Fugger: Charlene of Monaco

Royals Round-Up, November 21, 2014

This Royals Round-Up is extremely Harry heavy. It has white polo pants and SWORD-FIGHTING and also kissing. (The kissing, however, involves Prince Albert. I just wanted to be upfront with you.)

In Case You Missed It! Kate left the house this week and, as often is the case with her cocktail party wear, I made some perplexed faces. I get that cocktail wear is sort of a weird nether world between the Day Dress (which she generally nails) and Formal Wear (also many successful outings), but I have hope that this can be perfected eventually.


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Royals Round-Up, October 10th, 2014

This week’s Round-Up brings you ARCHERY and LEOPARD PRINT and FOREARMS and ANGELINA JOLIE and PLASTIC BODIES. Wait, what?



Royals Round-Up, September 26th 2014

No specific royals coverage on GFY this week means LOADS of royals coverage in this week’s round-up. William went to Malta! Harry hugged children! Crown Princess Mary looked gorgeous! Charlene looked totally miserable! AND MORE!

But elsewhere, I have found MUCH for you to read and enjoy:


Royals Round-Up, August 8th, 2014

In the slideshow, I bring you extra snaps from Wills, Kate, and Harry’s outings this week, lots of other WWI ceremonial events, Crown Princess Mary on a horse (they’re on vacation, and as ever, several of their snaps are embargoed for longer than I would like; I swear I am not trying to keep CPM from you, I am merely trying not to be sued), THE RETURN OF SADFACE CHARLENE, QE2 eyeballing some Men in Kilts, a peek of her Balmoral living room, and King Felipe in saucy white jeans squiring Letizia in some super sassy pants. AND MORE.

ICYMI here on GFY this week:

Interesting and intriguing items elsewhere include:

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Royals Round-Up, June 20, 2014, With Bonus George

As always, much to discuss this week! We had A LOT happen on GFY alone, such as:

The Spanish royals had a LOT AFOOT this week, as did the Brits. Maxima was very occupied with the World Cup, as you’ll see in the slideshow, and we’ve got our first Charlene sighting since they announced her pregnancy. She looks as underwhelmed as ever. But not a ton of other royals floating about this week that we didn’t cover above, so this particular round-up might also be bringing you most Extra Bonus George and Harry.



Mostly Well-Played: Princess Charlene at the Monaco Grand Prix with Bonus Casiraghis (Casiraghii?)

Well, these two are at least trying to look happy.

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