Fug File: Well Played

Well Played, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in Balmain

This is one of those looks that I both legitimately like and think is vaguely tacky, all at the same time.


Call it the Vegas Effect, rendered — this time — in florals.

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Well Played, Emma Watson

For once, I think this is a deployment of The Dreaded Sheer Overlay that is really pretty and totally successful.

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Well Played, Alice Eve

Yesterday, she’d raided Fraulein Maria’s closet. Today, she’s attacked Renee Zellweger’s wardrobe from Down With Love:

2015 Film Society Of Lincoln Center Summer Talks With "Dirty Weekend"

Major upgrade. (No offense to Mrs Von Trapp. Although she has a very dashing husband, so I think she’ll be okay.)

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Well Played, Elisabeth Moss in Andrew Gn

One of my sisters genuinely did own those pumps in the ’80s, I’m sure of it.

elisabeth moss

But I guess Elisabeth has been wearing ’60s fashions for long enough that she unconsciously might be averaging that out with the current decade and landing in Shoes I Kept Trying To Borrow And Fit Into By Shoving Kleenex In The Toes. They do at least tie into her outfit, which is cute enough in a Saucy Schoolmarm way, and the red hair is fun. There is consideration and intent behind this, basically, which I appreciate, even though my eye admittedly keeps going to the lonely sports bag behind her that just wants someone to take it home and cherish its quarry. Or as Tim Gunn might say, “Use the Random Sidewalk Athletic Freebies Thoughtfully.”

What was I saying? Oh, right: the outfit. It’s cute on her. And we’re headed into the VMAs this weekend, which are going to be a cauldron of crack. So I accept these basics warmly.

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Well Played, Elisabeth Moss in Monique Lhuillier

I think this dress is very difficult to pull off without looking like you’re an extra at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

"Queen Of Earth" New York Premiere

And the truth is that I DO kind of expect a young Crispin Glover to slide up to her, all:

(And, frankly, I would welcome that, because where is Crispin Glover, you guys?)

But, even given that high degree of difficulty, I think she’s kind of rocking this, you guys. Potentially awkward length, vague eau-de-prom and all. Is it just that I miss Peggy Olsen so much that I’m giving E. Moss a pass?


Well Played, Lake Bell in Marni

Frankly, I think EVERYONE in this photo is bringing Day Dress Awesomeness to this event:

Celebrities Visit The "Today" Show

But Lake Bell is the only one whose name I happen to know.

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