Fug File: Fugs

Fugwreck: Amy Schumer at the Time 100 Gala

I admittedly haven’t seen too much of Amy Schumer’s comedy, so I can’t always decide how I feel about it. She’s very articulate, which I like, and seems personable in interviews, and her comedy can be insightful and observant and very witty (I deeply enjoyed that Aaron Sorkin parody with Josh Charles). But I thought the MTV Movie Awards that she hosted were a hot mess — a gig that has, in fairness, tarred many an otherwise skilled emcee – and it frustrated me to see her default to jokes about anal sex, or about blowing the crew (that bit about how she has no gag reflex and that’s how she convinced them to let her use a flight harness) in a way that only THINKS it is subversive but is actually just reductive. I’m sure that makes me a prude, but … so be it, I guess. A lot of her other stuff is worth watching; perhaps what I’m saying is that I am WILLING to go places with her but I just am not in tune with her GPS all the time yet.

amy schemer time 100

I DO sort of wish I’d attended this styling excursion, though. Because if there’s one thing Amy Schumer isn’t, it’s bland, and you’d never know that from this picture.

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Fug or Fine: Julianne Moore at the Time 100 Gala

The angel on my shoulder is reminding me that I do love a cape, and this is certainly trying to be… cape-adjacent, at the very least.

julianne moore time 100 gala

The devil on my shoulder counters that tying a paper napkin around your neck could technically be described as “cape-adjacent” as well, and suggests this is shapeless enough that it’s little more than a high-fashion oil slick. They both have a point, but Shoulder Devil sounds more fun to take out for a cocktail, and that usually wins.

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Fug or Fab: Claire Danes

I can’t decide if this is a bodysuit, or a jumpsuit and LO THOSE WORDS ARE TERRIFYING:

Performance Space 122 2015 Spring Gala Honoring Claire Danes

The weird truth is that, body/jumpsuit question aside, this could be worse. It’s a little bit “I just pulled my palazzo pants over my leotard so I could run out into the street and yell at Cooper Nielson, who’s an amazing dancer, but, as a boyfriend, kind of sucks, after this class on interpretive dance,” but…oh, man. I think I just totally talked myself out of liking this at all. I hate it when that happens. Sorry, Claire. We got close, though!

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Fug The Show: Mad Men recap, “Forecast”

In which Matthew Weiner all but holds up a sign that says I AM OBSESSED WITH THE CONCEPT OF WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS ESPECIALLY NOW THAT MY AWESOME SHOW IS ABOUT TO GO OFF THE AIR. That said, although I thought this episode…lacked some subtlety, I also thought watching it was an hour well-spent, and not just for Sally Draper’s Side-Eye (surely, someone has already made the joke that Sally Draper’s Side-Eye is their new band). Therefore, this week’s recap methodology is….THE SIDE-EYE.


Fugs and Fabs: Chanel Dinner at the Tribeca Film Festival

Let’s play a quick game of Who Won This Slideshow

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ACM Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

I’d like to thank such a larger percentage of the attendees of this event for choosing a pattern. It’s so cheerful!