Fug File: Fugs

Dirty Fugging: Jennifer Grey

Dude. I have great fondness for you, and I will never put you in a corner. THAT BEING SAID:

Premiere Of Amazon's "Transparent" - Red Carpet

I know we’re in the middle of a horrible heatwave, but if I don’t get to go to the grocery store in my nightgown, you’re not allowed to go to a premiere in one.

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Bai Ling-ed, Bai Ling

As ever, when Bai Ling appears, I mostly just clap with glee that she is still out and about:

Brent Shapiro Foundation For Alcohol And Drug Awareness' Annual "Summer Spectacular Under The Stars"

Even if she IS wearing a fancy longline bra paired with a very delicate shower curtain.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at London Fashion Week, Part One

Including a load of people heading off to Stella McCartney under cover of night.


High Fugshion: Temperley Spring/Summer 2015 at London Fashion Week

Let’s take a look at what they’ve got cooking over at Temperley London. (This is old, but I just read the most interesting interview with Alice Temperley, by the way, when I was looking up something about Kate. You might also enjoy it. Not a ton in this one for for the Duchess of C, I don’t think, but you never know. LET’S DISCUSS.)

[Photos: Temperley London]


New York Fashion Week Fugs and Fabs: Grab Bag Part Two

Here’s MORE from New York Fashion Week. Strap in for selections from Prabal Gurung, Zac Posen, our friends at Rodarte, and Alexander Wang.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]


New York Fashion Week Fugs and Fabs: Grab Bag Part One

New York Fashion Week is OVER and London Fashion Week is ON, so we’re going to have some overlapping coverage here for a bit, what with loads of London stuff to cover, and bits and bobs of New York still to look at.  Here’s a smattering of goodness (and some real wackiness) from a variety of NYFW  shows. Time for some virtual shopping (including, possibly, virtual rejection).

[Photos courtesy Delpozo (Peter Stigter), Michael Kors, Timo Weiland, Clover Canyon, Hugo Boss, Yigal Azrouel]