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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Sixteen

And we’ve got Kate in McQueen again. (Interestingly, this sort of reminds me of the Emilia Wickstead dress she wore, ages ago, that she revived this week in teal.)  This is not the first time she’s worn McQueen in this pale pink shade; you may remember her pink McQueen coat from The Queen’s Birthday in 2013, when Harry tried to high-five her. On Twitter, Fug National Lesliepedia noted that the cut of the vee on this bodice was  similar to that on her McQueen wedding dress, and I like that idea; it’s nice to see her in a different neckline than the usual. (PS: their wedding anniversary is Tuesday and we will be bringing you a wedding retrospective so you can ease your way out of daily royals shenanigans with maximum gown-age.)

Parenthetically, I know there is a faction of people who love these Sledge shoes on her, but I have to say that while I actually really like the shape of them — in a deeply classic, agonizingly appropriate kind of way — I also think they are a ZzzzzZZZZzzzzzz in this color. I don’t expect her to Go Cray and wear, like, polka dotted heels (although that would be cute), but the color of this dress is delicate enough that she could do something Never Nude. Even the charcoal gray ones she wore with the uplinked Wickstead! Free yourself from the tyranny of the nude shoe, Kate!

At any rate, this day looked fun: they hung out with kids and watched skateboarders and got to DJ and unveiled a plaza named after George, then flew home to hang out with Cheeksy McSqueezeable himself. (William must have a ton of streets and plazas named after himself. I hope sometimes he can name drop them: “Drive allllll the way down to where the road dead-ends in ME STREET and then hang a left. Don’t be late, Kate’s bringing a souffle.”)

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Fifteen

Fifteen days down, four days to go! Today, Wills and Kate left the baby at home and went to Uluru/Ayers Rock, which is apparently very warm and also extremely beautiful. It’s a UNESCO World heritage site, I learned today, and there are water holes and cave paintings and all matter of interestingness; it’s also sacred to the Aboriginal people in the area, and I am SURE there are Fug Nationals who can speak to all of this with much greater authority than I can, as you guys have awesomely done throughout this trip (including this weekend’s discussion of koala chlamydia, which is a sincerely amazing indie band name).  Diana and Charles made much the same visit, back in the day, and I decided that William’s All Khaki outfit is a shout-out to his Pa’s ensemble when they visited (although as our friend Abby Gardner points out, it’s also much more practical in the heat and dust). I also decided that his bringing out the forearms once again is a shout-out to me.

Kate started off Roksanda Ilincic again –it’s similar to this one she wore in 2012, but this version is custom, I believe (the belting sort of reminds me of Diana’s dress that I linked to above a very wee tiny bit as well). This is not my favorite of her wardrobe so far, I must admit; I like that the color is sophisticated but it might also be a little drab. It seems prettier to me inside than it does out in the bright sun, though. Regardless, three cheers for The Freedom of Kate’s Knees and the fact that no one made her wear pantyhose.

Then! She changed into a dress I was legit just thinking about, because I love it, this Hobbs frock from from that time ping pong was played and Harry and William levitated things. (We were just talking about William levitating things! Am I making things happen on this trip solely with the power of my mind? Have I accumulated some royals-specific version of The Secret?) William did not change, wisely, and they met school kids and saw dancing, and walked around, and tried so hard not to hold hands (and sadly succeeded. More hand-holding, always, for everyone, is my vote). Pop into the slideshow and take a look, because I really need to go to sleep now. (I’ll update this post tomorrow morning if anything thrilling occurs when I am unconscious, never fear.)

PS:  this is where they’re staying tonight, per Duchess Kate Blog, (I hope the site loads for you; it’s been down A LOT lately, presumably because we’re all eyeballing where Kate and Wills are glamping). If it doesn’t load for you, I can tell you that it looks awesome. Put it on the list, Fug Nation!

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Fourteen

Easter + Zoo + Plane = so very much George. This was a big day and while Kate wore a lovely dove grey Alexander McQueen coat and darker grey Jane Taylor hat to Easter services — my kingdom for a McQueen! My God, those coats are divine — the cutest part of the day, obviously, was George Goes To the Zoo. I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s basically the cutest thing ever. I could have made this slideshow sixty slides long. If you have a weakness for William holding and also kissing the baby, then I suggest you sit down right now and hold on. Also, you may be interested in the proceedings if you like when people offers flowers to their wives, or also if you like koalas.  And, seriously, who doesn’t like koalas? Also giraffes. And kangaroos. Did I mention George? He wants to eat everything and always to get down. DOWN.

The rest of the day, we’ve got William sporting a blue suit sandwich (one for Easter services, a casual look at the zoo, and then another blue suit when they arrived in Canberra); George in a variety of baby outfits (also much blue, to match Daddy); and Kate in two additional outfits we’ve seen before, this yellow eyelet that she wore on their S.E Asia tour (the photo to which I linked there features amazing floral head-wreaths which shall put this weekend’s Coachella goers TO SHAME) which was designed by god knows who (maybe HER? Everyone only knows that it was made by a dressmaker, rather than a designer whose website we can crash, and I have no idea why), and then she replayed this blue Stella McCartney dress to deplane in Canberra.

PS: It’s the middle of the night, so I feel confessional — don’t worry, I have not bought myself a Cartier watch or anything — and I must say that I am rather going to miss the Middle of the Night Royals Updates when this is over.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Thirteen

I spent a very long time digging through GFY this afternoon, trying to figure out where I’d seen Kate’s LK Bennett dress here, until Twitter (including many of you helpful Fug Nationals) reminded me that Mindy Kaling wore it on last week’s episode of The Mindy Project, and that is indeed totally what I was remembering. I can only imagine that Dr. Mindy Lahiri is stoked about this development. It’s very charming, although I don’t think I like it quite as much as yesterday’s white eyelet. THAT BEING SAID, it has recently come to my attention that there is an LK Bennett in the Beverly Center, which is one of the shopping malls right by my house. This is dangerous and fascinating news for myself and, presumably, for many of the Los Angelenos reading this right now. I will meet you ladies by the shoes. (Her shoes, speaking of, are McQueen.)

PS: The Daily Mail I Know reported that William’s suit is black. I have my doubts, although in fairness, they DO have someone on the ground and I am merely someone on a sofa. Let’s discuss.

PPS: Just one outfit for everyone — it looks HOT there, and the crowds seemed intense, as you will see, so hopefully all involved will get a nap and a cold drink before tomorrow, including us. Tomorrow, they’re off to church celebrate Easter (so I can only assume there will be HATS) and then they are going to the zoo with Prince SnuggleMuffin NoodleFace, which will be fun for everyone. REVENGE! Wait, that’s something else entirely. GEORGE!


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Well Played, Heather Graham in J Brand and Katherine Kidd

I believe this is what is colloquially known as WORKING IT:

All the spectators seem to agree. No one can resist a cape! Even a wee one. I guess we DO have to thank Gwyneth for something, after all.

PS: Big shout-out to Red Carpet Fashion Awards for the ID of the brands; I was going crazy trying to figure them out. MIXING LABELS LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. You go, Heather Graham.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Twelve

Today! Wills and Kate went to something called The Royal Easter Show, which best as I could figure out — please help me, Australians! — is somewhat like a really really LARGE county fair here in the US, full of livestock-shearing exhibits and people’s prize-winning pumpkins and whatnot. I actually love those parts of the fair: the livestock and the jams and the pies. The Los Angeles County Fair has an entire exhibition of tablescapes, and it is tremendous. I also have a friend who once cooked a literally prize-winning pie, which is just the best. In other words, this seems fun and also it led to some excellent photos, as you will soon see. A TON of people came out both to see them — Richard Palmer, who writes for the Daily Express, said on Twitter that it was anticipated to be something like 150,000 people — and presumably also to look at some truly glorious gourds. They they visited a children’s hospice (where Kate gave a speech) and hit the beach to look at a life-saving demonstration and also a surfing exhibition (or a swimming race? Something racey/swimmy/surf-y). Many a demonstration/exhibition/unveiling on this trip.

OUTFITS: Kate wore a white dress by Zimmerman, an Aussie designer (I learned this from the Duchess Kate blog’s twitter, HRH Duchess Kate. I have to say that the community of Kate Watchers on Twitter is very smart and helpful and friendly, and it’s been really fun tweeting with them throughout this tour). I really am into this dress. I would totally wear it to my casual summer wedding — and event that is, at this moment, totally fictional. It actually might be my favorite thing she’s worn all trip so far, at least in terms of being both new, and An Outfit A Normal Person Could Wear. Not that you teal Emilia Wickstead-wearing fashion plates are abnormal.

Footwise, she’s wearing her OTHER pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges (the Minx) –  this info per What Would Kate Do?’s twitter, and which I recognized from the South East Asia tour. Dammit, Kate. You are not helping me with my wedge addiction.

As for William, he wore a grass skirt and a coconut bra.  By which I mean he wore…drumroll...a blue suit. In fairness, this particular blue suit is extremely nice. Apparently at some point in the day, they went home and had lunch with George, and while they were home, he changed, and so it is William who actually has more than one get-up today, while Kate does not. Wonders will truly never cease.

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