Fug File: WTF

WTF: Khloe Kardashian

We need to talk about Khloe’s pants:

Khloe Kardashian in White Jeans in The Hamptons (1)

Namely, at what point do they stop technically being considered pants at all?

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


What The Fug: Sarah Jessica Parker in Schiaparelli Couture

“Someday,” she thought, “my prince will come.”

Sarah Jessica Parker at amfAR Inspiration Gala

“And when he does, he’ll be so GLAD I bought that pastel stamp set and made a chastity garment that protects the rare virtue of my elbows and upper forearm. And when we marry I shall be known as Princess Ulna, and on our wedding night I’ll sing, Let it ‘bow, let it ‘bow, can’t hold it back anymore; let it ‘bow, let it ‘bow, slice the cloth and slam the door // and see it bend // my joint foreplay // it’s been hiding for so long //  a lady’s crook should be saved for her wedding day. I mean, right?!?”

well, is it?


WTF: Glenn Close

It’s time for me to deploy my favorite opener to one these things, and, as I always do, I really mean it this time: Her head looks FANTASTIC.

I love you, Glenn Close. I love you as that HBIC Patty Hewes on Damages and I never take off my make-up whilst plotting the destruction of others or reflecting on my own brutal destiny without thinking of Dangerous Liaisons. And therefore I feel honor-bound to let you know that I am very sorry, but you appearing to be wearing pleated white silk culottes. I feel certain that this must be an oversight, or that perhaps a sorceress has placed some sort of spell on you, bewitching you into believing that pleated white silk culottes are a good idea or even simply a thing that ought to exist in this world, which already has so much tragedy in it without them. Let me know if there is any way I can help remedy this situation. I have matches.

[Photo: Splash]


What The Fug: Chrissy Teigen in I Can’t Even

Granny panties, a see-through skirt, and a poorly draped top that puts the “ow” in luau?

Chrissy Teigen (1)

Looks like someone has a raging case of the Kimyes. Beyonce was right to skip the wedding, they clearly don’t have a vaccine for this yet.

anyone want to see the back?


CFDAs Fug Carpet: Anne V in Jonathan Simkhai

Death is not an option, Fug Nation. Your choice: the sheer trend…

Anne V in Jonathan Simkhai


I know Lupita’s weren’t technically culottes, but I fear these baggy shapeless sartorial con artists are drawing a bead on pelvises everywhere. If two is pattern but three is a trend, who will Number Three be?

You would pick:

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[Photo  Fame/Flynet]


CFDA Awards Nakedly Played: Rihanna in Custom Adam Selman

Can this finally be the death knell of the sheer trend? BECAUSE HOW MUCH MORE SHEER CAN WE GET? Is this not THE MOST SHEER that we can, as a people, TRULY ACCOMPLISH? Have we not reached the OUTER LIMITS OF SHEER? Should not every other sheer dress put down its sheer sword and surrender? All that sheer longs to be and hopes to do has now been DONE. SHEER MUST NEEDS DIE TONIGHT BECAUSE NOTHING CAN BE SHEERER THAN THIS.

A note: I don’t know your job/life, but if your boss would not be best pleased to pop into your office and see nipples on your monitor, perhaps save this until she’s off at Starbucks.

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