Fug File: Well Played

Well Played: Dakota Fanning in Elie Saab

The runway version of this dress was more transparent. Lining it was the right choice:

Dakota Fanning

Because now, she simply looks like a fun and lively person, rather than someone who believes herself to be a member of Jem and the Holograms who’s come into the flesh realm. Three cheers for alterations.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Gina Rodriguez

Okay, this dress is totally cute, but I mostly want to talk about (a) how great her haircut is, and (b) how do we feel about what’s happening on Jane the Virgin right now? I found the season premiere a little hard to get through in terms of holding my interest, but the second episode really — to me — felt like it got right back on track. Having said that, I’m not really Team Michael, and I can’t see that particular situation unraveling, so I’ll be interested to see how they negotiate all their various romantic geometry.

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Quite Well Played: Emma Stone in Prada

There are some bits and bobs here that I would change PERSONALLY, as in, if it were on my body (for example, on me, a cut that low would look terrible). But on Emma, it all hangs together nicely.

Emma Stone in Prada

The pelvic equator also wouldn’t flatter me, but again, on Emma it works, even if I don’t completely understand why it’s tapering off on the right, and despite the fact that the skirt resembles vertical blinds.

I’d have finished it with a slim tennis bracelet, I think — just a last dash of something — but I deeply appreciate her dark pedicure, which is a small but subtle detail that makes this feel fully considered. What I REALLY enjoy is that I scrolled down very quickly at first and had a strange hallucinatory moment where I thought I saw the skirt swish. So on the whole, I and my tricksy mind jointly declare this pretty damn good.

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Well Played, Julianna Margulies in Carolina Herrera

It felt like an act of kindness to ease you back into the work week with something really good:

American Ballet Theatre 2016 Fall Gala

Mischief managed.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Mostly Well Played: The Doctor Strange Premiere

Regina George for the win.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played: Michelle Obama in Versace at Italian State Dinner

This is so gorgeous it almost hurts. She looks WONDERFUL. This is their last State Dinner, and apparently Mario Batali cooked, because it was for Italy and I guess that’s the choice. We should be glad it wasn’t Guy Fieri.

This was amusing:

“Tonight, we’re reminded that American democracy has been graced by the touch of Italy,” Obama said. “We look at the dome of the US Capitol and marvel at the touch of Brumidi. Yet some days our presidential campaigns can seem like Dante’s Inferno.”

Tonight: The undiscovered tenth circle of hell. In the meantime, I invite you to bliss out on how Michelle looks in this dress. GOP or Dem, red state or blue, I honestly think it’s undeniable that she ended on a very high note.

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Well Played Cover: Emma Stone on Vogue, November 2016

I mean, can we be honest? There is no way I wasn’t going to love this cover:

Emma Stone Vogue November 2016

Emma Stone in a Breton stripe — cropped or otherwise; this one is by Michael Kors — is possibly my platonic ideal of a magazine cover, second only to whenever Vogue remembers that Lupita Nyong’o always looks amazing on their covers and should be on one every year. This just has major personality — and using the “V” for their “vote” headline is clever (and a very good suggestion on their part). In addition to patriotism, Emma is promoting La La Land, which I am actually quite excited to see, and, for once the interior shoot is charming and seems to be telling an actual story (sometimes I feel like Vogue is all, “eh, I dunno. Stand her in front of a wall, then let’s make it look like she was hit by a car. Oh, then I guess we turn her into a Dust Bowl schoolteacher, and then end with…ugh, who cares? Maybe a milkmaid. Whatever.” Not in this case).

And, of course, nowadays one cannot be on the cover of Vogue without doing 73 Questions, it seems, and so Emma has complied. I have to admit, I was really distracted by eye-balling her apartment, but I also actually burst out laughing at a few of Emma’s answers. These videos never feel 100% natural — although the SJP one might have been the best, and the DanRad one was great – but you can always tell when someone is a decent actor. Which she is:

Major bonus points for the Britney imitation, obviously.

[Cover: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Vogue]

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