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Royally Played: Wills and Kate and Harry at Rugby

We cannot really see what they are wearing at all — I was going to theorize that, for all we know, Kate is wearing a pair of leather booty shorts and thigh-high gold lamé boots with the words “DROP DEAD” emblazoned on them, spelled out in diamonds she’s secretly pried from the crown that the Queen wears on the money. But I’ve since gotten some late-breaking intel (i.e, just saw a photo which you will ALSO soon see) that she actually IS wearing crazy (for her) pants. I LOVE crazy pants; I hope we’re entering a world of Wacky Trousers and Wild Patterns. All that being said, I think what we are all really here for is SPORTS FACES and also SPORTS HUGS, and I can bring you both. Also, The Beard has lived to see another day. (My working theory is that Harry’s going to shave when the Queen returns from Balmoral, which is generally in early October. My working PRAYER is that he lets it flourish FOREVER.) LONG LIVE THE BEARD!

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Royals Round-Up, September 25th, 2015

It’s so nice to have Harry back in the country. Also in today’s round-up: A NEW event from Kate, dating from this morning — timing-wise, it just made sense to pop her into Royals Round-Up rather than give her a solo post — more flight suits, giant hats, and one really weird Dutch bank.

As a bit of housekeeping: Harry, Wills, and Kate are set to attend Saturday evening’s rugby World Cup match, and I will cover it here over the weekend but MAYBE not until Saturday night, depending on how late the photos trickle in/my real life schedule on Saturday.

ALSO: you have less than a week to nab The Royal We e-book for $3.99 before the price pops back up, so procrastinate no more!



  •  Finally, the official Kensington Palace Instagram has video of Harry doing some construction work, if you need that for…reasons (get your cursor over the image and you’ll get a play button, if you’re not seeing it):


Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig in Valentino

We recently saw this dress’s sibling on Rachel Weisz, and Fug Nation liked it better than I did. Hence the vote here:

kristen wiig

I do appreciate Wiig going all-out for a pattern, as opposed to one of her fail-safe neutrals. But for my money this is too juvenile on her, and I simply cannot escape the notion that she’s waiting for Sebastian the Crab to swing by and perform “Under the Sea” while Nemo and his dad dance a jig.

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Fugs and Fabs: Jessica Chastain

I am so excited that her premiere dress for The Mare is so good that it evened out the…other things I’m going to show you.

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Mostly Well Played: Kerry Washington in (mostly) Giambattista Valli

Kerry Washington is currently also sporting bangs that I’m not sure I love, and I have decided that she and Duchess Kate are friends (because why wouldn’t they be? Their kids are the same age! And also I like the idea of Kate texting Kerry Washington things like, “Olivia HAS TO BREAK UP WITH FITZ!!!” and Kerry writing back, “For the last time, I’m not giving you any spoilers, Kate,” and then Kate texting, “William told me to tell you that he thinks Fitz is a terrible leader,” and then, after last night’s episode, just a “?!?!!!!???????”) and they are currently texting each other supportive declarative statements about how sometimes you have to TRY THINGS with your hair before you decide if you like them.

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Emilia Wickstead, Erdem, Burberry: LFW, the Kate Edit

I picked out new outfits for the Duchess of Cambridge from New York Fashion Week last week, and it was fun. Now, onto London Fashion Week. Here’s hoping Kate doesn’t actually want any new clothes OR that she goes CAPE CRAZY and drops thousands at Burberry. COME ON, KATE. YOU KNOW you want a long, dramatic cape. Do it for me.

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Fugs and Fines? Sienna Miller

Don’t worry. I gave you Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston to ease the way.

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