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Well Played Cover: Solange on Lucky

This particular issue of Lucky has been promoted as addressing Whatever The Hell Happened in the Elevator With Solange and Jay-Z, but basically what she says is, “I already said what I wanted to say in the statement we made about this earlier, but I get why you’re asking.” Which, honestly, is what I would have said, too. I would not want to re-open that whole thing by announcing that actually she and Jay just have a long-term standing slap-bet, or that they are in a feud stretching through space and time dating back to an ancient Viking curse or whatever the unknowable truth may be. But the reason that I like this cover — and I do — is that she looks VERY Solange. She’s wearing deeply pleated pants and a sweatshirt with a flipbook stapled to it, and she still looks cool. It’s like a miracle, and I suspect it cannot be taught. Also: there’s coffee. I’ll do anything for a cup of coffee.

[Cover: Lucky Magazine]


Well Played Covers: Downton Abbey on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK

Real talk: I am very excited about the return of Downton Abbey, when it finally comes, and even though I know it ushers in a long period of those of us in the United States logging onto Twitter on Sunday morning and then screaming when we realize that our friends in the UK are about to tweet something like, “I can’t believe Lady Edith just shoved Thomas down that well!!!” or some such. I think EVERYONE is always looking forward to the return, however, hence these covers of UK Harper’s Bazaar. This is the subscriber cover:

Harpers-Bazaar-Downton-Abbey (1)

The delightful Fug National who brought these covers to my attention wished that everyone’s bosom was more amply supported, but for some reason, that doesn’t really bother me personally — it feels kind of period appropriate? Despite the fact that Rose’s sheer is not period appropriate and that Downton itself is no longer in the period that these frocks are kind of referencing. Most of all, I guess I just love how SAUCY Edith looks.

The newsstand cover gave Lady Mary all the real estate:

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Mostly Well Played Covers: Victoria Beckham on British Vogue

Our girl Posh may NEVER get a solo American Vogue cover — I have to think she looked at the Kim and Kanye cover, then went outside under the new moon and poured fresh blood and the hair of a rabid dog into an empty wig box full of photos of Anna Wintour’s bob and then placed a curse on her circulation numbers — but damned if she didn’t get TWO from British Vogue.┬áLet’s look at them!

Number Uno:

That dog is wholly unmoved by this photoshoot. Maybe he just isn’t into Posh’s neckerchief? I don’t dislike this cover, but I wish I could see her full face. AND MY WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. Behold:

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Fugs and Fabs: A Variety of Elle Magazines

Many of the June/July international covers were shots from the June US Angelina cover (smart move there by Elle), but NOT ALL. Additionally, I didn’t realize until I started keeping track, but OMG Giselle gets a lot of international magazine covers. Are people still that into Gisele?

[Covers: Elle]


Well Played Cover: Lupita Nyong’o on Vogue

Well, this is a delightful surprise! This was requested and predicted by a lot of you in this year’s Vogue Predict-a-Cover, and I am glad you were right:

Lupita Nyong'o Vogue July 2014 (1)

I am — if I may begin with a complaint — not wild about her positioning. That sort of hand placement always feels, to me, like it belongs in an ad for watches or hand cream or nail polish. It doesn’t look natural, ever. And I could argue that, in real life, she has a much more elegant neck than she does in this picture. THAT OUT OF THE WAY: Her FACE looks lovely and I LOVE this dress. It’s completely perfect for July and the colors are divine on her. This feels classically Vogue, but in a good way, in a way where I would totally pick this up at the gas station (my gas station sells Vogue; my gas station actually sells Porter, the high-end magazine from Net-a-Porter, which is endlessly amazing to me. Who is gassing up at my 76 station?!) on the way to the beach. The other day, I said that the key to a good summer cover is if you can imagine it sitting on the table next to your beach chair, a mai tai on top of it, and this wholly passes that test for me. What say you?

[Photo: Vogue]


Fug or Fab the Covers: Marie Claire, June and July

In which we learn that the international covers of Marie Claire are much more likely to use a model than an actress. Do we think this is because it’s tough to get a celeb to pop by to shoot the cover of Marie Claire Spain, or whatever? Give Spain some love, Charlize Theron. Don’t you want to write off a trip to Barcelona? Have some vision, for pete’s sake.

[Covers: Marie Claire]