Fugger: Charlene of Monaco

Fugs and Fabs: The Princess Grace Awards

In which Naomi Campbell is a goddess, Princess Charlene looks lovely, and Rose Leslie looks very cozy with a dude who is NOT Kit Harington (although she doesn’t actually look that thrilled about it). Did she and Jon Snow break up? Why didn’t anyone tell me? (The internet thinks they’re still together, but with rumors of a break-up. WHAT IS THE ANSWER?)

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Royals Round-Up, September 16th, 2016

Wills and Kate had an engagement today and so we have new photos of them, as well as everything else that happened this week. Sit down and get yourself some Royals Round-Up! PS: If you missed it, yesterday was Harry’s birthday, and we wrote a GIANT slideshow of his Hottest Moments. Enjoy!

And elsewhere around the internet:

– Wills and Kate went to church with Granny last weekend. [What Kate Wore]

– Remember that Invictus Games Swimmer With Whom Harry Clearly Fell in Love? She won another medal. [People]

– Super interesting at the BBC: Graves discovered in King Henry I dig

– I know this Mental Floss piece will entertain you: 7 Spectacular Lost Crown Jewels. Someone hurry up and find them!

Sophie Wessex is raising funds for charity by cycling and has written an essay about the experience….for The Daily Mail. Which is a very interesting choice of publication.

– Harry recently paid a secret visit to the hospital where Diana famously visited AIDS patients. [Hello!]

Tatler wrote a piece about Kate’s PA/Stylist Natasha Archer (who just got engaged to Chris Jackson, my favorite of the royals photogs).  Tash, please buy Kate some new shoes. Thank you!

Hello! also gave us a look at the people who will be in the Cambridges’s entourage when they go to Canada later in the month. You know I love royals logistics.

Order of Splendor has better looks at the Swedish Royals recent shenanigans. I am concerned about some of their headgear, TBH.


Royals Round-Up, July 29th, 2016

And we are deeply in the portion of the year where most of the royals are on vacay. Thank goodness Charlene came out in some MAJOR JEWELS and one hell of a gown.

If you missed it earlier this week, Wills and Kate came out in their matching Cambridge tops to support British yachting.

Elsewhere around the internet:

Wills and Kate are coming to Canada in September, allegedly WITH the kids. (Macleans)

– And Charlene and Al are coming to the US. (People)

– At The Duchess Diary, Pippa Middleton’s New “Title:” What Does It Actually Mean?

– At The Telegraph: Inside the Queen’s wardrobe: Behind-the-scenes at the Royal Collection’s exhibition of immaculate outfits

– This was interesting, over at Vogue: The Strange, Sweet Odyssey of Princess Tatiana of Greece

– Variety reports: ‘The Crown’: Peter Morgan Says Royal Family is ‘Very Aware’ Of Netflix’s Queen Elizabeth Drama

– I obviously enjoyed this piece in People about Prince George ordering his cake. It seems I may have his personality down?

[Photos: ALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images, Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images, Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images, Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images, Ben Birchall/PA Wire, Chris Jackson/Getty Images]


Royals Round-Up, June 17th, 2016

We had SO MUCH ROYALS CONTENT this week, you guys. In case you missed any of it:

Wills & Kate made their debut at Royal Ascot together, with special guest Crown Princess Mary and a variety of other royals.

Wills & Kate went to a garden party in Northern Ireland, while Harry and his assorted royal relations popped by Ascot.

Kate wore RED SHOES! at the Order of the Garter on Monday, whilst Wills wore a feather hat and velvet cape as usual.

Wills, Kate, and Harry rode around with the heads sticking out of a Ranger Rover on Sunday at the Queen’s Birthday Luncheon Event, and Eugenie and Beatrice both looked GREAT.

Saturday was Trooping the Colour, which brought all the royals out en masse, including George and Charlotte, who were hilarious and adorable.

Today’s slideshow has loads of Ascot and Maxima in a boat, as well as some extra bits and pieces from the events previously covered that came in after I published those posts. You know how I like to do!


– At Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl reports on the Queen’s Birthday Luncheon.

– This is a great post at the Royal Hats Blog: Preparing For Ascot: What To Wear

– PopSugar takes a look at Princess Madeleine’s style.

– At People, Prince Harry wrote a letter of condolence to the Mayor of Orlando.

– Our friends at the Duchess Diary join us in wondering when Harry will get to join the Order of the Garter.

– This is an AMAZING TIARA. (The Court Jeweller)

– At Hello!, let’s take a look at Crown Princess Mary’s living room!

– I suspect most of you have see this gif of Wills getting scolded by the Queen on Sunday (People)

– Also: QE2′s green ensemble on Sunday was “green screen green,” which led to much amusement for all. (The Guardian)

– Wills is on the cover of Attitude this month, and interviewed inside. He’s the first member of the British Royal Family to pose for the cover of a gay magazine. Good on you, William!

Up next, more bits and pieces from around social media: Read More


Royals Round-Up, June 3rd, 2016

Just brace yourselves, okay. Next week, and the week following, is going to have beaucoup British royals — all celebrating the Queen and charity events and Order of the Garter (when is poor Harry going to get that? Jeez) and Ascot and….well, just prepare yourselves, is what I am saying. Today, however, I bring you wedding gowns, busts (of the sculptural variety), and many white pants — polo and otherwise.


– I am sure you saw that QE2 is Vanity Fair‘s cover girl this month. I haven’t picked up this issue yet, but it is chockablock with royals stuff – like this story about her love of corgis.

VF also has a story about Wills’ and Kate’s life in the country with the kids, but — to be totally honest — it doesn’t have any new info that I haven’t heard. You, however, might spend less time reading about those two than I do (probably for the best), and it’s a good compilation of intel. As you may have read here before, W&K’s friends are notoriously tight-lipped, which is GREAT for them, but it does mean that the royals reporters get very very little scoop.

– VF also has an interesting piece about the significance of QE2′s royal portraits.

– The Daily Mail I KNOW has a good round-up of Crown Princess Mary’s recent looks.

– Racked asks, Kate Middleton vs. Amal Clooney: Whose Hats Are Better?

The Express brings us the following: The Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday: A look back at Prince Philip’s life in pictures. In case you forgot how handsome he was. (Say what you will about the Windsors, they’re VERY good at bringing in Hot Genes to the pool.)

– Wills and Kate took the kids out over the weekend; People has the scoop.

– OH MAXIMA. What are you wearing?!? (Order of Splendor)

– Princess Leonore of Sweden had her first official engagement today (to her duchy) and ooooh she is so cute. (Hello!)

– Meanwhile, Queen Margrethe has been gallivanting all over the place and meeting pigs and riding in interesting vehicles, like so:

– Prince Philip missed an engagement earlier in the in week due to ill health, but he was back out today. He looked really spry when we saw him in person in April, but I thought he looked a little peaked at this event, which…he’s 95. He may well FEEL a bit peaked. I am bit worried about his health, to be honest.

And, finally, this is very low-key:


Royals Round-Up, May 13th 2016

Well. I didn’t get to any of the Invictus Games until today, because of Cannes. And that means that this post is….really, really long and chockablock with Harry. I assume you will not be enraged by this? Because the pictures are…insane. He’s kissing winners, snuggling babies, FLIRTING, putting on American jerseys (USA! USA!), gesturing to people’s mustaches, hanging out with his very best friend in the world, Michelle Obama. It is AMAZING. I could have picked ten thousand more pictures for this slideshow.

Here at GFY, in case you missed it, Heather and I put together a giant slideshow all about our trip to the UK, and you might enjoy it!

Also, there will be a lot of shenanigans from Wills and Kate and Harry in the upcoming week, including on Sunday, so make sure you pop back to keep up to date!

Elsewhere, we must begin with this:

Harry and Michelle are clearly SO FOND of each other, and also, as you know, I LOVE Robin, so basically I could watch like five hours of this interview. That part is the more serious bit, but you also definitely want to see the part where Michelle talks about Prince George.

– At the National Post: Prince Harry on his private life: How can I get a girl when I can’t even have a drink in the pub

– I meant to run this weeks ago and just forgot. You may have read it already, but if not it’s AMAZING. At The New York Times, a conversation with QE2′s party planner. For example: “For the wedding of William and Kate, for which Lady Elizabeth was an adviser (and planned the wedding eve family dinner), the couple had very strong ideas that the queen ‘was marvelous and listened to,’  she said. Traditional royal weddings have no reception afterward — guests just depart after the service — but William and Kate wanted one after seeing that was what their friends had had. ‘And so the palace had to learn quite a lot about different canapés, because they weren’t used to doing them,’ Lady Elizabeth said.” Also: “Chasing down R.S.V.P.s was a particular headache, and she claims credit for inventing ‘this ghastly thing called the reply card’ to solve the problem. The first time she created one, she forgot to leave a space for people to write their names, and so she ended up with a bunch of yeses and nos but no clue who they were from.”

– The Court Jeweller has a very interesting piece about George VI’s coronation — with video. Everyone is wearing crowns, which WILL NOT happen when Charles becomes king (which is going to be crazy-feeling). Also: I love the mid-Atlantic accent of the newsreel narrator.

– I enjoyed this, at From Berkshire to Buckingham: Commoner to Duchess of Cambridge: 5 Years On, A Look At Kate’s Style Transformation

– You will enjoy this slideshow of the British Royal Family at the Olympics, over at NBC.

– And this is at the Daily Mail –I KNOW, I KNOW — but it IS interesting and also real gossipy (as you’d imagine): The Lioness of Longleat: Viscountess Weymouth on climbing the social ladder, a feuding family and her terrifying pregnancy

Wills went to Oxford — so pretty, Oxford! — this week to open one of their libraries:



Royals Round-Up: April 22nd, 2016

As we’ve mentioned previously, Heather and I happen to be in the UK this week, thanks to Visit Britain, and it’s been WONDERFUL thus far, but never more so than when this happened:

So we saw the Queen today. !!!!!! #OMGB #royalbritain #Queenat90

A photo posted by Jessica Morgan (@msmorganzola) on

We were in Windsor for the day, but I had NO IDEA we’d end up on the front lines of Her Majesty’s birthday walkabout. It was, I must admit, extremely exciting to be present in person for such a milestone — as an Anglophile, a lover of history in general, and someone who’s written about royals both real and fictional for some time now. Heather and I both feel very lucky to have gotten to see her (and Philip, who is QUITE tall and spry in person). Lots of snaps from yesterday at Windsor in the slideshow, as well as other shenanigans. President Obama is here this weekend to have lunch with QE2 today, and then he and Michelle are having an event with Wills and Kate and Harry Friday night. I will definitely write about all of those events, but I’m not totally sure when I’ll get to tonight’s — possibly Saturday, depending on where I am when the photos come in. (I mean, I will be in Scotland. But I might not get to it until later than usual.) It’s going to be in their apartment in KP, so let’s all be on alert for piano pictures. In case you missed it here this week: –  We’re voting on our favorite look from Kate’s trip to India and Bhutan. — Wills and Harry visited the set of Star Wars and it was awesome. Chewbacca dispensed hugs. – There were new portraits of the Queen released yesterday in honor of her birthday, and they involve tiny children, dogs, and Princess Anne. This post also has loads of pics from our trip. — And you can see more pics from our trip over at Facebook. (We will be posting more pics later!) — The paperback of The Royal We comes out on Tuesday, and you can still enter to win copies, and a prize pack from the UK! And in other news, I don’t know if we’re going to get better snaps of this, but:

Also, this happened:

More pics to come later, but I think I speak for us all when I say, “!!!!” The dressing gown! Obama with kids! The inside of the KP apartment!

People has good coverage of the very interesting BBC interview with Wills, which we saw much of while we were in London earlier. (As you can imagine, being here this week was VERY helpful for my job, although we tragically missed Elizabeth at 90.) His face goes full Aggressively Pleasant at one point; I almost called him Nick when I saw it.

– Also at People, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia have had their son and taken him home. His name is Prince Alexander Erik Bertil Hubertus.

Vogue UK has a good piece about this exhibit of QE2′s clothes that’s currently at Holyrood House, which we saw today, and which we are going to write about more in depth later. It is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it; there’s going to be HUGE version of it at Buckingham Palace this summer, as well. It’s really, really well done. Also: so far, Holyroodhouse is the palace at which I MOST feel I could live, house-wise, thus far, in terms of the livability of its staterooms. DISCUSS. (I haven’t been to Balmoral or Sandringham.)

– I love this piece in The Telegraph about the Queen’s 90 years of style.

– Also at The Telegraph are 90 pictures for 90 years.

– ALSO at The Telegraph is a very interesting piece about the new recent stamps of Prince George.

– Via Harper’s Bazaar: Nine of the Queen’s unexpected powers and privileges

– At ArtNet: Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday With Favorite Shots From Her Royal Photographer

– The Brits are hiring a new social media manager, which I feel like we all suggested. I want one of you to apply! (Mashable)

– At Order of Splendor, a salute to the Queen’s favorite tiara.