Fug File: WTF

Casual Fuggerday: Guess Who

I don’t hate this first one, but maybe that’s because I’ve seen the last one already and I know how this story ends.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]


Candid Fuggerday: Jessie J

Suddenly, I know EXACTLY what Jessie J is going to look like in 50 years, when I’m having her over for mai tais on the lanai:

Exactly like this but presumably with a crazy old lady beehive. This is one of those outfits, seriously, where I look at it and think, “she looks nuts in this, but if she were just, say, 75 years old it would be my favorite thing ever.” These are not Old Lady Clothes — I want to be clear — but they ARE clothes that would look AWESOME on an old lady. (Surely the Germans have a word for this.) So just hang on to this, Jessie. Just hang on for a long, long time.

[Photo: PacCoastNews]


Critics Choice Television Awards: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

In which a lot of people we like look decent — Keri Russell has never been such a bombshell — and then Kaley Cuoco and Michelle Monaghan bring some serious WHAT to the proceedings.

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WTF Carpet: Scout Willis

She looks about as delighted by this jumpsuit situation as I am:

My only explanation is that she literally climbed out of her cozy bed wearing the American Eagle Night Romper she got on deep sale for $4.39 when American Eagle was like, “a night romper’s a bad idea,” and sleepwalked all the way to the step-and-repeat at this party.  All I know is that you’re NOT supposed to wake up sleepwalkers, so everyone be very, very VERY quiet.

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UnFug It Up: Nicole Richie

I am deeply perplexed by this entire thing:

Wide-legged white pants (fine), seafoam green lace pillowcase shirt (wha?) and Maidenform bra (?!?!?!?!!!!). That’s not even getting started on the weird-ass proportions of this thing — is it possible for an outfit to make a person’s head look small? Does she need a beehive to balance things out? Big hair is generally my answer to every problem so I might be off-base there – or the fact that I just had the most horrifying thought pop into my head, unbidden. It was, “…this might be better if it were just a bra top.”  I NEED TO TAKE TO MY BED.



Casual Fuggerday: Taylor Momsen

… Well, this is a swerve.

I feel like in the past, her shin was the only part we DIDN’T always see. Maybe she’s super into Living The Photonegative right now.

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