Fugger: Adele

Fug or Fab: Adele in Giambattista Valli and Valentino at the BRIT Awards

This caftan is… a lot.


Adele does not need to be treated like the only way to handle her curves is to hide them. I worry that this swallows her whole and bulks her up unfairly, and has the whiff of a designer who doesn’t know how to handle it when a woman who’s not a size 2 is a client. She has a waist. She has a chest. She has a body. Let her use it the way other people have. I don’t give props to Givenchy that often, but recall what Riccardo Tisci did for the Grammys, and then wonder if this Giambattista Valli was a punt.

Having said that, her head is fantastic, she looks great in red, and there IS something appealingly DRAMATIC about all this. If she were to start The Cult of Adele, and require us all to wear robes twice monthly while we listen to her sing her devotion to a higher power named Grout who believes that all humans are made of volcanic rock and also is the patron saint of vintage tile… well, I’d hear her out, is what I’m saying.

She changed for a performance, and it’s exceedingly sparkly:

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Grammy Awards Well Played, Adele in Givenchy

I do wish she’d worn the Alexander McQueen we picked out for her in that piece we wrote for Cosmo:

58th Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

But just seeing Adele, sometimes, makes me happy, and this is right in her wheelhouse — black, be-sleeved, very subtly luxe. Did I sing “HELLO” to her when I saw it? Yes. Did it come out accidentally as Lionel Richie? Yes.

And her gown for her performance was stellar, although it’s hard to tell from this photo:

The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show

Although she didn’t SOUND great to me — and her expression when she finished singing seemed to indicate that she ALSO didn’t think she sounded very good — and Adele not sounding like the perfect voice of a perfect angel DOES throw my worldview somewhat askew.

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Mostly Well Played: The Coats of Adele

I did not know until today that pictures of Adele walking around in coats was my favorite thing, but apparently it is! I love her coats and also her haircut and her sunglasses and her eyeliner and her Adele-ness.

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Fugs and Fabs: Glastonbury Music Festival

Prepare to covet some Hunter boots. (I am coveting some Hunters and I already own a pair. [The foldable ones! WORTH IT.]) Also prepare to…hey, what do you think the opposite of “covet” is? Because I feel that way about…a lot of this other stuff.

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Well Played, Adele

I am a sucker for a ladylike, long-sleeved winter frock:

Are you ready to be stunned? It’s Stella McCartney. Your shock might be mitigated when I show you the original version, to which this one bears very little resemblance, beyond its lovely fabric. It’s a delight to see Adele in a pattern — she busts them out now and then, and it’s always fun to see her in something other than basic black. Considering the season, and that she wore this to meet The Queen, it is basically deliciously perfect. Bonus points, of course, for the dainty little veil. If you can’t sport a dainty little veil to meet Her Maj, when can you?

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Oscars Well Played, Adele

I have major Hair and Lipstick Envy when it comes to Adele. And Voice Envy, but I assume that goes without saying.

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Grammys Fug or Fab: Adele

I’m torn on this one — thrilled that it’s not her standard basic boring black, and loving the brightness and fun of it all…

And yet, something in her face tells me Adele expected to ride ON the magic carpet to the Grammys, not ride IN it.

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