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NY Fug.com: Emmys Emmys Emmys

We picked some of last night’s most noteworthy looks, and chatted about them for The Cut. For example:

“As is, though, we wish she’d blown us away with something a tad less ambitious, and left this at our house so we could put our feet on it while we type.”

About whom did we say that? Read all of it here!

ALSO, relive our live-blog of the entire red carpet — or, as we called it, Ryan Seacrest’s Sausage Fest — here!

Major Emmy coverage to come all over GFY, as well. REVENGE! Wait, wrong post. EMMYS!


The Emmys Live-Blog Is ON!

Please join us for the red carpet live-blog extravaganza over at Vulture! Do it. We’re waiting for you. Get on over there. Go. GO!


NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest from Fashion Week

Behold, our Fashion Week wrap-up post, where we share all the tid-bits we couldn’t share earlier, and decide who looked best, who looked worst, the full story of that time we almost got kicked out of Tommy Hilfiger, and whose mustache was the most horrifying:

“It’s a runaway win for Justin Bieber’s new mustache, which really just looks like the landing spot for his eyebrow droppings. We imagine him grooming it carefully in front of the mirror with a My Little Pony mane-and-tail comb.”

Get the whole scoop at The Cut!


ICYMI: New York Fugshion Week

Rumor has it that you have stuff to do in your lives beyond hanging out here at GFY, reading stuff and commenting on things and making shopping lists of DRESSES YOU WANT and DRESSES YOU WANT TO BURN. So if you missed anything, here is a handy round-up of everything we wrote for our friends at The Cut, plus a handy slideshow of everyone who went to Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein yesterday.


New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day Six

We talked to Padma when we saw her at Naeem Khan, and she was very gregarious — going so far as to poke fun at herself for wearing this outfit. We also witnessed some random dude butting in to offer Homeland’s Morgan Saylor some Valentino. I KNOW. We have no idea what happened but we hope it was legit.

The only other shows we wrote up were Badgley Mischka and Vera Wang, the highlight of which was John Legend bouncing both Chrissy Teigen and Petra Nemcova on her knee.

But we did go to Jenny Packham, and are happy to report that Christina Hendricks looked freaking wonderful. Here’s hoping she did some fruitful Emmy shopping.

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New York Fugshion Week: Celebrity Sightings, Day 5

This was a thrilling day. Sure, we didn’t get to revisit Bieber and his WISPY MUSTACHE OF DOOM, but we DID spy the following:

Lady Mary (and…Ne-Yo??) at Carolina Herrera? Plus Christina Hendricks and also Rose McGowan, who continues to be hilarious, and like 300 other people. Seriously, everyone loves Carolina.

– Goldie Hawn attended Donna Karan and she was SO GOLDIE she turned herself into an adjective.

TAYLOR MOMSEN ALERT. Wait. We saw Taylor, and the Biebs — of all our Fug Madness winners, we’re missing Aubrey O’Day, Bai Ling, Amber Rose, and Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens, we may still see. PLEASE GOD LET BAI SHOW UP SOMEWHERE. Anyway, click through to see all the other yahoos we spied yesterday and pop over to The Cut to read all about our adventures.