Fug File: Well Played

Mostly Well Played: The Coats of Adele

I did not know until today that pictures of Adele walking around in coats was my favorite thing, but apparently it is! I love her coats and also her haircut and her sunglasses and her eyeliner and her Adele-ness.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Lizzy Caplan in Roland Mouret


LIzzy Caplan has a way of taking outfits that I know would look bad on my shape and making me nonetheless want to put them on my body RIGHT THAT MINUTE.

lizzy caplan roland mouret

Sigh. I can’t even get mad at the random black panel. The colors are so cute, and she looks delightful. I have nothing funny to say about this. It’s Thanksgiving weekend soon and my brain is doing the can-can thinking about all the feasting I’m going to do, so I’ve been reduced to becoming the Perd Hapley of fashion commentators. “Yes, I do have an opinion about this dress, and my opinion is a statement of fact about my feelings, which in this case is: yes.”

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Well Played: Solange in Milly

So, Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich made a movie for the Louis XIII cognac company called 100 Years, which is going in a vault until 2115, ergo we’ll only see it when our heads are floating in glass jars on our descendants’ mantels.

solange Louis XIII 100 years

I am sad the time capsule won’t include pictures of Solange at this party wearing, say, a dinner plate with her sister’s face airbrushed on it, or a caftan made of pencils. But it’s hard to complain, because this looks great on her, and at LEAST she brought some sleeve drama. We’ve got to give our progeny SOMETHING to discuss other than why we were so into sheers.

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Well Played: Miranda Kerr in Peter Pilotto

Miranda wore this to some ceremony to do with the star on the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and it’s really hard for me not to take that into account when evaluating it.

Miranda Kerr Raises The Swarovski Star In New York City

If she were going on the Today show in, say, May, or to a photocall in London in July, or even to the lighting of a holiday tree in deepest Hawaii, then great. This is quite cute, and the shoes and red lipstick are perfection with it. But it’s New York in November. And even if it was’t a full icebox at the time, there’s no way it was warm enough for this, which wants to be on an extremely large yacht docked near St. Tropez.

I mean, even SHE called in reinforcements:

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Well Played: Taylor Schilling in Vionnet

This is my favorite thing she’s ever worn, I think:

taylor schilling CNN Heroes

At first I thought the bracelet was really just a big ol’ Fitbit holder, but when you zoom in, it’s all sparkly. And yeah, the pattern is a bit like high-fashion blood spatter, but… wait for it… that’s how to get away with murder. ZING. Sigh. Maybe I should go back on the painkillers.

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Well Played, Kirsten Dunst in Gucci

I feel like this is the perfect dress to wear to if you’re hosting a retro holiday fondue party.

PEN Center USA's 25th Annual Literary Awards Festival - Cocktail Reception

And yes, that is a compliment.

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Mostly Well Played, Lea Seydoux in Prada

I feel like Lea Seydoux is the only person out still promoting Spectre, and every time she steps out onto the red carpet she’s like, “Monica….? Naomie? Hello? WHERE IS EVERYONE?”

"Spectre" Beijing Premiere

At least she gets to look highly glam, all out there on her own. If given the option, always look glorious when you’re forced to go stag. (Also my rule for holiday parties, TBH.)

[Photo: Courtesy of Prada]