Fug File: Fugs

Well Played, Isabel Lucas in Jenny Packham

Noted Weird Headgear Enthusiast Isabel Lucas wisely decided, WHY NOT wear something really pretty to the premiere of a movie that looks super dumb that we’re all going to secretly enjoy hating when we end up watching it on USA in the middle of the night eventually?

Isabel Lucas Jenny Packham

Her face is like, “I know. What can you do? I have bills to pay, too!” but her dress is like, “please take me somewhere lovely next. I deserve the best!”

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Fugtoure Week: Rose McGowan in Jean Paul Gaultier

I’d been wondering what Rose McGowan is up to, professionally, and I’m pleased to say she has offered up the answer.

Rose McGowan Celebrities attend Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion show

When she’s not reading auras, she’s cleaning out every lucha-libre-themed Etsy store she can find, and may or may not be hoarding herself right out of having a guest bedroom. A Fug Madness campaign is assured. How far can she go? Well, it depends. Where will she go when she owns everything there is with a wrestling mask? Skirts with pictures of lifelike ceramic cats? Monchichi sleeves? Is anyone making Murder, She Wrote, slacks? I hope she’ll find out.

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Fab and Fabber: The 2015 US National Figure-Skating Championships

SKATING! First, a programming note: For some reason, Getty only had photos of some of these looks from the Grand Prixe Finals, and not Nationals, so I just used those, as the ensembles are the same. But if you happen to spy Japanese signage, that’s why. Second: My DVR didn’t record half of these — FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE — so I am Less Informed about what went down this season than usual. Please, as always, skating experts, do weigh in! I know some of you attended this, so PLEASE give us any dirt or dish you like. (We constantly want skating gossip, as you guys know.) Finally: also as ever, we will cover the non-American skaters of the world once Worlds rolls around. TO THE ICE!

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Your Afternoon Chat: It’s Irresistible to You

Those of you who read us regularly (or who follow me on Instagram) are well aware that there is one item which is irresistible to me. I have a kajillion of them and I shall never have enough. This is, I believe, because I once had the perfect one (from Banana Republic) until I wore it to holes and I’ve been searching for the replacement ever since. It is my Holy Grail and I will find it eventually.  It is the blue-and-white striped top and if I see one I WILL BUY IT. (Unless it’s like $200.I’m not completely insane.)


I am wearing one RIGHT NOW. (A totally different one!) It was $8 at the Gap! Leave me alone! But my theory is that everyone has ONE of these things, and it’s not necessarily always clothes — a friend of mine has like 15 copies of the same out-of-print book because he buys it every time he finds one because he’s…I don’t even know why. What is the one thing you can’t stop buying, even though you technically don’t need any more of them?

PS: I also do this with lip balm.


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Couture Week, Part II

Kris Jenner was also there, but we already covered her because…well, that was DEFCON 1 of fug. It needed to be addressed immediately.


Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Candids of Sundance

On Twitter this past week, Lena Dunham noted that she expected to see more “bazonkers snow fashion” at Sundance and I must concur! But don’t worry. There is some bazonkersness within. And there’s also coats, and men with facial hair, and Keanu Reeves. KEANU!