Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, May 2 2014

Obviously, we’re all on HIGH ALERT for Prince Harry Shenanigan Stories this weekend (and discussing The Break-Up, and any number of royals-related items in this week’s Royals Round-Up), but while you wait:

– This week’s WHO WORE IT BEST pits Martha Stewart’s gold capri pants against those of JOE MONTANA. (Vanity Fair)

– This is amazing. Hat tip to Doree Shafrir’s Twitter for this, perhaps the best obit I’ve read in years. A taste, with the opening paragraph: “Walter R. Walsh, a world-class marksman who shot clothespins off laundry lines as a boy and went on to become an F.B.I. legend in shootouts with gangsters in the 1930s, an Olympic competitor and a trainer of generations of Marine Corps sharpshooters, died on Tuesday at his home in Arlington, Va. He was 106.”  It it beautifully written, and thrilling and also very sad.  It’s a hell of a read. (NY Times)

– You are going to love this: 20 Curious Victorian Words and Sayings. Some of these are so good and we need to bring them back. For example, “PODSNAPPERY: This term describes a person with a ‘wilful determination to ignore the objectionable or inconvenient, at the same time assuming airs of superior virtue and noble resignation.’” (Smitten by Britain.)

- Sooooo, we should probably discuss the Clooney engagement, yes? (Although we have talked about it on Twitter.) Good for George for realizing his bride-to-be is a major catch: extraordinarily accomplished and smart. We are proud, and if we’re not invited to the wedding, we will be ENRAGED. People, of course, has a shot of the ring. It’s HUGE. (People)

– And the AstroTwins — who write my favorite astrology site — have a very fun piece about how Intern George’s betrothal was written in the stars. (AstroStyle)

– Pajiba has helpfully put together a Summer 2014 Blockbuster Survival Guide. (Pajiba)

– Speaking of, Vulture is really doing the Lord’s work here: Summer Movie Preview 2014: Before and After Pictures of Actors Who Got Superhero Buff. (Vulture)

– Forever Young Adult put together what they’re calling the Ultimate YA Checklist. (Forever Young Adult)

– Sure, this week was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, but so was it the 10th anniversary of Debbie Downer. WAH WAAAAH. (The Wire)

– Speaking of that, Alyssa Rosenberg at the Washington Post argues that Ms. Norbury is the REAL hero of Mean Girls, and I am inclined to agree. (Washington Post)

– Yikes. Dolce and Gabbana are going to jail for tax evasion. Pay your taxes, people.(People StyleWatch)

Allure’s red carpet reporter on the trials of having to track down a white tie for Monday’s Met Ball. (Allure)

– Yes, did we mention the Met Gala is Monday? It celebrates Charles James — oh, the ladylike dresses! Be still my heart — and Vogue points out, some of the frocks in question are crazy heavy. Like, as heavy as five baby French bulldogs. (Vogue)

– Sadly, Ladies Home Journal is no more. The Cut salutes its glamorous early years. (The Cut)

– Ooh, the V&A has what looks like an amazing wedding dress collection on display now. People in London, go and report back to us! (The Guardian)

– Surely you are interested in seeing a picture of Grace Jones hanging out with Chris Evans. (Lainey)

– Or Benedict Cumberbatch in his reading glasses. (It’s your weekly Cumberlink, to quote my friend Marissa). (Celebitchy)

– Or Posh Spice celebrating her birthday with Baby Spice. (Hello!)

– Let’s relive some of Kirsten Dunst’s stylish movie moments. I miss you, Kiki. Please make a giant movie so you can make the rounds again. (Who What Wear)


Fugs and Pieces, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday, Fug Nation! Can I interest you in some procrastinatory material? That’s what I thought you’d say:

– Lupita Nyong’o is People‘s Most Beautiful this year, which is possibly the most RIGHT ON they’ve been with that title in a long time. You will want to look at the Behind The Scenes shoots from that shot. (People Stylewatch)

– The correspondence between Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter/editor Rose Wilder Lane is quite interesting. Rose had to keep telling her mother to take out all the violence. (Slate)

Can anyone link to an interview with Robyn Lively about Teen Witch without making a “Top That!” joke? No. (Buzzfeed)

Vanity Fair asks, “Can the Jem Costumes Capture the Cartoon’s High-Fashion Spirit?” THEY BETTER. (Vanity Fair)

– You will like this: An Eater’s-Eye View Of Literature’s Most Iconic Meals. (Monkey See)

One man wonders what, grammatically speaking, makes a headline clickbait. The answer will shock you. (The American Reader)

Behold: 8 Los Angeles Landmarks Rendered in Cake. INDEED. (Curbed Los Angeles)

Can I interest you in some pictures of Idris Elba, looking hot in jeans? Yes. Yes, I can. (Lainey)

– This is old, but relevant to our interests: Why Do We Want To Squeeze Cute Things? (Popular Science)

– Cameron Diaz, who has entered the portion of her career where she’s telling us stuff we’re not that interested in knowing about her, now informs everyone that she hasn’t used antiperspirant in twenty years. At least she’s using deodorant? Oh, Cammy. We don’t need to know all these things, babe. (Celebitchy)

– Pajiba notes that, if you loved Friday Night Lights, you might also enjoy…. (Pajiba)


Fugs and Pieces, April 18, 2014

Friday at last! As always, we’ll have some weekend updates — and Wills And Kate And George Updates Daily, one of which will probably go up tonight, actually — so make sure you pop back in over the next couple of days. But until then:

– We pitted Audrey Hepburn (as herself) against Kim Kardashian (dressed as Audrey Hepburn) in this week’s Vanity Fair Who Wore It Best, and learned that sometimes people on Twitter do not always read an article before responding to it: obviously Audrey herself makes the best Audrey.

– This interview with Jackie Collins, about the magazines and websites she reads, and the TV she watches, is just fabulous. I love her. (The Wire)

They’ve recently restored this amazing fresco that they found on the ceiling of the Sherry Netherland hotel. I love a hidden fresco. (Curbed)

– And some of you are going to love this SO HARD: Look Back at Preppy Collegiate Styles of Yore. (The Cut)

– This Roger Angell essay in  The New Yorker about life in his 90s isn’t super recent (I am always a bit behind on The New Yorker), but it is beautiful and touching and it made me cry. (The New Yorker)

– Behold! 10 of the Most Epic Libraries in the UK. Two of which we namecheck in the new book! (What can I say? You know we love libraries.) (BBC America)

– If everything is online, why do we still get so many catalogs? The answer is really interesting. (Also: I LOVE getting my J Crew and Williams Sonoma and Boden catalogs.) (Wall Street Journal)

Kevin Williamson reflects on the finale of Dawson’s Creek. It’s quite a good read, and has a lot of interesting Joey/Dawson/Pacey stuff. Ahem: “To me, Dawson and Joey are soul mates. And then I kept thinking, one thing I’ve learned in my life is that my soul mate isn’t necessarily my romantic love.” I find it FASCINATING that he thought people really expected Joey and Dawson to end up together romantically. I guess when I was recapping DC for TWoP, we had SO FEW Dawson/Joey shippers that it literally never occurred to me that anyone would really be rooting for that. PACEY FOREVER! (Entertainment Weekly)

– The “Dumbleron” theory was always my FAVORITE cracked out Harry Potter theory — it was, in short, that Ron was actually a time-traveling Dumbledore — and god bless The Toast for continuing to RUN WITH IT. (The Toast)

– If you follow William Shatner on Twitter — and you should, as he is a delight — you know that he tweets about CW shows ALL THE TIME. WaPo asked him why. (The Washington Post)

– Speaking of, RDJ is on Twitter! (Lainey Gossip)

– There are all kinds of juicy new guidelines for the Met Gala this year. (Which is May 5th — mark your calendars!) (The Hollywood Reporter)

– Saluting Posh’s Signature Lean for her birthday! (Fashionista)

– Daniel Franzese, Mean Girls’s Damian (you may recall Damian as being too gay to function?), gives a great juicy interview to CosmoTo wit: “I like to say I’m the legendary father of the House of Glen Coco.” You go, Glen Coco. (Cosmo)

Benedict Cumberbatch has a SECRET GIRLFRIEND? I really hope it’s one of you. (Celebitchy)

– Let me just leave this Pajiba headline here for you: For His Latest Career Move, James Franco Calls the NYTimes Theater Critic a ‘Little Bitch.’ STAY CLASSY, FRANCO. (Pajiba)

– This is great, but DO NOT READ IF YOU’RE NOT CAUGHT UP ON GAME OF THRONES. DO NOT. SPOILERS: If Our Media Reported The Thing That Just Happened On “Game Of Thrones”


Fugs and Pieces, April 11, 2014

Dudes! This weekend is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books! It’s a wonderful event for book lovers – the complete schedule of events and all the details are available at the Festival of Books website, and you should check it out — and Heather and I will be appearing on a panel  called “Young Adult Fiction: A Little Help from My Friends,” on Sunday, April 13th, at 12pm. Our moderator is the awesome Aaron Hartzler, and Heather and I will be appearing along with fabulous authors Robin Benway and Lauren Myracle. We will be there to talk about — as you can probably guess from the title of the panel — our YA books Spoiled and Messy. (Our new adult book, The Royal We, will be primed and ready to go at next year’s FoB, but at the moment we are literally still writing it. Like, literally. I just wrote the words, “old furniture.” THERE IS OLD FURNITURE IN THIS BOOK THAT’S SET IN SOME PALACES SPOILER.)

Anyway, there will be a Q&A, as well as a book signing after the panel, so come on out and meet us, get books signed, ask us about the new book, the old books, books we didn’t even write, where I got my bracelet, whatever you like! IT IS FREE! You can even take the subway if you’re so inclined/there’s a stop by your house. (Parking is not free; parking is $10; there’s more logistical info here.)

And now onto your regularly scheduled F&P:

– This week’s Vanity Fair WHO WORE IT BEST pits UConn coach v. UConn coach for the REAL championship: the sartorial one.

– Per Esquire: Twin Peaks, 24 Years Later, Looks Better Than Ever. Damn fine, you might even say. (Esquire)

– You WILL read this profile of SWINTON. (Vulture)

– The wonderful Bill Cunningham has an art show running currently, and Paper has some of the photos. (Paper Magazine)

– This is great: The Definitive Guide to Wearing Prints Like Mindy Kaling. (Who What Wear)

– This is so dumb and you’ve probably already seen it, but I can’t stop laughing about it: Reporter’s Interview With the Mayor Ends With a Splash in What Might Be the Best News Blooper Ever. (E!)

– On quite literally the other side of the intellectual spectrum, the Met has a seriously very interesting article about tapestry. (The Metropolitan Museum)

‘Game of Thrones,’ We Need to Have a Talk About Your Nudity Imbalance, says Pajiba. (Pajiba)

– GQ takes a look at A Brief History of Men in Tights. Wearing them, not the Mel Brooks movie. (GQ)

– Speaking of: In 1893, Someone Predicted We’d Wear Leggings as Pants. (The Atlantic)

– This Jackie Collins Life In Pictures is DEEPLY AWESOME. (Vulture)

– This is…adorable. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone dancing in the BBC offices. There is video. It has sound. You have been warned. IT IS CUTE. (The Frisky)

Katherine Heigl is seriously suing Duane Reade for SIX MILLION DOLLARS because they tweeted that she shopped there because there was a picture of her shopping there. (Lainey)

– The wonderful Joe Reid ranks all of the Real World/Road Rules contestants ever. (The Wire)

– Naya Rivera and Big Sean broke up AND she called him a thief! Not only of her heart! (Celebitchy)

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings this month – with a bunch of other people — and her J Crew bridesmaid’s dress is way cuter than half the Dior she had to wear this year. (Buzzfeed)


Fugs and Pieces, April 4, 2014

Los Angelenos! I hope you are coming to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books next weekend. If you are, our panel is called “Young Adult Fiction: A Little Help from My Friends,” and it’s on Sunday, April 13th, at 12pm. (High noon!) Our moderator is the awesome Aaron Hartzler, and Heather and I will be appearing along with fellow authors Robin Benway and Lauren Myracle, and we’d LOVE to meet you and sign books afterwards. There are more details here, on our book blog. Come on out!

Beware: If you’re not caught up on SCANDAL or THE GOOD WIFE, some of these links and all of the comments are spoiler-y:

David Beckham modeling his (tiny) swimsuits for H&M. YOU ARE WELCOME. (Elle)

Games of Thrones envisioned as a 70s sitcom is a thing of beauty. (AV Club)

– This is so very: An oral history of Heathers. (EW)

– This is awesome. Trust me: 16 Pieces Of Indispensable Writing Advice In Magic Marker. (Buzzfeed Books)

– Also at Buzzfeed, Dan Bucatinsky on what happened to him on Scandal recently. I learned from this post, also, that Dan Bucatinsky’s husband is totally cute. (Buzzfeed)

– ALSO also at Buzzfeed, Martha Plimpton is (a) the best and (b) looks amazing. (Buzzfeed)

Will Gardner’s Best Moments. WILL. WHY. (Pajiba)

Never Underdressed salutes Mannequin. Which is also a good excuse to direct you to our recap of Mannequin, which is some of Heather’s finest work. (Never Underdressed)

Look at all these neat Faberge eggs! (Vanity Fair)

Thrillist picks a beer for every baseball team in America. As a life-long Dodger fan, however, I would like to say that I personally always stay until the end of the game. (Thrillist)

Paper tells us what happened to all those kids who were on NYC Prep, the one-season Bravo reality show version of Gossip Girl, which, yes, I totally watched. (Paper)

Jon Hamm was on a dating show in the 90s and OMG HIS HAIR. It is SO 90s. Youngsters, this is the hair of all the boys I thought were cute. (The AV Club)

– Are you worried about your favorites shows on the bubble? Vulture continues to update their predictions on what will and won’t get cancelled this TV season.  (Vulture)

– Is the implication here that Alexa Chung and Chris Martin are getting it on? (I’m trying to being back “getting it on.”) (Lainey)

Kidman’s Princess Grace movie DOES look bad. She and Naomi Watts are probably commiserating in the south of France over martinis right now. (Celebitchy)

–This is silly and it made me laugh: Celebrities that Look Like Mattresses. (Sad and Useless)


Fugs and Pieces, March 28th 2014

First of all, we’re excited to note that we’re going to be attending this event in support of our friend Pamela Ribon’s new book, Notes to Boys, this Saturday (March 29th). We will be…performing. And yes, there will be drinks.

– We’re also going to be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, coming up in April. Our panel is Sunday, April 13th, at 12pm on the YA Stage, and we’re appearing with fellow authors Robin Benway and Lauren Myracle. We will be in the depths of working on our new book, The Royal We, so we’ll probably be extra crazy, which is always fun for everyone. Come out and say hello, Los Angelenos! COME WITNESS OUR CRAZY.

– Yes, on the off-chance you haven’t heard, Heather and I are working on a new book. It’s an adult book — not in the sense that it’s XXX-rated (although people do misbehave all over the place, which has been fun to write), but simply in the sense that it’s not a Young Adult book the way Spoiled and Messy are — called The Royal We, and we’re really, really excited for it. You can keep up with our progress, and all kinds of book things, over at our book blog, but of course we’ll make sure all the big headlines pop up here at GFY as well.

– Finally — and I swear I’m almost done with the personal stuff and will soon move onto juicy links and hot dudes as usual — yesterday we found out that NBCUniversal is shutting down Television Without Pity (and, in fact, shuttering its archives, which I think is a terrible loss for internet pop culture criticism from an anthropological standpoint if nothing else; fine, I also wish I’d printed out all my Kingpin recaps, because that show featured a man-eating tiger and it was amazing and those recaps might be the only thing that proves it ever existed). As many of you know, back in the day Heather and I were both recappers at TWoP (dating from the days when it was still Mighty Big TV), which is how we met in the first place. If not for Television Without Pity, none of us would be reading GFY right now, because it would not exist. I can say with complete sincerity that Television Without Pity changed the entire course of my life; it gave me a career for which I am profoundly grateful, and it either directly and it indirectly introduced me to a huge number of people whom I love very much. Heather, in fact, never would have met her husband if not for TWoP, because she moved to Los Angeles when her writing there landed her a job out here. ["Jess and I were having a Sliding Doors moment all day yesterday -- if not for MBTV/TWoP, where would we be, who would we be friends with, and what would our lives even look like? It's too immense a house of cards to fathom." -- H] The site changed after it was sold to NBCUniversal — and that’s okay; everything changes — but it was profoundly important to us, and I needed to pour some out. Going forward, you can find many of the old school recappers (and TWoP’s founders) at Previously.TV and — as always – here, in the form of me and H. If you feel so inclined, we welcome you remembering the good times in the comments; I’m sure the old guard would love knowing if the site meant something to you, as it did to us.

– This was possibly my favorite shout-out to TWoP, over at the wonderful Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. (Which is definitely one of my favorite site names, ever). (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books)

–And now back to your regularly scheduled programming: in this week’s Vanity Fair Who Wore It Best Battle: TWO POPES ENTER. ONE POPE LEAVES. As Olivia takes on…you know, the Pope. The Pope. (Vanity Fair)

Let’s talk about TV show theme songs over at Pajiba. (Did you know that the “It’s JESS!” from the New Girl theme is what Heather uses as the sound cue when I text her? It’s true. I love that despite the fact that obviously I never hear it. ["I did make her text me once while she was in the room so she could hear it." - H]) (Pajiba)

– This is one of the reasons I love Vulture: Let’s Remember Christopher Meloni’s Psychotic Oz Love Story. (Vulture)

– ALSO: Mark L. Walberg Explains How to Host a Crazy Reality Show. (Vulture)

– A kid in Pittsburgh has discovered that if the US government just switches from Times New Roman to Garamond, it will save $136 million bucks. FONTS TO THE RESCUE. (CNN)

– Science has finally proven that it’s a bad idea to pee in the pool. (Smithsonian)

– The hed for this article is my everything. It has SO MANY THINGS in which I am interested: “Demons, mummies and ancient curses: should the British Museum be afraid? The British museum already teems with spooky objects. Could an ancient Assyrian artwork prove one curse too many?” I don’t know, but I hope someone’s writing a book where the answer is YES. (The Guardian)

Turns out Vanity Fair AND Harper’s Bazaar BOTH wanted Kimye for their covers, and they decided to go with Vogue. Kim, it seems, didn’t want to work with Terry Richardson at Harper’s, to which I say with complete sincerity: seriously, Kim, at last we agree on something. (Refinery29)

– This is one of those articles where I know I can just give you the headline. AHEM: Sorting 19th Century British Novelists Into Hogwarts (The Toast)

Lainey wonders if we miss Tom Cruise and you know what? I kinda do. (Lainey Gossip)

– Did you really think I’d let this week end without giving you some pictures of Cumberbatch? Please. (Celebitchy)

– The new Madewell collection is really cute. Leave me alone, I’m SPENDING MY FEELINGS. (Fashionista)

Why is the guest seat on the set of the new Late Night so small? Now that is all I can see. (Previously.TV)