Fug File: Fugs

Recent Fugs: Alison Brie

You cannot fault this woman’s lipstick (and hair, and general head) game. As you’ll notice in this slideshow, it is so on-point it could pirouette across the Lincoln Center stage.

alison brie

But she’s wasting it on all that uninspired pizza. Cut off the overhang, make it a tank dress, and we can talk. Otherwise, it just looks like when you try to sop up the grease in the pepperoni with your napkin, and it turns totally clear.

She had bad luck with a non-sheer outfit, as well, unfortunately:

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Well Played, Alice Eve

Yesterday, she’d raided Fraulein Maria’s closet. Today, she’s attacked Renee Zellweger’s wardrobe from Down With Love:

2015 Film Society Of Lincoln Center Summer Talks With "Dirty Weekend"

Major upgrade. (No offense to Mrs Von Trapp. Although she has a very dashing husband, so I think she’ll be okay.)

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Fug or Fab: Kirsten Dunst in Louis Vuitton

First of all, I am DELIGHTED that Kirsten Dunst is back. (She’s in the new season of Fargo, for one thing.) Super delighted. Beyond delighted. I actually clapped with glee at the thought of her return. And then, looking at this photo, I had a idea:

Tastemaker Screening Of IFC Films' "Sleeping With Other People"

She looks –I think — totally cute in this . Do I wonder how she hasn’t melted into the floor in a leather skirt? Yes. This outfit feels VERY Fall/Winter, while we are still stuck at the height of Summer/Hellfire. But (to my mind; feel free to disagree as always) I think it’s at least an appealing Fall/Winter, and for all we know, she’s in the middle of some magical spell involving dressing for the weather you wish you had, which shall bring forth cooler temperatures, in which case CARRY ON.

But second — and more importantly — I just decided that she and Amy Poehler could AND SHOULD play sisters in something. Immediately.

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Fugs and Fabs: Various Recent Tennis Events

The US Open is on the horizon — Heather and I had a long conversation last night (post-wine) about how we’re VERY NERVOUS FOR SERENA — and ergo, New York is aflush with tennis fever: Tommy Hilfger launched his new campaign with Rafa by having a faux tennis match in Bryant Park (this is VERY TOMMY; last Fashion Week, he turned the Park Avenue Armory into a football field [honestly, it was AWESOME]), and Nike finagled a variety of stars to come play tennis in the street, surely as a promotional event for the Open. Let’s eyeball everyone. Bonus shirtlessness and cute tennis outfits abound.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs and WTFs: Serena Williams at the US Open

We’re LIMPING toward the VMAs, so I actually decided to take advantage of a curated photo album, and present to you: Things Serena Has Worn To¬†Flushing Meadows In The Aughts. Very few of them are worthy of her.

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Your Afternoon Chat: Your Weirdest Date

As you may know, I am single and I have gone on many a date in my lifetime and I am not alone in this. The best part of dating — other than possibly, you know, meeting someone awesome and falling madly in love and getting to stop going on dates — is that, if nothing else, it will give you a lifetime of stories with which to horrify, amuse, and entertain your friends (and, occasionally, the people with whom you are currently on a date). Bring me the story of your weirdest date, Fug Nation. I’ll start — and there are so many; I am surely forgetting whichever one is Heather’s favorite. Ahem: I once went out with a dude who told me that he didn’t have a refrigerator because it was, and I quote, “too loud next to [his] head.” Which…look, this was a hundred years ago. AND I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS. (Eventually, I’ll tell you about Pathological Toupee Guy, or Mr Master Cleanse, who at least we got to work into The Royal We. Oh, also, Obsessive Tom Brady Dude, who we also used in the book. Oh my god, am I the Taylor Swift of throwaway book mentions?!)

Your turn!