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NY Fug.com: Met Gala Thanks For Trying

In which we applaud the people who maybe looked insane, but also MADE A FREAKING EFFORT LAST NIGHT. For example:

“We feel dirty even saying this, but Miley really turned it out in this (lined, thank you, Marc Jacobs) fishnet number. She gets bonus punk points for that crazy hair, which is like There’s Something About Mary by way of Billy Idol.”

Read it all at The Cut!


The Met Gala Livestream Liveblog…

The livestream is happening on Vogue.com (and the Moda Operandi, Samsung, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s sites, in case that one doesn’t work), but our liveblog is, as always, at The Cut. JOIN US! (NOW WORKING!)


NY Fug.com: The Evolution of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sometimes-Chic Style

To celebrate the opening of Iron Man 3, we took a look at basically everything GOOP’s ever worn. And SOME OF IT IS INSANE. For one thing, the 90s were weird. Really weird. To wit:

 ”The shoes of the late nineties/early aughts — like the leisure suit before them — are warts on history. Our grandchildren are going to have notes.”

All that plus velvet Tom Ford For Gucci suits, nipples, more nipples, some side-butt, a LOT of tank dresses, some Brad Pitt, and generally a lot of good hair. (She gives good hair.) Read all about it at The Cut!


NYFug.com: Best, Worst, and Weirdest of the MTV Movie Awards

In which we examine where everyone seemed to think they were actually going. To wit:

Where she thought she was going: The Council for Fashion Designers Awards (CFDAs), a.k.a., exactly the place to wear something bizarre so as to elicit the response, “Oh, but it’s so directional.”

Guess who? Plus: people who thought they were going ice-skating, time-traveling, to Eurovision, and one misplaced porn extra. Read Read Read all about it at The Cut.


NY Fug.com: Ranking Stereotypical Looks From the Academy of Country Music Awards

You know. Sometimes they’re a little bit country. Sometimes they’re a little bit “Where Am I?” I long for more spangles. For example:

Who: Just a multiplatinum singer who wrote “Feel Like A Woman,” the song that even Don Draper couldn’t have resisted sticking in feminine grooming commercials.

What: Shania vanished to Switzerland for about a decade, and it shows. From the front this is a babydoll dress that’s unraveling itself, and from the back, it’s what one of those blink-and-you-miss-them “’amous bands’  would wear to play 90210’s Peach Pit After Dark.”

But there is so much more! Including overalls! Read the rest over at The Cut!


NY Fug.com: The Fashion (and Star) History of Nicole Richie

Want to take a little walk down memory lane with us?

“A MIRACLE OCCURED. If you were, say, in junior high in 2004, you might not realize what a revelation it was to see Nicole Richie – she who once embraced every piece of sartorial sludge that darkened the early aughts – turn up somewhere looking cleaned up and classy. Trust two old crones: It was a big deal. A nation is still grateful.”

Take a look back at Nicole Richie’s fashion evolution over at The Cut. THERE ARE MATCHING DENIM SUITS INVOLVED.