Fug File: Well Played

Fashion Rocks Well Played: Willow Shields

I chatted up both Willow and Kiernan Shipka at Fashion Week, within about half an hour of each other. And while both fourteen-year olds are totally on the same page in terms of poise and attitude and having great parents, they tend to be polar opposites when it comes to style. And it’s fun.

Willow Shields

I mean, maybe I’m nuts, but I totally think she’s pulling this off, and I think it’s HUGELY fun that she is even trying. She looks completely stoked to be there, she’s in a quirky patterned suit, her hair looks fab… this child is clearly having a great time, and frankly, she looks cooler than at least half the other people who RSVP’d. If Kiernan Shipka is, say, Junior Allison Williams, then this one is Junior Diane Kruger. There is room in my heart for both.


Mostly Well Played, Felicity Jones at the Toronto Film Festival

Almost all of these work for me. But it’s possible that’s just because Eddie Redmayne shocked me into general acceptance.

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Well Played, The Imitation Game at the Toronto Film Festival

I am very excited about this movie — I hope it’s good! — because while my favorite genre, of course, is Romantical Troubles During War Times, I ALSO love The Thwarting of Nazis (ideally, one can have both), and I really am into code-cracking and also Using Fabulous Manor Homes For Secret Spy-like Missions. Plus, I am totally back in on Keira — she seems really happy lately, and I’ve missed her — and also, hello, Matthew Goode and Branson.

I will, in fact, stick the trailer after the jump, in case you want to see it:

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Well Played: 73 Questions With Anna Wintour (!)

You know those 73 Questions that Vogue does? We feature them from time to time — the SJP one was VERY charming, the Daniel Radcliffe one (with a lovely little Zoe Kazan interlude) was a delight — and there was literally no way I wasn’t going to bring you the one featuring Our Lady of the Bob, Anna herself, whom I have long secretly loved (as you know, because I cannot keep my secret loves secret):

(a) I appreciate how much she talks about books. (She also, unsurprisingly, has much to say about tennis.)

(b) There are two moments where I quite literally laughed aloud.

(c) I think Anna’s office is my platonic ideal of an office. I don’t mean the Vogue offices, I mean her actual personal office. It’s so fabulous.

(d) ANNA. Your “guilty” pleasure is not guilty at all. Open your heart to The CW.

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Well Played Waxwork, Prince Harry

For all the complaints we had about the new Wills and Kate Waxwork — spoiler: IT’S HIDEOUS — the one they’ve done for Harry’s 30th birthday (on Monday, so collect your goats and get ready to party) is QUITE GOOD.

Madame Tussauds London has revealed a new wax figure of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales

Of course, the original Wills and Kate one was excellent, too, so I can only imagine that five years from now they’ll celebrate his 35th birthday by taking this smiley wax face and putting it in a vise until he starts looking like Ron Weasley had a baby with a hedgehog.  Get over to Madame Tussauds and take your saucy photos pretending to be making out with him, goosing him, humping his leg, holding a stuffed goat up to his face, brandishing a sign that reads TEAM EDWINA, or whatever else you want to do to Harry while you still can.

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Toronto Film Festival Well Played: Reese Witherspoon

Someone packed well for this trip.

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