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Fug the Show: Outlander recap, season two finale, “Dragonfly in Amber”

The season finale has come and gone, so now is the time to fully dissect how “A Dragonfly in Amber” and the rest of season two has jibed with, altered, improved upon, or sullied the actual Dragonfly in Amber (book two of the Outlander series). Also, we can compliment Claire’s apparently TOP NOTCH facial-creme regimen, as twenty years have passed and the only lines on her face are the ones she put there with makeup pencils.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E12, “The Hail Mary”

The title of this episode is apt for several reasons. Sadly none of them involves Doug Flutie completing a touchdown pass to Jamie as the clock hits zero.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E11, “Vengeance Is Mine”

I feel like I may have unintentionally half-assed last week’s recap. I’m sorry. The week had gotten away from me due to travel, and I had to get it done in a hurry. I will endeavor to whole-ass the HELL out of this recap.

Also: Back in the olden days when I recapped ER for Television Without Pity, the show routinely violated a particular body part whose besmirching is a BIG phobia of mine, so I would use the word “toes” instead. In subsequent years through many other shows, I’d get texts from friends — practically with timecode, and certainly with verbal cues — letting me know which portions of a Bones or Grey’s Anatomy or X-Files not to watch. And the Outlander came along and violated a toe without my approval. Luckily their dialogue forewarned me and I was able to look away and LA LA LA LA LA my way through that scene. For what is “toe(s)” a substitute? You’ll find out soon enough, and no, I did not get any screen grabs of the bits that sounded gross.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2, E10, “Prestonpans”

The Jacobites win some — as in, a battle — and lose some, in the form of some beloved friends.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E9, “Je Suis Prest”

In a movie, this entire hour would have been a one-minute Training Montage.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E8, “The Fox’s Lair”

Back in Scotland, things get comfortingly kilty, and then frustratingly Let’s All Leave Jenny Again. We also get a visit from two Season One plotters and some cozy sweaters.

In Terry Dresbach news, she wrote a wonderful piece on the agony and the ecstasy of being so exacting with details, when the show can hardly slow down to let us savor them. (In a totally lower-profile way, that’s how we felt when compiling The Royal We‘s alternate UK history; we knew no one would ever really see it, but we had to do our homework so that what we built upon it would feel real and never jolt anyone out of the narrative.)

There’s also a chronicle of Le Comte St. Germain’s clothes: a stunning yellow outfit, a bluish-purple onethe redder one he wore when he first was introduced, and then a piece with pictures of Claire’s dress from the scene in which she and Jamie decided to go back to Scotland (which rendered dark blue to me on TV, but seems brown in her photos).


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, series finale

Well, here it is: The last Nashville episode. I hate that it’s ending. I hate the way it ended. And I hate some of the things it did during its lifetime. But on the whole? And even so? I really loved this show. It did a LOT of small things right and a couple of big things brilliantly too. Like Deacon’s consistency, even when he was maddening. Like Maddie and Daphne, even when SHE was maddening. Like Will Lexington’s entire slow burn, and the redevelopment of Avery, and Juliette Barnes’ entire existence, and GLENN, sweet Glenn. That they created characters who feel SO familiar to me — who, to a man, I felt I knew well enough that I COULD get mad when I felt like they were acting unusually — is a wonderful rarity. And much like when Hart of Dixie departed, I’m going to miss them. It’s going to be awhile before I stop wondering what Juliette is doing. Long may Hayden Panettiere reign, even if it’s not here anymore.