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Royals Round-Up, April 29th, 2015

Today’s Royal’s Round-Up brings you Maximum Harry, puppies, suspicions, and Maxima eating a giant eclair. What more could you want?

Elsewhere here at GFY this week, we had much royals coverage in which you might be interested:

- First of all, The Royal We came out in paperback this Tuesday, bonus chapter and all! You can get it everywhere from Amazon to Target to your local indie bookstore, and we hope you love it. (If you have the Kindle or Nook version, it should have updated with the new chapter by now, just FYI.)

- We put together a HUGE post today celebrating Wills & Kate’s fifth wedding anniversary that I think (and hope) you might enjoy. It’s MASSIVE. So much gazing!

- While we were in the UK last week, Heather and I saw two fantastic exhibits of royal fashion. We took lots of pictures!

- Also last week, but you might have missed it as this happened after Royals Round-Up went up, the Obamas went to dinner with the Cambridges and Harry, and George welcomed everyone in his tiny baby robe.

And, elsewhere:

– Obviously, we begin with this:

There is so much about that which I love — Harry and Michelle texting; Michelle’s dress; all the plants in that drawing room; Harry in general — but MOST OF ALL I think I love how funny the Queen is in it.

The Telegraph has a story about Harry in which he tells a student that he probably won’t ever be king. Which…I hope not, because some shit would have to go down for that to happen.

– Also, Lainey’s got the BBC interview with Harry.

– At The Mirror: Kate Middleton ‘still terrified of putting a foot wrong’ despite five years of royal marriage. Uh, is this really a story saying Kate’s doing it wrong by worrying that she’s doing it wrong? THE SNAKE IS EATING ITSELF.

Cosmo took a close-up look at the interior of Wills and Kate’s KP apartment.

– This story in People makes me laugh: How Princess Kate Is Preparing for Princess Charlotte’s First Birthday. Basically, the gist is, “we have NO IDEA, but it’ll probably be nice????”

Harper’s Bazaar did a piece on what various celebs have worn to meet the Queen.

– And Tatler has a quiz testing your Duchess of Cambridge knowledge, on which I scored 100%. I should hope so!

This was quite charming:


How I Met Your Fugger: Cristin Milioti

Ooooooh man. Sometimes, as I’ve mentioned before, I will see photos and think, “oh, god, there’s the back page of Us Weekly.” And I think it not with glee as much as with sympathy:

For Your Consideration Event For FX's "Fargo" - Arrivals

Because I feel like there is NO WAY someone didn’t look at this before she left the house and wonder, “are we sure this is the right move?” And someone else must have said, “totally. EVERYONE is doing this sort of Cabaret-inspired salute to the brassiere right now. This is our homage to Emma Stone as Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles, crossed with the semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret. FEEL IT!” NEVER LISTEN TO THAT PERSON, YOU GUYS.

[Photo: Getty]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate’s Fifth Wedding Anniverary, Or: Five Years Of Gazing

If you enjoy royal romances, dreamy gazing, surreptitious holiday hand-holding, and the occasional interesting outfit, what better place to look for them than this truly gigantic round-up of the last five years of Cambridge Wedded Bliss? (With, of course, Bonus Harry. Apparently, it’s not a party without him.)

(Speaking of royal romances, it’s an apt time to remind you that The Royal We came out in paperback on Tuesday! You can get it basically anywhere, including Target — and we hope you love it.)


Your Afternoon Man: Samuel L. Jackson

This is a sight to behold.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. is a force of nature. Nothing scares him. Not snakes on a plane, not Sith Lords, not John Travolta’s various hair configurations, and not mixing patterns.

Samuel L. Jackson

He’s like, “Yes? And what of it?” This is, after all, a man who once reportedly said, “I heard that you can do whatever you want in International Waters. That’s why I filled my jacuzzi with International Water.”

Even better, the Olympics are nigh, and NOBODY tweets the Olympics like Samuel L. Jackson. In 2012, he went full nutballs over everything from badminton to handball to synchro diving to gymnastics (“Massive German Facial on high bar! OUCH like a MUPFUGGUH!!”). He may well be the biggest potential treasure of Rio 2016. Decline to follow at your own risk.


Fugllions: Malin Akerman

I certainly appreciate the inherent sassiness in this.

Malin Akerman

But she looks like a pirate who just really, really does not understand what belts do.

[Photo: Getty]


Fugtrospective: Taylor Swift’s Met Gala Gowns

T.Swizz here is the co-chair of Monday’s Met Gala, the theme of which this year is — ahem — “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, highlighting the intersection of fashion and tech in today’s world.” (So get ready for a lot of LED dresses, basically.) Just for fun, as we prepare for whatever Taylor has in store — for some reason I’m predicting a Tron vibe from her — let’s take a look back at all of her Met Gala ensembles. Pick your fave.

Loading ... Loading ...

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fab: Greta Gerwig

As ever, I think her head looks great here, but I’m not sure what to make of the rest of it:

Maggie's Plan Special Presentation in Los Angeles

I honestly don’t even know if this is separates or a dress — if it’s the former, I admit that I think the top would be super cute with jeans. If it’s the latter, I am still not mad at it. Just perhaps mildly unsure about my feelings, like when you can’t decide if you’re getting a cold or it’s just allergies. I might like it? I might find the black overlay on the pleats of the skirt too closely related to Glamour Don’t Bars? I might LIKE THAT about it? HOW DO I EVEN FEEL?