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Mostly Well Played: Rosario Dawson at SXSW

In the words of, well, me*, when a paparazzo almost ran me over once to get to her — and now the rallying cry for Fug Nation under certain circumstances, say, when someone is trying to kill you to get to Rosario Dawson — it’s just Rosario Dawson. But she brought Nic Cage:

WHAT. She looks totally cute in that DVF wrap dress (I actually think I own that one, except in different colors), and he looks totally wackadoo. Which I guess is what we want from Nicolas Cage nowadays. I believe he is wearing not one but TWO candy necklaces. At least he doesn’t need a bracelet.

This is also pretty cute. It’s all Cute Day Dresses Ahoy this afternoon at GFY. Behold:

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Well Played, Emmy Rossum

So, the couple of weeks after awards season is always slim pickings on the events front. Everyone who doesn’t have to do press for something or other is resting up for Cannes (or FUG MADNESS, which starts next week!) or off in St Barth drinking daiquiris and talking shit about whichever A-lister cut in front of them at the open bar. Which is why we’re seeing so many people swanning in and out of office buildings in great coats and holding their purses: they’re all coming into or out of radio interviews or morning show appearances. But the good news is, almost all of their coats ARE great. I mean, how cute is this?

All of this is cute. I even allow the shoes (red would be too much; black would be too boring. Grey might have flown). Day dresses, I seriously love you most of all.

[Photo: INF]


Well Played, Sarah Jessica Parker

It is true that this is not the sort of content we usually post, but the nice folks at Condé Nast sent it to us* and I could not resist sharing it, because it’s very charming and I think you will like it, and why not try something new every now and then, especially on an otherwise snoozy Wednesday morning? Vogue‘s YouTube Channel sent a dude over to Sarah Jessica Parker’s (amazing) house, and he asked her 76 questions in five minutes (in a single shot). It’s a clever reminder that, regardless of how crazily SJP sometimes dresses, she is really likeable — which, actually, has been born out in our own very limited interactions with her at Fashion Week, where she has never been anything but gracious as hell. Also: she really does have great hair:

Not for nothing, that’s a good reminder of (a) the power of a cute pair of jeans, (b) that globes are awesome, and (c) that you can and should put a ping pong table in your drawing room should the occasion arise. I have major, major house envy, you guys. The painted stairs? I know SJP has a shoe line now but I kind of wish that Domino still existed and that she was consulting for it. That’s what I want.

[Video courtesy of Vogue.com]

*This is not a sponsored post, just a submission that I thought y’all would like. I just want you to see people’s drawing room ping pong tables.



Well Played, Jennifer Connelly in Givenchy Couture

So stony-faced, Jennifer Connelly! Don’t be! You look awesome in this:

Our friends at Red Carpet Fashion Awards opined that this dress is considerably more interesting than much of what we saw at the Oscars, and boy is that the truth. I’d have stabbed someone in the hand with a fork to see this on the red carpet last Sunday. I’m not sure on whom I would have shoved it, but I’m sure y’all have suggestions. I feel like, even if you think this dress is hideous, at least it’s INTERESTING. To wit, let’s look at the detailing on the bodice:

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Well Played, Krysten Ritter in Jonathan Simkhai

We’ve mentioned this before — even this month, I think — but Heather and I once overheard Brad Goreski giving an interview at Fashion Week wherein he noted that the only way to really pull off the bare midriff thing without going full Lily Collins (I am paraphrasing) was to merely use “a sliver” of ab. And that, I think, is why this works and isn’t full on crackers nutballary:

Pair that top with the stirrup pants that appear to be coming back into fashion, and she’d be the best dressed girl in my fifth grade class. With the matching skirt and kicky shoes, though: Win. (Bonus points for the sunglasses, of course. You know how I feel.)

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Mostly Well Played: The SXSW Premiere of the Veronica Mars movie

Logan’s been working out.

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