Fug File: Well Played

Mostly Well Played: Amal Alamuddin Clooney

She rarely does the press circuit with Intern George, but honestly, the cement is its own red carpet for this one. She can’t go anywhere without a photographer’s lens in her face, and she knows it.

amal alamuddin

And she often uses it to great effect, but also often with one “but.” For me, here, the “but” is the shoes. I LOVE that she went interesting, but not that she chose a green shoe that’s really picking a fight with the color of the dress. Especially because the dress itself is such a refreshing, bracing tonic of a color that it almost makes me nostalgic for a hot summer day — even though today IS a hot summer day where I am, and in fact fifteen minutes ago I just cursed our lack of sensible seasons. So for making me forget where I am, she gets at LEAST a pat on the back, no?

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Amusingly Played: Kate Mara in Valentino

Kate here is in The Martian with Matt Damon, about a dude who gets left on Mars and has to survive while waiting to be rescued. And so I enjoy this celestial choice for the premiere:

kate mara the martian new york film festival

It’s so ridiculously apt: We’ve got Saturn, some constellations, Jupiter, maybe a vortex or two, some kind of space tentacle… all we’re missing is a cartoon Matt Damon face. It’s loud and it’s on-the-nose and it made me laugh, so I’m giving her points. Especially because it’s not every day that a lady gets caught in a Who Wore It Best with science’s own Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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Well Played: Rachel Weisz in Marc Jacobs

This is from Marc Jacobs’s latest — fresh off the runway — and I have to say, I actually liked that collection. It wasn’t entirely all my personal jam, but after a week of rather underwhelming NYFW shows, he at least actually showed clothing that looked like real fashion. Of course, that doesn’t always translate to the red carpet:


I am glad she didn’t go for the runway styling, but overall — shoulder pads and fringe-y skirt and all — something about this appeals. Is it just that THIS car wash skirt is so much better than THIS car wash skirt? Discuss.

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Sure, Okay: Jennifer Lopez


jennifer lopez

“WHAT? I can be SERIOUS. The Lopez has LAYERS. I am not just a big cocktail for eight, served in a bowl the size of Mars with straws and so much fruit and you light it on fire and drink the burn. I am also a mimosa. A bellini. I FIZZ, lovers. You do not always chug The Lopez.

“Oh, but there is one thing:

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Your Afternoon Man: Michael B Jordan on GQ


Michael B Jordan Cover

Am I too old to tape this to the inside of my locker?

PS: You probably want to see the entire spread. Some of it is nutty, but all of it features his extremely great face.

[Photo: GQ]


Well Played: Michelle Obama in Monique Lhuillier

So, with regards to yesterday’s post, I just want to clarify that I didn’t make up or misremember the thing about the elbows being covered. It was reported as being part of guidance issued for THIS visit, mere days before the Pope arrived. To quote the Yahoo News article (backed up by the Associated Press) about it:

The office has also let government workers know that “dress should be modest and respectful — both men and women in dark colors, clothes that cover knees and elbows, hems below the knee,” the officials said. “It’s not mandatory, but it’s the guidance.”

Perhaps Michelle Obama is not considered a government worker, which is fair enough? And it’s NOT mandatory, but then, why bother issuing the memo? I’m not trying to be a stickler — I had just read the stuff about the rules, and then saw the blue dress, and it made me genuinely curious what the internal discussion was about what to do and where, and why. Because for the official White House greeting, MO appears to have picked something in a dark color that covers her knees and elbows:

michelle obama barack pope francis

I don’t even know. Maybe the the Air Force base where he landed is considered semi-formal. ANYWAY. What do we think? For me, it’s the type of dress that might not render in photographs because the details require a better up-close look. Or maybe that’s my laptop, which doesn’t ever show me the highest definition of these images, which drives me nuts. Here is a forced close-up:

michelle obama pope visit

You can also enlarge the images and stare. Either way, it reveals that this is rather lovely and ornate, and quite fancy. It’s for sure appropriate for the meeting at hand — stately, classy, but not without glamour – and PRAISE BE, there is no bunching. She beat the bunch. I’m calling it a win.

[Also: Insert the same caveat here about the comments remaining politics-free. Thank you!]

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Emmys Well Played, Gina Rodriguez in Lorena Sarbu

We KNEW she’d wear a princess dress:

The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Award-Arrivals in LA

And this one is VERY very princess-y indeed. It’s also kind of like the toned-down cousin to Rinko Kikuchi’s (wackier) Chanel cotton buff-puff dress in 2007 — a dress, which, in retrospect, I like much more than I did then (in retrospect, I also think those shoes are totally boring, so I suspect 2007 me was tired when she wrote that, and I have notes for her). It’s super pretty, kind of prom, and absolutely the right choice for this actress at this point in her career. Let’s see what she’s wearing in 2022.

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