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Well Played: The Cast of Hamilton Visits the White House

* Edited to add Lin-Manuel freestyling with prompts from Obama in the Rose Garden!

As you may have heard, the cast of Hamilton visited D.C. to discuss the show’s educational initiatives with the Obamas, and performed a mixtape of the show for a select White House audience. A livestream covered the first two songs (“Alexander Hamilton,” which they sang YEARS ago in its infancy for Obama — and you should watch it because LMM sings the whole thing as Aaron Burr and it’s different, and he’s SO YOUNG — and “My Shot,” which means Hercules Mulligan got to croon about sex and corsets) and though I hoped it’d come back an hour later with Daveed Diggs going, “What’d I miss,” it did not. I guess not everyone can be in the room where it happens, huh, Mr. Burr, sir?

After the jump are a selection of Instagrams of the event, including a look at Angelica, who SHOULD have gotten to sing “The Schuyler Sisters” with Peggy before the feed cut out because nobody ever lets them get that far and they deserve it — especially after Obama called them out for being awesome.

At least they got to do this:

The dress on Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica) is Suno, and I’ll update this if I get a credit on the others, but don’t they look gorgeous? Yes, even Peggy. [UPDATE: An eagle-eyed commenter ID'd Jasmine Cephas-Jones -- Peggy -- as being in Ted Baker.]

Parenthetically, I’ve thought long and hard about what they should sing at the Tonys, and I hope it’s NOT “Alexander Hamilton,” because they already did it at the Grammys and WE KNOW he is a bastard orphan son of a whore and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean. What I’d like is portions of “My Shot” into “The Schuyler Sisters” so that, as I said, the entire cast gets its spotlight. But since the Tonys are in New York and “The Schuyler Sisters” features the line, “History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world,” that would make for a pithy choice. However, while Lin-Manuel is a giver, I don’t think he’ll have them do a number in which he does not feature — in part because the audience at large flat-out wants to see him. Can they just do the first four or five songs in toto? THANKS. Or, do a “My Shot” riff with James Corden for the opener about how he’s not throwing away his to be the host, and then “Schuyler” for the cast performance. Although I’d also bet decent money on Corden walking out from backstage at some point dressed as King George.

Okay, the ‘grams:



Fug or Fab: Amy Poehler at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Maddie Ziegler, aka The Dancer in Those Sia Videos, gets to make a cameo here because this was the only shot of Amy Poehler in these shoes.

Amy Poehler

And I’ll get to the shoe thing in a second, but first: I quite liked the dress when I saw it in thumbnail and my mind leapt to all kinds of wrong conclusions, like that it was sequined. (I’m not actually sure the reality of that would have worked, but whatever, don’t bruise my sad brain.) I like the chipper stripes — she won for her voice work in Inside Out as Joy, and this FEELS joyful — and I think it’s a nice example of a celeb picking something comfortable and event-appropriate but not slovenly. She and I may have the same issue with Polo-style cuts, though, namely that things start to get a little boxy up in the chestal region. So in the end I don’t know that this was the most FLATTERING choice, which is a bummer.

The shoes, though: I love that she went adventurous, even if the neon yellow doesn’t QUITE jibe with the mustard color of the collar and sleeve trim. But interestingly, she didn’t even keep these on for that long. She didn’t walk the red carpet (sigh) so there was this shot in the green room, and then a bunch of audience shots…

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Well Played: Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci

Yes, this dress has a pair of lips on it.

Lupita Nyong'o at AOL Build Speaker Series

And I’ll also grant you that the pattern is a little weird and slithery. But she is making it all look refreshing and springy, even WITH the hip emoji. In other words, the magic touch: She’s still got it.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Lupita Nyong’o in Balmain

I suspect there is no celebrity in the world right now who is more excited about fashion’s new pro-sternum trend than Lupita:

"Eclipsed" Broadway Opening Night - After Party

She LIVES for a sternum. That said: This dress is just flat-out lovely on her. The color is great. The pattern is interesting. The ruffles are….crazy but I can live with them (weirdly, I like the ones on the bodice far more than the skirt; the skirt almost needs…MORE ruffles? Is that true? Am I just confused because I so enjoy Ruffles the snack?).  We’re so used to seeing Balmain craziness on a Kardashian, but I would wager that even Kim would look nice in this. Take note, Kimberly.

[Photo: Getty]


Well Played, Kyemah McEntyre in Kyemah McEntyre

You might recall Kyemah as the girl whose photo went viral last year when she made her own prom dress, and slayed in it. (She later did one for Naturi Naughton for the BET Awards.) This year, she’s one of the headliners at BET Honors, and she again wore her own design:

Kyemah McIntyre

Her Instagram has a shot of the back, too. Apparently it’s made of canvas, which she then hand-painted, per USA Today: “I decided I was going to actually paint my inspiration, which is black women. [...] I believe in black history. I believe in women’s history, and so what better way to just express that than by wearing this?” 

They then quote her more expansively:

“I remember asking myself, ‘Why don’t I see these women?’ And I remember comparing myself to the women that I did see and I was like, ‘Well, why aren’t I beautiful? Why isn’t my kinky hair beautiful? Why aren’t my full lips beautiful?’ I think from that point on, that whatever I did, it was going to be me and not for anyone else. And then I mean, the artist in me, the rebellious youth in me, also pushed it, but ultimately, I think it came from me questioning, ‘Why aren’t I beautiful? Why can’t I be seen as beautiful?’”

I think she’s something like 18 years old, and is apparently going to be attending Parsons, so it’ll be fun to see what else comes from her. Mostly, I enjoy that somebody so young is creating clothes that are thoughtful, that are ripe with personal meaning, but which also speak to the larger cultural conversation about celebrating all the many flavors of America. And she wears that with a confidence that a lot of seasoned Hollywood stars can’t even always muster with their Givenchy. If you’re ever worried about Kids Today, console yourself by remembering this one.

[Photo: Getty]


Well Played, Hailee Steinfeld

It’s Friday. Don’t you need to look at a cute coat?

Hailee Steinfeld Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"

YOU DO. Somewhere in the UK, Duchess Kate is frantically googling the provenance of this coat.

[Photo: Getty]


Oscars Well Played Weekend, Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei looked — as you will soon see — quite groovy all weekend. This is also the post where I mention that I worked with her once, a million years ago, and she had the best skin of anyone I’ve ever seen in person. Tell us your skin care routine, Tomei!

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