Fug File: Fugs

Fugs and Fines: How Many Freaking Jingle Balls Are There, Anyway?

This outfit says, “I am so tired and I just want to go home and put on a Snuggie.”

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Royals Round-Up, December 19, 2014

Are you ready to look at some Royals Christmas Cards? Because I have some to show you. (They were not sent to ME.) I also bring you an enormous stuffed goose, Dominic West, Brianne of Tarth, and William wearing his eyeglasses.

We had three Royals-y pieces here at GFY for you this week, namely:


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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the People Magazine Awards

I assume next year someone will invent an awards show crowning the best of awards shows.

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People Magazine Awards Fug Carpet: Jennifer Lopez in Naeem Khan


Jennifer Lopez People Magazine Awards

“I almost did not show up, lovers, because I am still so angry at the people, because you do not name The Lopez the most beautiful person on the planet and then GIVE IT LATER TO SOMEONE ELSE WHILE I STILL WALK THE EARTH. If it is not Most Beautiful Person In Existence Ever, then the people need to be more specific so that they do not TOY WITH THE LOPEZ. But then I thought, ‘Eh, Jennifer, do not let the stupids make your breasts sad,’ and so here they are to remind everyone what is THE TRUTH and what is LIES. Merry Holidaymas, lovers, and let my abs be your resolution. You will see me on the other side. And you WILL look.”

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People Magazine Awards Fug Carpet: Jessica White

Well, thank God.

Jessica White

It’s been a while since Jessica White popped up at something looking like your $1.99-per-minute Psychic Friend, and I was beginning to worry she had forgotten to foretell her own demise.

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Royally Played: Prince Harry

At the beginning of the month, Harry went to Lesotho, Africa, to visit his charity project there, which provides a variety of help — education, healthcare — to kids who’ve been orphaned by the AIDS crisis in the country (which is quite severe; one in three kids in Lesotho is an orphan). A) This is a serious and important cause, and good on him for being, from what I can tell from behind my computer all the way across the world, wearing yoga pants and sticking Peppermint Joe Joe’s into my maw, really committed to it.  Harry has really done a lot of Good Works this year, both with this charity and all his work with veterans and the Invictus Games and whatnot. I can but assume his Gran will sneak an extra orange into the bottom of his stocking this Christmas as a reward. B) Not to take away from these pertinent and important issues, but these kids are extremely cute and the pictures from this trip are really great and extremely forearm-y. (One can be interested in Important Issues and admire people’s forearms whilst they gambol with adorable children. We all contain multitudes.)

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