Fugger: Anna Camp

Fug Perfect: Anna Camp

You know, we make all kinds of excuses for celebrities that we like when they pop out wearing something insane. “Her stylist hates her.” “She’s probably TIRED.” “Dior MADE HER.” But sometimes there comes a point when you just think, “shit. Does [Person I Like] maybe just have bad taste?”

There needs to be a word for this moment — I fear it may be called The Jennifer Lawrence Point — and whatever we decide to call it, I think it’s happening right here.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Young Hollywood Awards

I’m just warning you. There will be a moment in this slideshow where you are going to feel like you fell into a wormhole and popped out in 2006.

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Unfug It Up: Anna Camp

This is SO CLOSE to being cute. So tantalizingly close.

Her head looks awesome. Her shoes are fabulous. And the crisp idea of the dress really works on her, but boy, is the execution weird. If only the boob patches joined up with the skirt, they’d look less like she’s in bandages. If only the underskirt didn’t look so much like an apron on a carhop. If only she were wearing a bracelet, and had a clutch that didn’t seem like it was originally planned for another outfit.

The waffled bit IS pretty, but I think that’s way too much of it down there on her thighs, and it’s used weirdly everywhere else… I just feel like there has to be a way to design this dress so that it still feels springy and cool and cute, and doesn’t evoke a waitress at a diner, and I suspect Fug Nation is just the bunch to fix it. To make it pitch perfect, as it were. O SNAP. When you have nothing witty left in the tank on a Friday afternoon, it’s a cherished GFY staple to go for the hackiest joke in the arsenal. I knew you’d be expecting it and I didn’t want to let you down; ergo I can call it SELFLESS triteitude. (Because, another GFY staple: nonsense words. IS IT BEER O’CLOCK YET?)

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Emmy Well Rebounded, Part I: Anna Camp

The last time we saw Anna, she looked like a stranded Hilton sister from 2003.

Apparently some rest and a stiff course of antibiotics can cure anything.

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Teen Choice Fug Carpet: Anna Camp

I will not pull this punch: Anna Camp’s outfit might be the worst thing that has ever happened, and yes, I say that KNOWING we have already looked at what Ashley Benson wore.

She looks like the Big Top at Princess Sparklepony’s Fantasy Twinkle Circus On Ice. And with the netting and the makeup and the bronzer and her hand, she has four different skin tones working right now. She’s human Neapolitan ice cream, with a bonus flavor. That’s too many. I can’t. BE BETTER TO YOURSELF, Anna. You’re a palindrome, for God’s sake.

Oh, and there’s more:

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The Young Hollywood Awards: The Rest

It’s a Young Hollywood Melange. And like most melanges –melangii? — some of it is delicious and some of it is perplexing and much of it is boring.

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