Fug File: Fugs

Wicked Fug: Erika Christensen

Ugh, I actually really feel for Erika Christensen here. She’s in Rome promoting Wicked City, which was just canceled by ABC. You know she has to be thinking, “WHAT IS THE POINT?” And, hopefully, “pass me some more of that wine, please.” (When in Rome, after all.) I don’t know if I can blame her for deploying the dregs of her wardrobe for the occasion:

Roma Ficiton Fest 2015

Yeah, nothing about that is good. Sometimes celebs wear clothes that are boring, but very flattering; I get that. Sometimes they wear clothes that aren’t flattering, but are interesting or whimsical or weird, and I also understand that. This is unflattering AND boring, like something she found balled up in the back of a Zara dressing room.

This is not much better, to the point where I was going to note that I thought she might look better with a red lip and then I noticed she has one:

Roma Ficiton Fest 2015

I wouldn’t be half-surprised to get an email noting that her hair and makeup is courtesy of jetlag and her wardrobe was styled by resentment. I can’t even be mad at her. Go have a gelato, Erika. You will feel better.

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National Fugsure Book of Fug: Diane Kruger in Chanel

Here’s a joke for you: A wood nymph, a school marm, and a ballet student walk into a bar…

diane kruger MOMA

… where Diane Kruger knocks them out, hides them in the bathroom, and makes a chopped salad out of their outfits. So the joke, basically, turns out to be on her.

[Photo: Getty]


Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Matthew Williamson

Oooh, this is a re-wear but we haven’t seen this dress for AGES. Someone’s been digging around the back of her KP closet.

Also, girlfriend gave a speech today (she also gave one at her event last night, so the Mail‘s qualifier of “rare,” while true on the whole, isn’t technically accurate for this current week). The quality isn’t good — it’s rather like a British-accented version of the teacher from Peanuts — but IT EXISTS:

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Recent Mostly Fabs: Sarah Paulson

She has been looking pretty rad lately. And when she doesn’t actually look rad, she at least looks INTERESTING, so I feel like, regardless, we’re at a win-win-win situation with Ms Paulson.

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Recent Fugs and Fines: Cate Blanchett

It is so glorious to be back in a place where Cate Blanchett leaves the house at least once a day.

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Your Late Night/Morning Man: David Beckham, People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2015

Please meet 2015′s Sexiest Man Alive, per People magazine, a perennially favorite Afternoon Man, one Mr David Beckham:


I think this is a totally legit call. For one thing, as regular readers know, I think Becks is hot like fire and I truly do love him. I find him for real sexy. His nickname, for pete’s sake, is Golden Balls. But for another, as I am sure Lainey will discuss at length today, Sexiest Man Alive is something that is, naturally, designed to play to the People demographic — of which I am a committed part, trust me. I love me some People magazine. I used to talk myself into going to the orthodontist only because I knew I would be able to catch up there – so it’s never going to go to someone slightly off-kilter, or Internet Sexy, like, I dunno, Tom Hiddleston (DON’T GET MAD AT ME YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN I LIKE HIM TOO CALM DOWN #NODISRESPECTTOHIDDLES). Twitter reaction last night seemed to be mostly positive –  for who can really deny the power of Becks? THE MAN NAVIGATED A SPEEDBOAT CARRYING THE OLYMPIC FLAME! He is so cute with his kids! HE’S DELICIOUSLY MUSCULAR! He’s their first athlete ever! — with the only real complaint that I saw being that this seemed like a rather dated choice. Which I can understand, but also to which I personally kinda shrug. It’s People. They’re not on the cutting edge of sexy dudes. They’re not supposed to be; it’s not their brand. If you picked up People and they were telling you that you needed to get all worked up over, like, the muscular Swedish drummer, pierced nipple enthusiast/pansexual performance artist Sven Pantsworth-Spelevink,* you’d think they’d lost their collective minds. Me, I think Becks is absolutely sexy, he definitely seems to be a man, and, last I checked, he IS alive  — AND PLEASE REMAIN SO FOR A LONG TIME, SIR — and ergo, this choice sits totally correctly on my heart. And also in my pants.

I would like to know what he’s doing with his tee-shirt, though. David, you’re going to stretch out the neck like that.

*Not a real person. As far as I know.

[Photo: People]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate (in Saloni)

A big day for the Duke and Duchess, and much of it was quite serious. They both went and signed the condolence book at the French Embassy, before Wills went to the French v. England soccer match at Wembley (which he had not been originally scheduled to do) in order to be present as FA President — and, surely, as Feeling Human Person — for the moment of silence and singing of La Marseillaise and for purposes of general solidarity through sports (his actual quote was, “Tonight’s game is a chance to pay tribute to the bravery and resolve of the French people”), and Kate went to a event celebrating The Fostering Network, which (as the name implies) works with children in foster care. (As ever, HRH Duchess Kate has an excellent overview of the day’s events.) (This post has been sponsored by PARENTHESIS!)

We’ve got some extra pics from inside Kate’s event, thanks to the KP Twitter:

As always, I want to know more about THE PASTRIES. Priorities in this life.

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