little when I read that the other party in this palaver is “a former Olympic handball champion.” OF COURSE. (The Guardian)

– You’ll enjoy this interview with a former Buckingham Palace chef.  I LOVE royal logistics, and this is chockful of them. For example: “Staff breakfast was at seven o’clock. Nine o’clock was the royal breakfast. The challenge came from making five or six different breakfasts. Maybe five of the royals ate together, but then the Queen would eat by herself. Or Prince Andrew would eat by himself and then there’d be other people visiting who needed to be served. There was also the household breakfast, which was for all the people who were masters of the household, like the ladies in waiting.” He also claims that his carrot cake was revolutionary. Er, not literally. (Lucky Peach)

– This is an interesting bit from Anne Leibovitz about photographing the Queen. The word “feisty” is used. (The Duchess Diary)

– Harry will surely be pleased to hear that the British Army has a new goat. (Mashable)

– At The Court Jeweller, excellent coverage of the Norwegian Silver Jubilee, and other silver jubilees in general.

– Have you voted in What Kate Wore’s poll to determine the best of Kate’s coats in 2015? This is a question near and dear to me.


Royals Round-Up, December 18th, 2015

And we’re almost at our final Royals Round-Up of this year, because next Friday is, of course, Christmas! I’m going to do a mini Royals Round-Up on Wednesday, if there is anything to cover, and we’ve got LOADS of royals coverage in our year-end posts – I am bringing you more Harry than you can handle — and of course I’ll be covering the Annual Sandringham Hand-Holding on Christmas day, so don’t be a stranger over the next two weeks. THIS week, however, brings us a turban, and the first sighting of Princes Harry and George in the same location. FINALLY, we know for sure they are not the same person.

In case you missed the action here on GFY this week, Kate re-wore my favorite of her red McQueens for a charity event on Tuesday.

And for your reading interests elsewhere:

– BIG thanks to Bustle, for quoting me in their exploration of the many reasons why this Harry And Pippa Are Dating story is BS.

– I LOVE newsreel footage, and The Court Jeweller has some from King George VI’s 1937 coronation.

– Order of Splendor has a huge post on all of last week’s Nobel shenanigangs, including snaps I couldn’t get for our use. Tiaras!

Hello! explores how Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden takes style inspiration from Kate. (Or, more likely, how there are only a finite number of maternity lines that provide clothing suitable for a woman in their position.)

– This holiday video featuring Princess Estelle is ADORABLE even though I have no idea what anyone is saying or what is even happening.

– They also run down What’s in store for the Cambridges this Christmas? (Christmas is a VERY big plot point in The Royal We so some of these details will be familiar to you, if you read it.) They also run a similar piece in which they note that, one year, a staffer accidentally fell into the tree.  COULD YOU DIE?

– This is clever, at The New Yorker: Ask King Richard III: A Political Advice Column

– This is a heart-warming story via ITV, which proves that QE2 really does read her Christmas cards.

People examines Three Sweet (and Stylish!) Ways Kate Paid Tribute to Diana This Week

– Also at People, George is getting ready to go to nursery school. THEY GROW UP SO FAST.

[Photos: Getty, ASERUD, LISE/AFP/Getty Images, REMKO DE WAAL/AFP/Getty Images, LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ/AFP/Getty Images, Stefan Rousseau/PA, Yui Mok/PA Wire)



Royals Round-Up, December 4th, 2015

Whoa. This week’s Royals Round-Up is SUPER-SIZED — in part because I skipped this post last week, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’re getting two weeks worth of shenanigans, but also because Harry was in South Africa being completely charming and also riding around on his horse, and I…have a weakness. In addition to that, we’ve got crowns and gowns and babies and all kinds of stuff within, so better get reading.

Speaking of babies! We got new snaps of Princess Charlotte this week, so make sure you check those out if you missed them on Sunday!

And, elsewhere:

– I knew this was going to happen! I just thought it was going to happen to Letizia and Felipe: Norway’s Princess Martha Louise Forgets to Turn off Oven: ‘I Am Glad the House Didn’t Burn Down’ (People)

I mostly enjoyed this piece about Wills going to the annual van Straubanzee Christmas carols because of the story it linked to, about the time Kate went solo to the same event just post-engagement. (People)

– A good read, at The Daily Beast: How Kate Middleton Revolutionized the Royal Christmas

– Grazia says Kate has a new stylist.

– This cracked me up, at The Telegraph: Kate Middleton’s home village in uproar over ‘eyesore’ gate posts; Villagers called for the commemorative gate posts in Bucklebury to be ‘ripped down’ and burned. You guys, calm down!

– Popping over the The Court Jeweller, this piece about Queen Astrid of Belgium is so so interesting and you HAVE to see the foliage she’s wearing on her head for her wedding.

– Princess Estelle continues to be THE CUTEST. (Royalista)

Edward and Sophie popped over to a tea party this week; I wish I could see the rest of her outfit! Let’s decide IT’S BONKERS. (Factually Royal)

The Independent talks to the man who chauffeured QE2 around Malta this last week, and it is MUCH more interesting than I just made it sound.

Prince Albert chatted with People about the twins’ birthday, which is on the 10th. He seriously seems so much happier than he used to.  I also like to imagine that Albert now just rings up Simon Perry, People‘s senior royals reporter, and chats with him about whatever like every three days or so, just to let People know what he’s doing and how he feels about stuff.

– You ABSOLUTELY want to watch this video of Harry falling — twice! — off his polo pony over the weekend. (Paper)

– I discussed this in the slideshow a bit, but it’s a lovely story: Prince Harry Reunited with African Orphan Friend at Charity Center Honoring Princess Diana: ‘We Shared a Similar Feeling of Loss.’ (People)

– At Vanity Fair: Prince Harry Says That He Is the “Cooler Brother.” My fave bit was: “When told by the professor that William would not be notified of this comment, Harry just laughed, remarking, ‘He knows it!’”

– I find this totally fascinating and deeply nerdy (in a good way): The Peerage: A Primer on Understanding Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Earls and More. (Anglotopia)

– Also interesting: Great London Buildings: Windsor Castle – The Queen’s Preferred Weekend Home With a Long Royal History (Londontopia)

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Royals Round-Up, November 20th, 2015

You guys! This week’s Royals Round-Up has EVERYTHING: Wills and Kate in Wales today, where they abseiled down a rock and rejected her fringe, among other things! Harry in a tux! William in a doctor costume! Royal babies! Sunglasses! Princess Michael of Kent’s HUGE HAIR and ROMANCE NOVEL! Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice being very affectionate! And also, you know, lots of other stuff.

Another busy royals week here at GFY. In case you missed anything :

– Kate rewore one of my favorite of her looks to give a speech at the Place2Be conference, which is part of her work on behalf of children’s mental health. It was WINDY, which led to some good Hair Shenanigans.

– She and William also went to the French embassy to sign their condolences book, then she wore a new (and pretty) dress to the Fostering Network Awards, while he went to the England v. France soccer match.

And, finally, a bit of housekeeping: We are thrilled that The Royal We has made it to the last, and deciding, round of the Goodreads Choice Awards! Huge thanks to everyone who has voted for us throughout the competition! Voting closes on November 23rd, and you can vote for us, or for any of the other extremely worthy finalists, here. This one is for all the marbles!


Prince Albert talked to People about his twins; apparently, in the manner of all small children, they are a bit of a handful and very cute. Albert loves talking to People. It’s like his mother was a huge movie star or something.

– In honor of Monaco’s National Day, Hello! has photos of Monaco’s royal children throughout the years.

– In The Express this week, a story about how Kate’s planning to step up her engagements and speaking dates in the upcoming months. Given that Kate gave two more speeches this week than she did possibly all of last year, I think this has some truth to it.

Prince Harry is going to Lesotho and South Africa next week, to play polo and visit his charity and, I decided, also to visit Chelsy Davy (who may be in London right now for all I know, but please don’t ruin my fiction).

– You’ll also want to see Harry meeting little Harper Seven Beckham, who does not care. (Hello!)

– Now Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair has picked up that crackers Daily Mail story about how Kate and Pippa are going to start an organic food business. This is never going to happen. PIPS might start an organic food business — that actually makes sense — but Kate is not going to be in on it. She and Pippa are hardly ever even seen in public together!

– This week marked the 110th anniversary of  — if I may quote The Court Jeweller — “Prince Carl of Denmark [being] elected King Haakon VII of Norway,” and the post about that, and his bride’s tiaras, is a good read.

– Today is QE2 and Phil’s anniversary! I think those two kids might just make it. People takes a look back.

To keep this from taking over the homepage, a variety of Royals Instagrams INCLUDING A SLOTH after the jump:

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Royals Round-Up, September 11th, 2015

First of all! The Royal We is currently a mere $3.99 on Kindle and YOU NEED IT if you haven’t read it yet. You just do. We only want your happiness. Second: Kate and the Boys have a variety of events on their schedule for this upcoming week, which is exciting. Heather and I are at Fashion Week right now, so our updates might be SOMEWHAT pokier than usual, but I’m going to do my best to bring them to you in as timely a fashion as possible. Third! This post includes puppies! An outfit on Maxima that literally caused me to scream! A look inside Her Majesty’s Purse! And two TWO visits to a cheese factory!

Earlier this week, we saluted many of QE2′s Noteworthy Hats of the Recent Past. (As I asked there, I’m going to repeat here a request not to get into a political debate about the monarchy, just as I would ask you to avoid a political debate were this a post about Michelle Obama, for example. I very much appreciate it; thank you.)


– LOADS of coverage of QE2 passing Queen Vic to become Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch. For example, Maclean’s examines all of her broaches.

The Telegraph takes a LONG look at her fashion over the years. Some of the hats are TERRIBLE.

– Also at The Telegraph, these rare pics of QE2 are interesting.

– At Conde Nast, How to Travel Like Queen Elizabeth

– At Buzzfeed: 15 Insane Confessions Of A Buckingham Palace Guard

– RUMOR HAS IT that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy saw one another whilst he’s been in Africa and might maybe could be possibly getting back together. !!!!! LET’S DISCUSS. (People)

– ALSO, Harry’s popped up in a new video extolling the virtues of rugby. (The Duchess Diary)

People also has more details on the 47-Mile Swedish Swim-Run Pipples and the Marshmallow King did over the weekend. That is HARD.

– At The Duchess Diary: Royal Biographers Pay Tribute To Queen Elizabeth On Her Historical Milestone. It’s juicy!

– Beatrice Borromeo is currently on the cover of Vogue Italia. (Royalista)

– As ever, HRH Duchess Kate has an excellent look at goings-on with Wills and Kate this week, and more details on their many upcoming shenanigans through the end of the year. (As far as we know. It’s all vague right now. But you know. Stuff Will Happen.)

– At People: Kate and Prince William Join Queen Elizabeth for Her Milestone Day

Kate also ALLEGEDLY received The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II this week. Everyone wants a wee tiny painting of a lady to pin to her personage during fancy events! (Hello!)


Royals Round-Up, September 4th, 2015

First off, in case you missed it, The Royal We is currently only $3.99 for Kindle. THAT IS A STEAL. You should buy it for your Kindle if you haven’t yet done so: It’s a People‘s pick, and made the EW Must List and the New York Times Summer Reading List and all kinds of other good stuff. Check it out!

In today’s slideshow, Sophie Wessex gets REALLY invested in sport, Albert and Charlene bring out the twinsies, and Letizia continues to be worried that she’s left the waffle iron on.

And elsewhere: