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Fugs and Pieces, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday! As a bit of housekeeping: if you entered last week’s giveaway of After The War Is Over, PLEASE check your email! I haven’t heard back from the grand prize winner yet. If I don’t hear by Monday, I will pick a new winner, but if you’re the original one, you will be sad if that happens. That bit of shenanigans taken care of, please peruse:

– WHY YES, I do want to read about the history of the Lifetime movie. (The Washington Post)

– This is interesting, from Vanity Fair: The 9 Hollywood Players Who Might Just Save the Book Industry

– And this is awesome and well worth a read, even if you’re not a football fan: The Green Bay Packers have a long-running and very meaningful to them tradition. It’s a Settlers of Catan game. And apparently, they’re obsessed with it. For example, “Two weeks ago, Linsley won the game, but Bakhtiari, who typically hosts the games at his house, had briefly gone outside to cook a chicken for the group. He furiously protested Linsley’s victory because of this. ‘He put an asterisk by it. I didn’t,’ Linsley said. Backup quarterback Scott Tolzien is famous for slamming the board in frustration when he loses.” (WSJ)

Tatler gives us…the best beauty looks of Joan Collins. BUT OF COURSE.

– In which Food & Wine ranks all of the coffee served on Twin Peaks.

– You probably want to eyeball Chris. Evans, Pratt, Hemsworth. ENJOY. (Lainey)

– This is a DELIGHT: The Weird World of Vintage Poison Rings. I NEED A POISON RING. (Retroette)

– I love these pieces: How to Tell If You Are In a Henry James Novel. For example, “1. You’ve done something in a piazza that renders you unfit for polite company.” (The Toast)


– The history of CTRL + ALT + Delete. (Mental Floss)

– Linda Holmes’s take on the trailer for The Boy Next Door is a thing of beauty. (Monkey See)

– In the category, “I’ll Just Leave This Headline Right Here, behold: Tom Hiddleston might have a sex scene with a Victorian ghost in ‘Crimson Peak’ (Celebitchy)

– A woman got a tattoo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and it is pretty awesome. (Cosmo)



Fugs and Pieces: December 19, 2014

Almost vacation! As a bit of housekeeping: we are currently heading into a That Time When People Stop Leaving The House, so regular seven-times-a-day posting  will taper off a bit as we get closer to Christmas and New Year’s. We WILL be doing plenty of year-end stuff — Hotness Retrospectives, three huge Royals Round-Up Round-Ups, our annual Vogue-predict-a-cover, a look back at the year’s most popular posts, some Downton Abbey goodness, style round-ups of various personages, Hideous Outfits You Perhaps Forgot, etc etc — and I’m obviously going to be all over it when Wills and Kate pop out of the house, so make sure you drop by over the holidays. But we probably won’t be full-on business as usual until Monday, January 5th, after which point, my friends, IT WILL BE ON: The Golden Globes are January 11th! AND we’ll have Exciting Book News to bring you! And other stuff will happen! Until then:

– This is AMAZING: Bored Coworkers Recreate Classic Paintings Using Office Supplies. (Demilked)

– So is this, from Scientific American. Let me give you a taste: “For this year’s Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, UK engineer-turned-fashion designer, Matthew Hubble saw an opportunity to blend fashion and science via May Britt Moser‘s receiving the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine this year along with her husband, Edvard Moser, and colleague John O’Keefe for their work on grid neurons. Matthew’s background as an engineer, along with his daughter currently studying neuroscience, resulted in him considering a way to elegantly represent the neuroscientists’ work through fashion. He settled on creating a sophisticated gown that featured the neuron grid.” !!! It’s awesome.

– Vulture put together a look at the 16 best times Stephen Colbert broke character. It is a DELIGHT. (Sadly, it does not include my own favorite one, which is the time he lost it on The Daily Show eating a banana and making homosexual innuendo about Prince Charles, a clip in which both he and Jon Stewart look SO YOUNG). I LOVE YOU COLBERT. (I really do. He is my ideal man. Tall, brunette, Catholic, Southern, liberal, funny, smart, loved his mom, really nice to his wife, secretly full of feelings.)

– Refinery29 ranked 2014′s best literary moments.

– This WSJ story about Colts QB Andrew Luck is really, really amusing, even if you don’t care about football.

– This news about how Selena Gomez had a hissy over Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift’s birthday this weekend really makes me look forward to the Get A Grip song Taylor is eventually going to write about her. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME. (Lainey)

– This headline cracked me up: From “A Royal Christmas” to “Merry Inkmas”: Your guide to the hellscape of Christmas-themed programming. (Salon)

– As did this one: How to Be a Ladyperson at the Holidays: 10 Important Tips (I Miss you When I Blink)

– Over at Girl of a Certain Age, everyone is discussing the worst gift they were ever given.

– Here’s your Weekly Cumberbatch, via Celebitchy

– But there’s more of him here, in the New York Times‘ series of nine short films of actors kissing.

The NYT also put together a quiz about the year in fashion and style. I didn’t do so hot (9 out of 15). If it had been a quiz on the Belts of Prince William, I would have aced that thing.

– And in the category of videos you might want to watch, you do want to see this Oxford a capella group’s DEEPLY ADORABLE cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”  (ABC)

– Our friends at Socialite Life bid White Collar farewell with gifs of hot hot Matt Bomer.

Buzzfeed tells us the 12 TV shows they quit this year. What did you quit? I quit Masters of Sex IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EPISODE.

– Pajiba brings you….The 10 Most Forgettable Movies of 2014. And I HAD forgotten about some of them!

– And finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, because it’s nearly Christmas, it’s time for my favorite GFY Holiday Tradition. The playing of the “Last Christmas” video, in all of its INSANELY FEATHERED HAIR and GRANDMA SWEATERED GLORY:



Fugs and Pieces, December 5, 2014

So many Best Books and Gift Guides! (Speaking of, the Fug Nation gift guide went up this week, and you should check it out, if you haven’t!)

– Best of both worlds! The Los Angeles Times book gift guide is awesome and also REALLY PRETTY.

– I’m just going to share the title of this Collectors Weekly piece: Royalty, Espionage, and Erotica: Secrets of the World’s Tiniest Photographs

– This is also fascinating and well-worth your time, from the New York Times: My Great-Great-Aunt Discovered Francium. And It Killed Her.

– And also in the department of Great Headlines that Say It All, from Grantland: The Weight of Guilt. Death, disgrace, and a handful of knockers: inside the secret world of competitive bass fishing cheaters.

– Check out Slate’s piece on the best Overlooked Books of 2014.

– And Book Page’s best books of the year.

And Huff-Po’s!

– I hope you like books! Because here’s another round-up, and it’s a biggie. The New York Times‘s 100 Notable Books of the Year.

Entertainment Weekly ran down the most awkward sponsored challenges of Project Runway.

Elle’s advent calendar is just HOT DUDES.

– Ooh, look at all these pretty vintage engagement rings! (Retroette)

These photos of America’s malls in 1989 will take you back to junior high, if you’re my age. I can smell the Sbaro’s. (Mashable)

– Here are some Benedict Cumberbatch cupcakes! (People)

– Speaking of enjoyable headlines: Meryl Streep had to use her neighbor Gwyneth Paltrow’s oven on Thanksgiving. You can use my oven any time, Meryl. Not a euphemism. (Celebitchy)

– Miley is really going all out at Art Basel. Those pasties are gonna be a bitch to remove. (Lainey)

– You surely want to see the teaser of Clooney on Downton (Vanity Fair)

– Try the Hipster Business Name Generator! I’m Butter & Capes, which is apt because I love butter AND capes.

Pajiba tells you what the very WORST Christmas movies on Netflix currently are. One of them stars Daniel Baldwin.



Fugs and Pieces, November 26, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! (Happy Wednesday, everyone else! We love you, too, and if you lived here we’re totally have you over for cocktails and cheeseballs.) I bring with me the Traditional Turkey-on-the-Head Monica, and tidings of gratitude. We’re very lucky we get to hang out with you every day, Fug Nation. That said, we are taking off for the holiday, more or less — I will be posting a Reign recap at some point over the long weekend, and if Kate and Wills and Harry pop out of the house dressed as festive mice, or something, we won’t let that wither on the vine. But essentially, we’ll be back with regular postings on Monday, December 1st. (Obviously, you can always chat us up on Twitter, too.) Until then, here’s to your cheeseballs and Chex Mix!

– This seems like a good time to remind you that there is a GFY Book Club on Goodreads! The December book is We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, and discussion begins on Monday!

– Per Lainey, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch are a GO for True Detective 2.

– Speaking of, here’s a little Tim Riggins and Tami Taylor together recently. (Cosmo)

– The AV Club has just informed me that HBO and Alex Gibney are making a Scientology documentary based on Going Clear, which is a very interesting book, and they’ve got A LOT of lawyers working on it.

Vanity Fair has a very interesting piece on Micaela Erlanger, the stylist behind (among others) Lupita Nyong’o and Michelle Dockery.

– I LOVE GIFT GUIDES. (Ours is coming soon-ish!). This one from Cupcakes and Cashmere is good. So is this GINORMOUS one from our friends at NY Mag, and this (intentionally over the top) one from People. And this Under $100 one from The Fashion Spot. Or this one, from Eater! I COULD KEEP GOING. (I will, next week.)

– This look back at the first Victoria Secret fashion shows is eye-opening. It was not at all the EXTRAVAGANZA it is today. But Tyra Banks was involved. (Note: this post does contain many a person in her skivvies.) (Buzzfeed)

– Thanks to Vulture, you can now make your own Aaron Sorkin monologue thanks to their Sorkin Monologue Generator. DELIVER IT AT THANKSGIVING DINNER!

– Mental Floss brings you 25 facts about Steel Magnolias.

– This Celebitchy headline has a LOT of things you enjoy: Matthew Goode was posh with a buttery voice before Benedict Cumberbatch. (Although the piece posits that The Good Wife‘s Finn and Alicia do not need to get it on and I am sorry, but there you are quite simply incorrect.)

– Did you know that ABC greenlit a sitcom called #winning? I am scared ABC got hit on the head and woke up and thinks it’s 2012. But appropriately, Pajiba presents the 10 Worst Sitcom Titles of All Time. And WOW THEY ARE BAD.



Fugs and Pieces, November 21, 2014

Let’s just get right into this:

– This is a totally fun piece about a woman who wrote to a TON of celebs as a child, and what they all wrote back to her. Sarah Jessica Parker, you are a class act. (Zulkey)

– Here’s EVERY People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover EVER.

– Like Lainey, I always forget that Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother. He’s cute!

– Forget Serial. Here’s the story behind the Mail Chimp ad. (Mail…kimp?) (The Atlantic)

Lucky has all kinds of recommendations for the best cheap tights, which seems seasonally apt?

– I really hope this bridal registry for noted catch Charles Manson is legit. (Glamour)

– Did y’all read that cracked out interview with Jaden and Willow Smith in T this week? It’s….something else.

– Also from T, this is a GREAT piece about the notoriously tough test one must pass in order to drive a cab in London, in, as they put it, the age of GPS.

– Pajiba DELICIOUSLY salutes the glory of Emma Thompson.

– This Mental Floss piece, on what people in 1976 thought 2076 would be like, is fascinating. If I make it to 2076 (it’s extraordinarily unlikely, I’d be REALLY old), I better have my g-d flying car.

– I laughed out loud at this round up of weird sex tips from women’s magazines. (World Lifestyle)

– I’m sure you want to see Bendylimbs Cumberlocks on the cover of Time. (Celebitchy)

– And read this great profile of him. (Vulture)

– I love this! The Cut has a whole piece on “surprising relationship dealbreakers.” I once broke up with a dude because he didn’t know who Kanye West was. (He also listened to electronica sitar music.)

Rihanna apparently wants to be on Scandal. I ALSO want Rihanna to be on Scandal. (Cosmo)


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Cartier Women Who Dare Party

From the crazy (Erin Wasson) to the sublime (Christy Turlington).

[Photos: Splash]