Fug File: Fug The Cover

Fug or Fab The Cover: Dakota Johnson on February Vogue

I would like this better, I think, if Dakota didn’t look so, so sad:


This also seems awfully… bare-armed, maybe, for February? On the other hand, perhaps we should all give thanks that, although she is in grey, they resisted multiple shades thereof. I just feel like she looks like she’s thinking, “I cannot believe I’m on the cover of Vogue for this particular movie. PLEASE STILL LIKE ME AFTER YOU SEE IT.” Don’t worry, Dakota. Ben & Kate bought you tons of goodwill from me. We’re still square.

[Photo: Vogue]


Fugger or Fabber Cover: The Other Elle Cover With Lena Dunham (Feb 2015)

Yesterday, we discussed the Lena Dunham Elle cover, and how the punk look worked surprisingly well but the bizarre hand-positioning was terrible.

Well. I was in line at Target shortly thereafter and saw this version on the newsstand:

Lena Dunham: Elle Magazine Feb 2015 cover

I love her head. It works swimmingly – JUST the right touch of Duran Duran. The pose makes her look like she’s cold, but overall I think this fixes my other issues — she doesn’t look like a coy toddler with an oral fixation, and it’s not quite so close-up, as if they’re afraid to show any of the rest of her. The crossed-arms “Brr where is my coat” thing isn’t a terribly confident alternative, but overall this solves more problems than it creates for me, so I’ll take it.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Lena Dunham on Elle Magazine, February 2015

The styling is good, but I call this pose I Have A Zit And So I’m Just Going To Pretend To Bite My Thumbnail And It’ll Look Totally Natural and No One Will Ever Notice. And instead it looks awkward – the magazine equivalent of hiding a pregnancy by making an actress stand in front of an aggressive fern.

[Photos: Elle]


Fug the Cover: W Magazine’s Best Performances Issue

Get ready, because these are WEIRD. Sometimes arresting, but more often, frankly, absurd to the point of distracting and ridiculous. The photographer, Tim Walker, cites as his influences David Hockney and Fellini; I am no art nor film expert, so I leave those comparisons to the Fug Nationals who are. Instead, I’ll be the Philistine who discusses The Crazy and the performances these photos ostensibly celebrate.

[W Magazine]


Fugs and Fabs the Cover: Recent International Vogues

I don’t know about you, but I spent a lot of this past holiday break catching up on my backlog of magazines. Why not continue the trend and zip through some of the international Vogues of the last month or so? For those of you bemoaning the fact that American Vogue so rarely uses models anymore, in our annual Vogue-Predict-a-Cover, here’s a spoiler for this post: SO MANY MODELS.


Well Played Cover: Sienna Miller on Vogue, January 2015

Did anyone have Sienna Miller in the Vogue predictor post? My GUESS is not, because I’m not sure anyone saw her big push at the end of this year coming. (Having said that, although I’ve heard she’s great in American Sniper, her role in Foxcatcher is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it — in the final cut of the film I think she had three lines, as if all her scenes were casualties of the extra year they took to edit that film, which is not something I blame HER for; it’s just The Way It Goes Sometimes. That whole movie is… curious.) At least she’s a fresh choice, although I would’ve loved to see Emily Blunt. Wearing Prada. Naturally.

[Photos: Vogue]