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Fug and Fab the Cover: Various International Vogues

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Your Afternoon Man: Alden Ehrenreich, aka Young Han Solo

It’s been a long week already. A long month. A loooooong 2016. So let’s knock off early today with the fashion analysis — I mean, honestly, my last post knocked off before it even started — and just talk about Star Wars. Specifically, the official arrival of Young Han Solo:

Alden Ehrenreich

I admit, my knowledge of Alden Ehrenreich is limited. I watched Beautiful Creatures on a plane, and … let’s just say that, while Alden was not great in that one, the movie’s problems extend FAR FAR beyond him and an Oscar-caliber performance from him would not have helped. Sometimes when the ship is going down, it takes everyone with it, you know? He had a very small role in Blue Jasmine, in which he was completely fine (the tepidness of the compliment is just because it WAS a glancing role, at least from what I recall), and was most recently lauded as the runaway savior of Hail Caesar, a movie I didn’t see because Intern George neglected to plan or attend our movie night.

All of which is to say: It’s probably GOOD that I’m not bringing a ton of Alden Ehrenreich baggage into this movie, because it gives him a much better chance of sliding into an iconic role. Although I’ll give him this: He appears to be growing out his hair to resemble the flowing locks on the Han Solo we first met, and that does help with the vibe. What are your feelings? Did you have a Han Solo in mind already, and was it him? Would you have preferred a familiar face, or a total unknown? Is a Young Han Solo movie even a good idea in the first place, or is it an easy trap you hoped the Star Wars franchise would avoid? Let us bury our heads in talk of a galaxy far, far away.

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Scrolldown Fug: Mila Kunis

This starts out as a perfectly nice blouse…

Mila Kunis

… and then just sort of gives up on itself and becomes a maternity onesie. I appreciate the pink shoes, but they look like a bit of a stylistic afterthought.

Also, please let me be honest: As I type it is late on Monday night, and it’s VERY HARD to muster up any feelings about Mila Kunis’s below-average jumpsuit at the end of this TRULY BIZARRE DAY. We woke up reeling from Baton Rouge, only to bury ourselves in Taylor vs. Kimye; then Pacey and Diane snuck in their breakup news (FINALLY), and there was a terrorist incident in Germany, and then the Republican National Convention was such a mondo beast of headlines that it will be its own volume in the eventual 50-volume encyclopedia of the 2016 election cycle. I don’t want the comments to devolve into political finger-pointing, but I think no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, yesterday was REAL ODD. Pregnant Mila in high-fashion coveralls offering to fix people’s carburetors between photos would not even rank on the July 18, 2016, scale of weird.

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WTF: Rita Ora

I cannot believe — and yet also kind of love, because it is so flat-out bizarro — that Rita Ora here is now the new host of America’s Next Top Model:

Rita Ora Out In NYC

I hope she wears a different version of this look on every single episode….whatever this look technically even is. Because if it’s between that one, and this….

Rita Ora Out And About In NYC

Wait, no. Please, please don’t make me pick.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes of Star Trek Beyond

I am unhappy to inform you that John Cho did not appear to be at this premiere. HOWEVER! He did a great interview in the New York Times, to which I am happy to direct you (the journalist who conducted the interview is Nicole Chung, who was of course the managing editor at our dearly beloved The Toast).


Well Played, Alicia Vikander in custom Louis Vuitton

Something about the cut of this dress,  paired with Alicia’s hair-styling at this event, made me think Alicia Vikander here was Brie Larson. I don’t really think they look alike, although they’re somewhat married in my head because they went through all of the previous year’s awards season together, but my brain just decided that this is Brie Larson:

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Jason Bourne" In Las Vegas

It is NOT. But either one of them would have looked lovely in this dress, I think. It’s just weird enough to be interesting and not nearly weird enough to be unpleasant, which is kind of the line you want to walk, for my money. And her accessories?



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Well Played Cover: Matt Damon on GQ

There are a LOT of words on this cover. And with all those distractions, it’s to Matt Damon’s credit that he is the only place I am looking.

Matt Damon GQ Cover

I love this cover. He is… dishy. I have no idea what he’s like in his actual life, but he was exceedingly gracious to me at Fashion Week once when I was interviewing him at a Naeem Khan show, which is a situation in which far smaller-scale celebrities have refused any interviews and yet he happily — or at least COMPLETELY congenially — let me squat down in front of him and call him a Noted Womenswear Enthusiast. And this does a majestic job of celebrating his youthful hotness while also teasing up the hints of Silver Fox poking through in that hair. I do really wish they’d left “The Boy With The Toy Gun” line off and just teased the Tamir Rice story with the part in red, because the words “The Boy With The Toy Gun” next to the winsome, grinning face of a man who plays a rogue spy in the movies leaves a very strange wrong impression. The juxtaposition inadvertently trivializes what’s actually a very important piece.

As for “Classic Matt Damon,” though, if it’s a serious Matt that you covet, GQ has you covered.

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