Fugger: Angela Lindvall

Fugs and Fabs: The Chloe Los Angeles Fashion Show/Dinner

So many celebrities, so many beige shoes. This event was hosted by January Jones, and basically every woman on Mad Men showed, except for Christina Hendricks. I’ve decided they’re mortal enemies and perhaps to blame for one another’s bad fashion choices throughout time.

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Fugs and Fabs: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Gala, Part 1

Not cool, universe, to jam a star-studded event into the very end of a GFY posting week. To make smaller slideshows, I split things into two morsels; this one gets you Gwen and Gavin and Demi and Geena, among others, but stay tuned for Charlize, Amy Adams, and Freida and Dev.

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Fugs and Fabs: Models at the Cannes amfAR Gala

Are you ready to take a trip to Leg City? It’s ON. To the extreme.

[Photos: WENN and Bauer Griffin]


Met Ball Fug (and Secret Fab) Carpet: The Project Runway Hosts

This is such a face-plant for me.

I just feel like… look, yes, we poke fun at a lot of the big statements that are crazy (Marc), or ugly (Florence), or so terrible they’re wonderful (hi, Sev), but we’d be bereft without them. This is the MET BALL, Heidi. We already know you like short skirts and long overhangs. You could wear this outfit in your sleep. I would not be surprised if you’d once worn this to sleep. And this isn’t even a good version of that theme. It’s a dowdy lace curtain, which is a stunning truth to tell about a dress that shows so much leg, and yet here we are. Do something else! Be bravely fugly, or battily fab. Have a little fun with it. Get us talking, not napping. Make Seal cry with regret. Although then maybe he’d end up raking in millions by writing a heartbreak ballad that gets used in every drippy Nicholas Sparks trailer until the end of time, so… maybe just make him prickle with uncreative regret.

Heidi’s All-Stars replacement, Angela Lindvall, went in a totally different direction.

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Angela Fugvall

I don’t know much about Angela Lindvall, admittedly, but I am comfortable leaping to one big conclusion:

Shenae Grimes is about two years away from Single White Female-ing her.


Fug and Fab and more Fug: Models at the Met Ball

Given the Met Ball’s status as the Fashion Oscars — but without the awards, and thus, a sad lack of embarrassing campaigning — there are a ton of models on the guest list, both lesser-known and deeply current and hugely Super. There are also equally as many A-listers in attendance, so to guarantee that none of these fine faces of print and runway get swept under the rug like so many cigarette butts, I’m putting them together as a handy illustration that perhaps being super tall gives a girl the kind of altitude sickness that can seriously affect her judgment.