Fug File: Fugs and Pieces

Fugs and Pieces, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday, Fug Nation! I hope your weekend is THE MOST AWESOME WEEKEND EVER (a little Kanye for you). Until then:

– You want to see these 30 behind-the-scenes pics from the Harry Potter series. The Voldemort one is hilar. (Pajiba)

– I’m sorry, but Freddie Prinze Jr is looking good (and abtacular), and I am enthused about him getting a part on The Witches of East End, which is actually totally entertaining. (Refinery29)

– An ode to my beloved Julie Cooper (Nichol). (The Toast)

– The lede on this NY Times story, brilliantly, is “Derelicte is really happening.” (New York Times)

Variety wants Justin Timberlake to give up acting and I must agree. If the VMAs taught us nothing else this year, it reminded us that he is so talented musically. WHY ARE YOU DEPRIVING US, JT? (Celebitchy)

The new American Hustle trailer is out and you guys, I don’t even care what happens in this movie. The clothes and hair are AMAZING, including Bradley Cooper literally in the act of perming his hair. Amy Adams looks phenomenal. She should always dress like a sexy ’70s moll. (Lainey)

The ladies over at People StyleWatch tried a bunch of As Seen On TV hair products. And now I am pretty sure I am going to buy something called Hot Buns, you guys. (People StyleWatch)

– I love this look at the women of Wes Anderson films. Margot Tenenbaum, I love your fur robe and your home’s wallpaper. (Into The Gloss)

Bon Appetit looks at foods they might be stock-piling for a zombie apocalypse. I’m stock-piling Doritos, but that’s business as usual. (Bon Appetit)

– Vulture helpfully rounds up everything Jonathan Franzen hates. Short version: EVERYTHING. (Vulture)

– This is fascinating and also creepy, given that the skeletons in question are real (and they’re spectacular. Sincerely). Ahem: Meet the Fantastically Bejeweled Skeletons of Catholicism’s Forgotten Martyrs. (Smithsonian)


Fugs and Pieces, October 4, 2013

Hi everyone! First of all, for those of you who live in Austin or thereabouts, we’re delighted to note that we will be appearing with the delightful Megan McCafferty at Forever Fest on November 2nd. Come out and say “hey, y’all.” (I assume everyone in Austin is exactly like Tami Taylor, right? OMG DOES THIS MEAN I WILL MEET MY OWN COACH TAYLOR? If so, I will not be returning.) (That link, btw, goes to the event’s Kickstarter, but don’t fret: It’s all going to happen regardless of how the Kickstarter shakes out, that just happens to be the site with the greatest amount of information about said event.)

– This might be my favorite headline of the week: Jimmy Kimmel Made a Ken Burns-Style Version of the Miley Doc. No disrespect to Ben Affleck. (Jezebel)

– Actually, scratch that. This might be the headline I love the most: How a Screenprinting Nun Changed the Course of Modern Art. Bonus points for the fact that this is a really interesting and inspiring story. (Gizmodo)

– I know you guys. And I know you really want to read this tremendously interesting and really good profile of our boy Dan Radcliffe. Seriously. (New York Times)

– Speaking of actors I like, here’s a Valentine to the thoughtfulness of Joseph Gordon Levitt. (Pajiba)

– How can you resist a story about the beauty product beloved by actresses in new TV shows that begins, “The Canadian actress may have to endure a fatal curse in this Pretty Little Liars spinoff, but….” That just delighted me. (Byrdie)

– Speaking of actresses, new TV, and beauty products, I love Into The Gloss’s Top Shelf — where actresses, models, editors, etc spill all the details about their hair and beauty routines and whatnot. This week, they talk to Phoebe Tonkin and as much as I find her American accent to be the worst on TV (sorry, Phoebs), her Top Shelf is really good. (Into The Gloss)

Fashionista rounds up the nine most critically acclaimed shows of Paris Fashion Week. They said it right there in the headline! (Fashionista)

– And we definitely want to look at the 50 best shoes of this spring’s fashion week street style shots. SHOES! (The Cut)

Nicki Minaj and Zac Efron hooked up?! (Celebitchy)

– Every article about that wackjob who mailed ricin to Obama and then tried to frame an Elvis impersonator for it is better than the last. Someone talented, please make a movie about this. (GQ)

–Finally! More details about the Turkish re-boot of The O.C. (Vulture)

– Yes, I am following GOOP on Instagram. I’m not a robot! (Lainey Gossip)


Fugs and Pieces, September 27, 2013

Happy first official complete weekend of fall, Northern Hemisphere.  I bought five sweaters this week. I have no regrets.

– First of all, Heather and I have some really exciting new that we are thrilled to share with you. We have a new book on the horizon! From this morning’s Publisher’s Marketplace, (hence all the who-owns-what-rights language): “Creators of GoFugYourself.com Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan’s first adult novel THE ROYAL WE, about a young American woman who spends a semester abroad in England and falls in love with the man of her dreams — who happens to be the future King of England, a tale loosely inspired by the real-life courtship and marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.” The book is tentatively scheduled for spring 2015, it is so fun to write I cannot even tell you, and we are beside ourselves with excitement for you to get to read it.

– For those of you interested in such things, in fact, Kate and Wills got a new coat of arms today and the whole background of the coat of arms in general is interesting. (The Prince of Wales official site)

– If I know you, and I think I do, a high percentage of you are going to want to see these pictures from the set of Into The Woods. (Lainey Gossip)

– Kate Aurthur tells us 8 New Fall TV Shows To Be Excited About, 10 To Give A Chance, And 7 To Avoid. (Buzzfeed)

Blake Lively is basically launching her own GOOP. I would make fun, but GOOP (and “lifestyle” blogs in general) are my Kryptonite and I will totally read BLOOP, or whatever she calls it. (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of GOOP, Celebuzz celebrates GOOP’s fifth anniversary in snarky style. (Celebuzz)

– Vulture compiled a list of LIT’RLLY every time Rob Lowe said LIT’RLLY on Parks and Rec. I literally love this; I wish someone would make a super-cut of it. My favorite might be #7:  “I don’t want to seem overdramatic, but this is literally a battle for April’s soul.” (Vulture)

– Speaking of Parks and Rec, are you sad? This video of Ron Swanson giggling on a loop will fix that. (Pajiba)

– STILL speaking of Parks and Rec, I am sure you want to know more about Perd Hapley. Ya heard? (Zulkey)

– STILL feeling sad? If this super-cut of every time Hugh Laurie (or anyone) said “What ho!” in Jeeves and Wooster doesn’t fix you, then I am CONCERNED. (Keep an eye open for Downton Abbey in the background, as parts of J&W were filmed there as well.) (YouTube)

– Vera Wang designed the new uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and they look just like every other NFL team’s cheerleaders’ uniforms (other than the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders, who, say what you will about the Cowboys, are at least iconic). (The Cut)

– I love Jimmy Fallon. (I made his crockpot chili recipe this week, and it’s swell, even!) His most recent lip sync battle — with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Marchent — is awesome. The Roots, in the background, are just cracking up, too. Those of you who love JGL? You will not be disappointed. (YouTube)

– Fashionista asks, Would You Steam Your Vagina?  Um, no thanks. But we appreciate you doing it and reporting back! (Fashionista)

– Oooh, castles haunted by tragic ghosts. I am IN! To read about, I mean, not to spend the night. Woodchester Mansion seems especially spooooky. I also enjoy the that’s all, “allegedly there are also werewolves here, but whatever.” (i09)

– On the other hand, a $2000 bottle of beer? I’m good, thanks. (Time)

I am in love with this man, 103 years old, who eats a fine dinner out nightly. He is…wonderful. Happy weekend, all! Try the fish. (NY Times)


Fugs and Pieces, September 20, 2013

A reminder that the Emmys are SUNDAY — I know, it snuck up on us too — and we’ll be live-blogging the Red Carpet for Vulture, as usual. (Then, of course, covering the looks in depth right here at GFY.) I’ll toss up a link to our live-blog once it’s underway, and make sure to follow us on Twitter at @fuggirls for additional snarky Emmys goodness. Hope to see you there!

Your Daily Cumberbatch. (Celebitchy)

Your Daily Hot Neville. (Lainey)

– Remember when Famke Janssen said someone had been leaving creepy dolls and whatnot all around her apartment? NYPD thinks that someone…was her. The call was SUPER coming from inside the house. (Pajiba)

Chad Michael Murray and his Child Bride have called off their engagement after SEVEN YEARS. LOVE IS DEAD. (ET)

– Let’s play The IMDb Game! (Tribeca Film)

– This is a great piece on the influence costume designers — on TV specifically — have on fashion. (New York Times)

– If you watched this season of Big Brother, you will want to read ET’s interview with the houseguests, immediately post-finale. The reporter, Jarett Wieselman, did not pull punches, especially considering that ET is generally considered so friendly. (Entertainment Tonight)

– What DOES happen when you try a wacky awards-season beauty ritual like getting wrapped up like a mummy and jumping on a trampoline? (NYT)

– You probably want to look at the trailer for the new Princess Grace movie, starring Nicole Kidman — wherein, as one of you said to me this week, “she looks like…Nicole Kidman.” (Refinery29)

– I should not laugh at this headline and yet I did: Woman Charged with Stabbing Roommate Who Won’t Stop Listening to The Eagles (Time)

This NYT piece about a cagefighter is amazing. Sincerely.  And surely about to be optioned for a movie. (NYT)

All hail Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (Vulture)

– I’m glad Dianna Agron is getting work (and looking pretty). (Brydie)

– This is an excellent chat with Beverly Hills 90210‘s Jackie Taylor — whose death on 90210 I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE. (Celebuzz)

– I’ll just leave you with the title of this one: Why The New Fox Comedy “Dads” Is Actually Evil: It’s a racist, sexist, unfunny disgrace. (Buzzfeed)

– On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll want to read this interview with Rainbow Rowell about, as they put it, “love and censorship.” (The Toast)

Everyone’s all hot for Scott Eastwood right now. (Town & Country)

– Finally, big thanks to Cosmo for including us on their 2013 Cosmo Power List! We’re honored to be in such good company. (Cosmo)


Fugs and Pieces, September 13, 2013

Another Fashion Week down — and the Emmys are September 22nd. So much is happening! Dive right into:

– I can’t say this any better than Pajiba did: Hold On To Your Mandrakes, JK Rowling Working On A ‘Harry Potter’ Spin-Off Movie. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. As Heather said, “that script is going to be 300 pages long.” (Pajiba)

This piece about how great John Ritter was — published on the 1oth anniversary of his death — is really lovely and touching (and funny). (Vulture)

– Oh dear lord, this article about The Real Mermaids of San Marcos, Texas is stupendous. “The most magical thing about the San Marcos springs is actually no longer there—its unique submersible theater, or ‘Aquarena, which once gave audiences a window into an underwater world of mermaids, clowns, and a swimming pig named Ralph.” (Collectors Weekly)

– This piece about why The Atlantic won’t be punctuating Agents of SHIELD (I stand with you!) is one of the most amusing and best things I read all week. (Atlantic Wire)

This article about Katherine Heigl in The Hollywood Reporter is a must-read, especially if you dislike her. I believe this is what used to be called, “a hatchet job.” (THR)

– Cate Blanchett sans eyebrows on the cover of Another magazine. It is very….compelling, as covers go. (Celebitchy)

– Ugh, Tracy Anderson says she’s just waiting to “transform Lena Dunham’s body.” Um, maybe let Lena Dunham decide how she wants her body to be, dude. She seems to be pretty happy in it just as it is. (Lainey Gossip)

– Refinery29 promises they can teach me How To Sleep In For Just 10 More Minutes. SOLD. (Refinery29)

Robin Givhan did an amazing job reviewing all of NYFW’s fashion for The Cut, and here’s a round-up of all her pieces. There is a reason she won a Pulitzer. I have such a writer-ly crush on her. (The Cut)

– Over at Girls of a Certain Age, get chatting about the best fashion score you ever made. (Girls of a Certain Age)

- You SO want to see Anna Wintour grinning at Harper Seven Beckham. (Fashion Fois Gras)

Our dear friends Tom and Lorenzo take on Sandy Bullock, right after we chatted about her to them, here at NYFW. (Tom and Lorenzo)

A dude in Japan is ALREADY in line for the new iPhone. (Time)

Nicole Kidman got run over by a bike right outside Calvin Klein. Way harsh, Tai. (Socialite Life)

– We were thrilled to be featured in this New York Times Travel section story about — what else? — fashion week! (NYT)


Fugs and Pieces, September 6th 2013

Can I interest you in some reading material?

Karl Lagerfeld took…these….pictures….of Kim Kardashian and they are REALLY SOMETHING ELSE. Just go look. Seriously. We’ll wait. (Pajiba)

– You will love this article about how Clue became a cult classic. Flames on the side of my face! (Buzzfeed)

–Speaking of movies, this look back at 1950s movie gimmicks is amazing. It is so, so interesting. Here’s just a taste: “[William] Castle also rigged certain theater seats with electric buzzers. ‘I don’t know how he talked these independent theaters into letting him shock the audience’s butts,’ says Terry. ‘It was a fairly simple device, but he had to work hard to get the studio’s marketing department to buy off on it, and also to persuade the exhibitors to do the gimmick. I can’t imagine that working today.’”  That’s the least of it! (Collectors’ Weekly)

– Um. Gina Gershon As Donatella Versace looks AWESOME. (Vulture)

– Speaking of amazing costuming, you’ll enjoy this chat with Janie Bryant, the Mad Men costume designer. She is so smart. (Smithsonian)

– Speaking of casting, did you know Alicia Silverstone almost starred in My So-Called Life? (Refinery29)

– Our friends at Forever Young Adult ponder which new fall TV shows we need to be watching. What are you picking up this season? (Forever Young Adult)

– This headline says it all: This Abandoned Mall Is Perfect for Your Zombie Back to School Shopping. (Gizmodo)

– Let’s admire Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring. (Lainey Gossip)

– As Celebitchy put it: “If you love British royal history, you’ll love Vanity Fair’s new feature on the Mountbatten sisters, Lady Pamela Hicks and Patricia, Countess Mountbatten of Burma.” The Mountbattens are STILL irked with Diana. (Vanity Fair)

– Refinery29 explores What Your Favorite Model Says About You. (Refinery29)

--Cow-tipping ISN’T REAL? But it’s in Heathers! (Modern Farmer)