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Your Daily Rita Ora

Rita Ora Covers Up Her Sensitive Skin After Tattoo Removal In NYC

This is awkward. I wore the exact same thing to work this morning, too.

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Your Afternoon Chat: Your Absolute Favorite Beauty Product

I work from home, and this means that I never wear make-up during the day, unless I get bored and wander into the bathroom to pluck that one crazy hair out of my chin and then end up putting some brow gel on while I’m in there. (FWIW, the Glossier Boy Brow is the only brow product I have ever actually liked on my face and I was distraught when they were recently out of stock; it lived up to the hype for me.) Having said that, I LOVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Just as I cannot stop buying lip balms, so can I not stop buying various potions and ablutions to rub on my face in the hope that they will be magical.

My sister and I text each other regularly about whatever we’re using — she’s currently using a Sunday Riley oil that is emerald green and looks like a magic potion; I am obsessed with this Korean facial cleanser, Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser, which comes in what is essentially the shape of a GIANT LIP BALM, (also, it’s so easy for travel!) in part because it smells amazing, but also because the stick format is fun — but I always want to know what other people are putting on their faces/bodies/heads that they think is awesome. It certainly doesn’t need to be fancy — my college roommate used to swear by Milk of Magnesia face masks!

(Related: in 2015, we had a chat about beauty products we couldn’t stop buying. I feel like enough time has passed since then to revisit this, though — WHO KNOWS what you’re loving now, after all? Please enable my love of face washes.)


Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Variety’s Power Of Young Hollywood Party

I suspect that the “power of Young Hollywood” is to make Olds such as myself put on our glasses and squinch up our noses and say, “wait, who is that again?” I have filtered out the Who The Eff Is This? portion of this red carpet, unless the person in question was wearing something legit interesting, but, wow, you guys. Time for me to refill my Geritol prescription.

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WTF: Peyton List

This is the quintessential Scrolldown Fug, because she looks LOVELY from the thighs up:

Variety's Power Of Young Hollywood - Arrivals

And then…betrayal.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: A Summer of Celebrities in Stripes

How is it even possible that we haven’t rounded up Recent Events in Celebrity Stripes before? How else am I supposed to advance the Striped Agenda?!

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Your Afternoon Chat: Mules

I am so curious what your brain jumped to when you read the word “mules.” The animal? Swallowing a condom full of drugs? Or to the 1990s, when people’s feet intentionally looked like this?

Elizabeth Olsen

I have to be honest: I didn’t have much love for mules the first time around; I mean, look at them. Elizabeth here looks like she is headed to Elf School, where she teaches them how to make Koosh balls. But one Amanda Woodward — the gloriously smart, efficient she-storm of steel played by Heather Locklear on Melrose Place – used to tromp around in mules ALL THE TIME as the capper to her tiny mini-skirted suits. And so to me, mules are time machine. I look at them and instantly I am in my dorm room watching Dr. Michael Mancini making out with all kinds of people, and Amanda dishing out verbal abuse to terrible Alison, and Jake being so boring but so hot, and Jane mispronouncing the word “design” as though it has twelve Es in it up front, and Kimberly Ripping Off Her Wig. It was a wonderful time. But it was not a high point for footwear, and so I tend to think mules should stay exactly there, in that space and time forever, kicked off under Amanda’s desk — you know, the one over which her former boss Bruce hung himself.

What say ye? Are you pro-mule? Anti-mule? A former acolyte who has vowed never to go back? Or a current convert?

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Fug or Fab: Natalie Portman

Look, let’s get real. This dress is not horrifying or anything. She is not going to wake up in a cold sweat next week, wondering if she’s going to end up on the back pages of Us Weekly. Jonathan Safran Foer is not going to send her an email just reading “????????”

"A Tale Of Love & Darkness" New York Premiere

But, having said that, is it bad sign that I’m more interested in the wallpaper?

And she changed for the afterparty, which I think was a mistake:

"A Tale Of Love & Darkness" New York Premiere - After Party

Wait until you get home to put on your nightgown, babe.

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