Fug File: WTF

What the Fug: Naya Rivera

The caption for this photo described Naya Rivera as looking “chic” out on the town.

Naya Rivera

To borrow from a magnificent gentleman: That word. I do not think it means what they think it means. Perhaps they were aiming for “cheek” and missed?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


What the Fug: A Weekend of Rihanna

I have nothing against puffer coats. But the first time I saw this photo, I thought Rihanna was wearing a puffer coat over ANOTHER puffer coat and it was terribly confusing.

Rihanna Out Shopping In London

Turns out it’s just a trick of the angle, and I think one side of her coat is just folded very tightly around her. So now all that’s left for me to be puzzled about is why London required a Snowpocalypse coat one minute and then this getup the next:

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What the Fug: Jackie Cruz

I apologize for giving you a migraine as we head into the weekend.

Jackie Cruz

I just needed other eyeballs to take in this sight. I’d never before imagined a ghoulish spawn of lingerie elastic, a jumpsuit from Forever 21, and the horrible snagging that happens when you accidentally let an unhooked bra loose in your washing machine. I mean… are accidents suddenly hot for fall?

[Photo: Getty]


WTF: Lea Michele

My calendar tells me its not Halloween yet.

Lea Michele

So why is Lea Michele’s pelvis in costume as paper grocery bag? Was this a Come As Your Favorite Recyclable party?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


WTF: Tia Mowry

When I saw this photo in tiny little thumbnail, for one brilliant, heart-stopping moment I thought it was Jade, the best contestant America’s Next Top Model ever gave us (you may recall that her exit interview was done in the form of spoken word poetry, punctuated by her snapping fingers), despite the fact that they don’t really look anything alike. I blame the hat, and also that I was seeing the change I wanted to see in the world — namely, Jade’s triumphant return to my life. Having said that:

STK Los Angeles 2016 Anniversary Party

I do think poetry might improve this?

[Photo: Getty]


What the Fugs: Various Kardashian/Jenners

It’s amazing to me that a family that CONSTANTLY discusses its weight and fitness does not also understand the logic of “JUST GO UP A SIZE. NOBODY WILL KNOW BUT YOU.”

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


WTF: Ariel Winter

Ariel. My dear. I know you are at some kind of pool party, which appears to be sponsored by my all-time favorite game, Uno.

Ariel Winter

But my dear, auditions for Team Kardashian are closed, kid. We have enough of them. There is no room at the Calabasas Inn. So this is one Wild card I would not have played.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]