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Royals Round-Up, March 27th, 2015

We had an outing from Kate and Wills earlier today, which you can find in all its glory here. But that doesn’t mean this post isn’t full of STUFF. We’ve got everything from dead kings interred somewhere more appropriate than a car park to Harry at a rugby match to Maxima very seriously painting a wall to Eggs Benedict Cucumber Sandwich to Joan Collins.

Elsewhere on GFY, if you haven’t entered our final giveaway of The Royal We, you must! The contest is open to everyone, and in addition to a signed copy of The Royal We, we are giving away all kinds of goodies.

Elsewhere elsewhere:


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Royally Played, Wills and Kate (in Mulberry)

First of all, I love this pink on Kate; I loved this coat the first time she wore it. As I mentioned then,  it reminds me of the time a Drunk Keifer Sutherland complimented my own hot pink coat. So, I guess in this scenario, I AM DRUNK KEIFER SUTHERLAND. Hold the phone for a moment while I go politely tackle a Christmas tree.

Okay, I’m back. I also enjoy how everyone (in the press, not here) is going to be like IT MUST BE A GIRL over this coat, even though Kate’s running pretty even in the Pink v. Blue Coat as Predictor of Baby Gender Sweepstakes and also I am pretty sure Kate isn’t trying to send any of us subliminal messages through her clothing. (Is she? If she is, I suspect the main message is, “buy another Breton tee, Jessica,” and I have got that one down.)  Anyway, re: baby gender, the official story is that she and Wills don’t even know, and I buy that, because that way you’d be WAY less likely to accidentally spill the beans to your green grocer or whatever. (I DO however think it’s a girl and my choice of name has been Alice FOR MONTHS NOW and I can’t WAIT to be right. I’m going to be SO annoying about it. That said, if it IS a boy, that’s also lovely because yay babies.)

PS: While I’ve got you here, an audience for whom this is hopefully of interest, you are probably aware of this, but The Royal We finally comes out a week from Tuesday, and we’re doing a giveaway right now that you might want to enter! (BookPage just said, “readers should prepare to lose their hearts to The Royal We,a loving satire that is scandalously funny and wonderfully romantic,” if that sways you one way or the other. To the coats!)

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Fug Madness 2015 Sweet Sixteen: Cher Bracket, Part 2

[Before we start: I forgot to do a bracket reflecting the winners of the first two rounds, so here is a PDF you can view or download: Fug_Madness_bracket_2015_sweet16. Then on Sunday, when we finalize the Sweet Sixteen Results, I'll update it again, and so on and so forth. So you can keep track even if you didn't fill out a bracket yourself. Sorry there isn't a JPEG, but honestly, I find the PDFs easier to read (and my browser lets me read them without downloading, so hopefully yours does too). Okay! Back to our show. -H]


This one is going to be close. J Lo has MORE, but what Keke has is STRONG.

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Get Fug: Alyssa Milano

I’ve decided not to call this a jumpsuit.

alyssa milano

Instead, in honor of the basketball tournament, I’ll christen it a “jumpshoot.” As in:

Person #1: Hey, what are you wearing tonight?

Person #2 (turning toward mirror): I’m wearing this jump… shoot.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Mad Men Premiere

Here’s everyone else who wasn’t wearing a detachable skirt. (Except Elisabeth Moss, who is currently in a play on Broadway, which is why I presume she was absent. And Jessica Pare, who just had a baby. And Alexis Bledel who wasn’t there for reasons I don’t know because she didn’t tell me. I hope she and that delicious weasel Pete Campbell aren’t in a fight.)

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Fug Madness 2015 Sweet Sixteen: Charo Bracket, Part 1


Oh, man. This one could be CLOSE.

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