Fug File: Well Played

Unfug or Fab: Jessica Alba in Dolce & Gabbana

Honestly, this is picky, especially fresh off the horrors of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s genre-exploding skirtaloons.

Jessica Alba

I very nearly gave this a full thumbs-up, but then I peeked closer and stared to have doubts. I’ve never loved the corset-look detailing on bodices, even if it is a D&G staple; cups like that too often look like they’re squeezing the boobs. And I generally ALSO balk at the horizontal seam that cuts the wearer across the knee. It ends up coming across like the dress was supposed to stop there and then the designers changed their minds and sewed on all their leftover fabric real quick. Haste, or the appearance thereof, is not a dreamy aesthetic.

But it’s a lively floral. I just wish this was slightly sharper here and there, you know? I want her head and clutch to have the best. I’d tinker with the top and let the bottom finish the way it started. What would you do?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Chloe Sevigny

I’d like to thank the photographers at this event for making sure they got detailed shots of Chloe’s accessories. SOMEONE knows what we need.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fab the Costumes: Synchronized Swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Every four years I watch the synchro contest and think, “My pool handstands are WEAK. MUST GET TO TRAINING.” Then I reach for some chips, so you can imagine how that’s gone.

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Well Upgraded: Zoe Saldana in Burberry

Ooh, it’s a nice Friday. First we get Emily Blunt, and then Zoe Saldana shows up all coolly competent.

Star Trek Beyond Asia Tour -  Beijing Red Carpet

That’s a totally kooky pattern and I love it. It’s ALMOST a little C3PO, as if she mixed up which rebooted JJ Abrams franchise she’s promoting, but but that’s okay. The whole thing is interesting, sci-fi, and sleek… until we get to the shoes. They’re FINE, and they’d be a reasonable beige option with an outfit that actually needs or wants a beige shoe, but this is not that outfit.

And then, lo, I have no idea WHAT happened, but Zoe made the necessary shoe swap herself:

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Well Played: Emily Blunt in David Koma

This photo is very soothing to me.

"The Hollars" New York Screening - Arrivals

It’s been a summer of Rita Oras and Hadids and Jenndashians and denim diapers and bathing suits worn as shirts. Then Emily Blunt comes along looking polished and cool — in the groovy AND climate sense — and chic and dreamy, as if to be like, “It’s okay, Internet. I’ve got this.”

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Well Played Cover: Bella Hadid on Glamour, September 2016

I will be the first to admit that I never had much time for Bella Hadid. But I have to give her full marks for what I think is a really lovely cover.


I almost want to call it more fashion-y than I would expect from Glamour. There’s no fromage here, no false cheer or sheers, and a minimum of text; it’s just Bella in a giant anorak with hair that looks faintly like she was caught in the rain, and it’s REALLY effective. My gaze goes straight to her eyes and stays there. It’s sort of… soulful and defiant all at once. This actually makes me even sadder about that time she wore undergarments to the grocery store (and apparently also to a restaurant), because if this is any indication, she CAN model and isn’t just coasting on Gigi’s coattails. She doesn’t HAVE to resort to wearing tragic Yeezy spanxwear for attention; she can capture that all on her own.

[Photo: Glamour]


Well Played: Cara Delevingne on Elle, September 2016

I have to admit, I love both of these covers. This first one literally stopped me in my tracks as I was walking past my friendly local newsstand:


IT’S SO 8OS. I think that half the reason I stopped was to make sure that I hadn’t fallen into a wormhole in the space-time continuum to 1985. (If I had, though, I would have run over to Merrill Lynch and bought myself a bunch of Apple stock, before attempting to do a whole bunch of stuff you can’t do anymore, like go to a Prince concert and smoke inside. I’d also probably go see Back to the Future to appreciate the irony/figure out clues to climb out of the wormhole. I would try not to go talk to little ten-year-old me, though, because doesn’t that do something terrible to the fabric of space and time? I can’t remember. This is why I’d need to go see Back to the Future.)

This one is just a hoot:

Cara Delevingne Elle September 2016

It’s SO fashion-y and over the top; it really makes me smile. As I said last week in our post about her UK Vogue cover, Cara — especially compared to the actresses we so often see on magazine covers — is a pro. There is a real sense that this is her job, and it’s because she is very very good at it. Can you imagine Elle asking, say, Jessica Chastain to do this? That’s not even a slam on Chastain, who I love, and who I think is very beautiful and a very talented actress. It’s just that pulling this sort of shot off without looking like a complete ding-dong requires a highly specialized and unusual set of skills.

If you want to see the inside shots — they’re good — and read the interview, it’s over at Elle.

[Covers: Elle,  Terry Tsiolis]


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