Fug File: Fugs

Fug or Fab: Olivia Munn in Vionnet, and then Peter Pilotto

I must say, I do think that her face has been looking great lately. Whoever’s been on her make-up squad lately is killing it. In fact, her whole head looks great. Someone tell Olivia Mann’s glam squad they get a raise:

On to the dress! I loved it until I got to the hem, which looks a bit like it’s been tacked up with toupee tape, yes? And then I stared at it a little while longer, and I started losing my buzz.


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I hate to admit it, but I liked this outfit, too, shorts and all:

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WTF: Li BingBing in Erdem at the Transformers Premiere

Regular readers know I am generally enamored of Erdem (although the original version of this, uh, number was from a collection that Style.com called “overwhelmed by sadness,” which, aptly, is totally how I feel right now).  But this may have proved, finally, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that nothing can save a sheer hotpants jumpsuit. Sheer Hotpants Jumpsuit is the name of my first album, though, and it’s a really firecracker of a listen, you guys.

The best part is, THERE’S SO MUCH MORE CRAZY where this came from. JOIN ME.

[Photo: Getty, PacCoastNews]


Fug Wolf: Holland Roden in Paper London

Well, it starts well, and it finishes fine.

But then somewhere in the middle, those hideous formal shorts give her a case of the Vagina Buttocks, and it all goes to hell.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Fug or Fab, and Well Played: Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie at the Japanese Premiere of Maleficent

I am often sort of annoyed when people show up to their premieres dressed vaguely like the characters they’re playing in the film in question, but for some reason, I find it charming with these two AND I DON’T KNOW WHY.

[Photos: Splash]


The Fugbournes

Kelly Osbourne… has looked better, shall we say.

Kelly Osbourne 24-Hour Plays (2)

I’m sure that is an actual whole dress, but it LOOKS like an extremely incomplete one with a t-shirt tossed under it to pull it all together. I don’t know what’s happening, and I shouldn’t have to frown so hard; it’s CLOTHES, not a doctoral thesis on what is up with the YouTube comments sections.

But here’s where she really lost me:

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Fug Tape: Cameron Diaz in Roland Mouret

I think we can all read Cammy’s mind:

She’s thinking, “I know, you guys. I know. GO UP A SIZE. I KNOW.”

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]