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Emmys Well Played: Halle Berry

It doesn’t sound like her foray into TV has been great.

Halle Berry in Elie Saab

Luckily, other than that piece of hair in her face, the whole Being Halle Berry business still seems to be cruising along just fine.

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Emmys Well Played: Viola Davis

This didn’t photograph quite as well as I wanted it to, but on the telecast she looked dreamy as hell.

Viola Davis

I’m going to be really disappointed if her show, How To Get Away With Murder, doesn’t involve a lot of scenes in which she turns to someone and intones, “Muuuuuuurder.” Maybe that’s not the most well-written television, but it would make me clap with glee, just as I am doing about her sexpot bodice and  the fact that she’s flashing some cleav while also ably wrangling it. I’d say she’s killing it, but I think we’ve had enough homicide for one post.

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Well Played Emmys Weekend, Kiernan Shipka

As ever, some of the grown-ups could learn a few things from this one.

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Emmys Well Played, Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Carolina Herrera

Ugh. She’s the best. Let me count the ways:

1) Elaine. (Also not minding referencing Elaine, as she did last night with Cranston — AKA Dentist Tim Whatley, who converted to Judaism for the jokes, and forced Jerry to confront the fact that he’s a raging anti-dentite.)

2) I interviewed her once and she was INCREDIBLY NICE and warm.

3) This dress is awesome.

4) Her new hair looks great.

5) She’s great on Veep.

6) Bracelet

7) This:


Emmys Well Played: Alison Williams in Giambattista Valli

This dress was a good move.

Allison Williams

It’s supremely cool and unusual, like a gift from that friend of yours who always finds the BEST wrapping paper that’s really thick and luxe and striking (for me, that friend is Jessica). Everything about it works on her, and I have to think that floating around in it all night was a pretty spectacular experience. However: I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS about this live Peter Pan she’s undertaking — not because she can’t sing, but because… I don’t know, I almost feel like they should’ve hung up Peter Pan without either Sandy Duncan or Mary Martin. (Although I DO sort of hope it leads her to give herself a dramatic pixie cut, because THAT might look hugely cute on her.) And while I love the story of Peter Pan, I think I enjoy it more in the abstract — that Disney cartoon does not hold up; I tried to watch it with the beans and there are some AWKWARD PARTS INDEED.  But, she can act, she’s got a pretty voice; hopefully it will turn out okay for her. Is it weird that I think they should get Andy Serkis to play Nana the dog? Is it ALSO weird that I almost called him Gary Sinise? It is, and this post has officially gone off the rails. When is Happy Hour?

Peter Pan? Hmm...

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Emmys Well Played: Julia Roberts in Elie Saab

Julia loves Elie Saab — which is correct of her – and I feel like the universe owed her one after the infamous dual-labia’d jumpsuit.

Julia Roberts

She looks confident and lovely and every inch herself — which MIGHT have been a shame because then she clomped up on-stage and made the Best Actor in a Drama category all about her. Banter before you announce the nominees is one thing, but opening the damn envelope AND THEN STOPPING TO TALK ABOUT YOURSELF is really pretty inexcusable, like, easy there, Darth Selfish. She’s lucky she looked good doing it or else this post would have been much capsier.

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