Fug File: Well Played

Well Played, Dakota Johnson

This isn’t going to set the world on fire with how amazing it is, or anything. But nor is it going to cause us to run, screaming, from the screen as if our hair is on fire:

Dakota Johnson Attends 'El Hormiguero' Tv Show

Sometimes, that’s enough.

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Well Played, Sandra Bullock in Roksanda and Rupert Sanderson

I am generally not a fan of showing up to an event in costume, but I enjoy dressing to a theme, and I think she’s walking the line perfectly here. These shoes are ridiculous and charming and I love them.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Isabel Lucas

Her whole head looks like she just tumbled out of Soul Cycle, but otherwise?

World Premiere Screening Of Documentary "Unity"

The I’m Really Into Astronauts Wives Club thing suits you, Isabel.

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Wellish Played, Jessica Chastain

It’s been a slow week, and as we cruise into the end of June, the Fourth of July, the dark depths of midsummer… pickings are going to get slim. And I think Jessica Chastain sympathizes a little. (Just a little.)

jessica chastain vogue wimbledon

“Here,” she seems to be saying. “Here. Take it. I am out of the house, I am clean, I am in front of a camera. You can talk about my lipstick. You can talk about whether my shoes are too hoof-y or boring. You can speculate on whether I am secretly braceleted. You can even talk about whether this is a dress, or a shirt and skirt, and further, whether the top might actually be navy or Heather’s eyes are just deranged and desperate. I have done my part. I’m sorry it’s not crazier, but just be glad I’m here at all. Bloggers can’t be choosers. Now if you’ll excuse me, this is a Vogue/Wimbledon event, and I need to go ask Anna about how Roger Federer smells.”


Mysteriously — and Well — Played: Cara Delevingne

She IS a model, so she clearly has an innate sense of how to make an entrance. Or exit:

cara delevingne london

I’m pretty sure she’s about to walk into a gala at a hotel and hurl some throwing stars at the guest of honor. Then she’ll knock out the security cameras and abscond with somebody’s emeralds, after which she will scramble into a car with her partner in crime Hot Neville — I’m spitballing here — and double-cross their big boss by hightailing it to Monte Carlo, where they’ll foolishly gamble the gems away to Clive Owen. He will, in turn, wrestle them under his villainous thumb and pit them against the same nefarious crime lord (Ray Winstone) they just fled. It will not end well. But it will have been worth it, because that’s a good outfit on her.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Sandra Bullock in Monique Lhuiller

When we saw this on the runway, I wanted to give it to Kerry Washington:

Women In Film 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards - Arrivals

And she would have charmed in it. But I’m also fine with handing it over to the estimable Sandy B, who looks unmoved, but she is WRONG. This is fab, and I want, in particular, to steal that skirt and wear it back in time to a garden party. This mostly because it’s great, but also because it reminds me a bit of an LK Bennett skirt that I’m visiting a lot but not allowing myself to buy, because I DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE and ergo I do not need flirty fancy patterned midi-skirts. I just DO NOT. So please, Sandy. Wear this FOR me. Do it for me, much the way you drove a bus very quickly and flirted with Keanu for me, and the way you exchanged letters with Keanu through space and time for me, and the way you — well, maybe not the way you drove that boat with Jason Patric for me, but whatever. You feel me. LIVE, SANDY. LIVE. Live in this skirt.

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