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Fug and the City: Sarah Jessica Parker

On the bright side, she doesn’t need a bracelet?

The Broadway Opening Night Performance After Party arrivals

She’s also DEFINITELY wearing a bra.

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Fug or Fab: Leighton Meester in Narciso Rodriguez

I love a lively pant.

Leighton Meester

But I swear, I detect a whiff of the polterwang in there, which is not quite the packaging one wants from one’s pants.


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Not So Casual Fugs and Fabserday: People’s One To Watch Party

This was a rather colorful party, sartorially speaking.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Fugs and Pieces, October 10, 2014

FRIDAY AT LAST! As a point of housekeeping, because Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on Monday (happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!) and many of us in the United States have Monday off for Columbus Day, Monday probably will be a light posting day unless a crazy amount of wacky stuff happens over the weekend that demands satisfaction. We’ll definitely be back, extra strength, on Tuesday. Happy weekend, everyone!

– Lena Dunham interviewed Judy Blume and it was basically totally great. (Which Way, LA?)

In Defense of MuuMuus! (Elle)

Tippi Hedrin and Melanie Griffith and family lived with a lion in the early 70s. No. Literally. The pictures are AMAZING and INSANE. This seems ILL ADVISED. (Mashable)

People’s coverage of their 40th anniversary is SO GOOD. Look at the covers on this timeline!

– Their infographic of who’s got the most covers is also really interesting (and illustrative, once again, of the fact that many Americans are extremely interested in British royals. Guilty as charged.)

– This piece in the New York Times about what kids eat from breakfast all over the world is so good.

– So is the newly discovered oldest known piece of art in the world. It’s haunting, truly. (The Atlantic)

– I want to go to every single one of these amazing British bookstores. TWO of them are on boats. (Buzzfeed)

– You for sure want to read Michael Musto’s piece for Paper titled “Someone Had Just Died on the Dance Floor:” True Tales of ’80s Nightlife Insanity

– I think that all I need to give you is this headline: More Secrets of the Big Hair of the 1770s. (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– Refinery29 gives you a good list of this fall’s excellent non-fiction books by women.

– The Fashion Spot’s report on diversity on the runways this past fashion month proves that, yeah, still not that diverse. Do better in February, everyone. Come on.

–  There’s a rumor that they’re doing a third Sex and the City movie, to which I say PLEASE DON’T, YOU GUYS. (Lainey)

– The Frisky takes us through the ridiculousness that is the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.

– You can eyeball the menu for every Nobel Prize banquet.

– Here’s one of our favorite topics! Into the Gloss lists their 15 favorite red lipsticks.

– I love this convo on Pajiba: What TV Shows Have You Decided To Quit This Season? (I quit Revenge in the middle of last season, ditto New Girl, and I’m still out on both, and I’ve quit Homeland, too.)

– I will TOTALLY watch Scarlett Johansson in an adaptation of Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. I might not LIKE HER in it, but I will certainly watch it. (Celebitchy)


Royals Round-Up, October 10th, 2014

This week’s Round-Up brings you ARCHERY and LEOPARD PRINT and FOREARMS and ANGELINA JOLIE and PLASTIC BODIES. Wait, what?



The Fugfair: Ruth Wilson in Christopher Kane

Ruth here is in the show where Pacey plays a rancher. And for her sake I hope it’s better than The Lone Ranger, which is the only other thing I know her from Stateside, and which was — for reasons that have NOTHING to do with her — an atrocious celluloid cowpat.

Ruth Wilson

I like her art deco shoes — for some reason, they scream Jessica to me, so I hope they materialize somewhere in her size at an absurd discount — but the drabness above it is like a glass of curdled milk: sour and a trial to consume. SHE is pretty; it is musty. Especially the satin meridian and then the horizontal piping that’s cutting her right where a lady should not want to be boxed. The runway photo makes clear that it’s actually a skirt with chiffon drapes, but… again, what woman wants a curtain rod up in her business? Even Carol Burnett kept it up at her shoulders. Don’t rod your pelvis, ladies. There’s your takeaway.

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