Fug File: Well Played

People Magazine Awards Well Played: Elisabeth Moss in David Koma

(A) This set-up looks alarmingly like a memorial to Jon Hamm AND DON’T EVEN PUT THAT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE, PEOPLE MAGAZINE. I’ve been reading you since I was 12, and you were the only thing that got me through my orthodontist appointments, but trying to murder Jon Hamm is something for which I will not stand:

The PEOPLE Magazine Awards - Show

(B) That said, this actually how Heather and I prefer to do all do all our business presentations.

(C) Moss looks TOTALLY CUTE. See?


It sucks that her shoes are kind of disappearing into the carpet, but I’m NEVER going to complain about a sassy red shoe and she looks kicky as can be in this. Give ‘em hell, Peggy.

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People Magazine Awards Well Played: Mindy Kaling

Bless you, People, for doing the Lord’s work and making celebrities leave the house ONE LAST TIME before the slowest two weeks of the year.

Mindy Kaling at People Magazine Awards

If there is anyone I had expected to go bracelet or go home, it was Mindy, for some reason — maybe just because I know she likes Stuff and so I figured, as with so many of us, she would’ve stayed up really late shopping online over some Shiraz and then found herself with several boxes of accessories arriving that she didn’t totally remember ordering. Inside of many of which would be a bangle or three, or even the three Bangles.

HOWEVER: I don’t mind, because she wore that big ol’ ring, some awesome earrings, and a GREAT color with non-nude shoes. She looks like a complete fox. And as a bonus:

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Well Played, Ivanka Trump

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s going to get thin on the ground for a while. Fortunately, if we have to dig deep for boldface names to ogle, we could do a LOT worse than this one:

Ivanka Trump at GMA

By all accounts Ivanka is smart and classy and cool, and I have a huge wardrobe crush on her. That dress is simple but also beautiful, and her lipstick is perfect, and if that’s not a bracelet then it’s probably a watch — either way, it gives her wrist some interest. I just, as I type this, noticed that it might have a slight dropped waist with a flare, and while that is generally not my favorite thing, I just… I like this, and am grateful to her for trying to soothe and coddle me into Christmas week, so that I might not bungle all my holiday wrapping because I’m in a fit of pique over how transparency will not die. Also it reminds me that I need to go buy a box of Cadbury’s Roses (chocolates), always the first thing from under the tree that my family opens on Christmas morning. My dad taught me well.

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Well Enough Played: Anna Kendrick in Temperley London

My objection to her shoes is obvious:

Anna Kendrick arrives at "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' in NYC, wearing a blue eyelet dress

She’s been really making the rounds for Into the Woods – I thought they’d put the heavy lifting onto Emily Blunt (Meryl’s too famous to need to plug anything), but I guess it makes sense. After all, she’s an Oscar nominee and everyone loved Pitch Perfect, and I imagine the overlap in the Venn diagram of People Who Care About Those Things is probably the people who are into that movie. And this is…fine, right? It’s good! It’s cute! it’s totally unobjectionable! Keep up the good work!

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Mostly Well Played, Emma Stone

She wears a lot of rings on her Engagement Ring Finger. I almost started a totally unfounded rumor that she and Garfy were making it official (because I know you care, Emma, if that were to happen, I would to APPROVE). Let’s celebrate my fiction with giant scarves and woolen hats (Emma Stone loves herself some cozy knitwear, as you will soon see.)

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Well Played, Kirsten Dunst in Vivienne Westwood

These two make a fetching couple.

Kirsten Dunst Unbroken premiere

And Kirsten looks fab — slick, lovely, totally professional, like the frustratingly foxy but awesome wife of the best-looking dude at your office, who always makes you feel so grubby at the office Christmas party because your dress NEVER fits that well and whatever you’ll just be over there by the spinach dip.

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