Fug File: Fug or Fab

Fug or Fab: Rachel Weisz in Monse

The news, for Monse, is both good and bad. But the word “good” is a huge step forward, no?

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Fug or Fab: Heidi Klum

You guys. I just flashed onto a vision of what Heidi Klum is going to be like as an old lady. I suspect giant bows and huge huge earrings are involved:

"America's Got Talent" Season 11 Live Show - Arrivals

Is it wrong if I confess that I’m kind of excited for this? It’s going to be fun.

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Fug or Fab: Priyanka Chopra in BCBG MaxAzria

I admit, when I got an email early this morning informing me that Priyanka Chopra wore a “lace trimmed romper” to this premiere, the cold and icy hand of terror snaked into my chest to grasp my heart. “Oh no, Priyanka,” I said to my phone as I laid in bed and read my emails to the dulcet tones of the leaf blower going insane outside my window. So I don’t know if this is truly Not That Bad, or just Not As Bad As Anticipated. It’s cute from the side, which is often where the romper lets a woman down:

"Hands Of Stone" U.S. Premiere

Also, do not ask me where the lace IS on this trimmed romper. You can barely even tell it IS a romper, which brings me back to my days as a Young when I would glide over to what I thought was a cute dress at Contempo, only find that it was a romper. (I wore my share of rompers in the 90s, Young Readers. Don’t think I don’t understand The Lure of The Romper. I do. Believe me. I do. I often wore mine with a kicky hat, and Docs, because it was 1994 and that’s WHAT YOUNGS DID.)

It’s downright monastic from the front:

"Hands Of Stone" U.S. Premiere - Arrivals

A far cry from other rompers, which have a tendency to be more Monistat-ic. I may be able to live with this one.

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Fug or Fab: Condola Rashad in Novis

Condola is just ridiculously arresting. Well, not ridiculous; her mother is, after all, Clair Huxtable. And as much as The Cosby Show is now a very different, difficult memory, you still can’t deny that Clair was awesome: tough, smart, funny, and gorgeous, without the now-tired trope of also being messy and neurotic, all of which was  big example to set in the ’80s. (As it is now. There is nothing wrong with being messy and neurotic — aren’t we all, a little? — but too often TV shows and movies present it as a surprise that a woman can be those things and still be accomplished, or that those qualities somehow diminish her human usefulness and/or professional achievements.) Also, Clair could STARE YOU DOWN. I think Condola got a lot of that from Phylicia.

Condola Rashad

I wish she had gotten a better dress in the bargain. I actually think that overlay is quite lovely, but not only does it need lining; it could use a better piece under it. Even if you don’t mind the sheers, this seems particularly as if they are not one with each other, but genuinely just a very expensive shower curtain thrown over a tiny and tight slip. That magnificent head deserves better.

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Fug or Fab: Sarah Paulson in Marc Jacobs

This is one of those situations where we’re seeing the exact right match of person and outfit:

Television Academy's Performers Peer Group Celebration - Arrivals

(Also: those shoes. They’re amazing.) SHE looks awesome in this. Cate Blanchett could wear this. SWINTON could wear this. Solange could wear this. Winona Ryder could wear this. I personally think both the skirt and the top are cute and totally wearable by lots of people with lots of other items (like, that top with jeans is super do-able; ditto the skirt with, like, a plain white tank), but together, it’s a high degree of difficulty and takes a certain elan (or, as in the case of Wino Forever, a long-term melding of designer and muse) to wear without looking overwhelmed. Like, Jennifer Lawrence would look bizarro in this — it’s just not her personal jam. (It goes without saying that I personally would look ABSURD in it.)  Do you agree? Who else could pull it off?

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Fugs or Fabs: Zoe Saldana and the Star Trek Gang

This photo amuses me, and it’s not because of the Vulcan greeting being universally dispensed.

Star Trek Beyond Asia Tour - Guangzhou Red Carpet & Fan Screening

I look at it, and it’s a collection of men who all have seemingly different ideas about how to button your shirt under a jacket. Zachary Quinto over there has gone FULL button, and looks like the prime suspect in an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Simon Pegg and Justin Lin are both one button down, but with different amounts of nape showing, and Chris Pine looks to have undone at least two. It is a buffet of fastening choices. Also, don’t accept any drinks Quinto gives you, and/or let him drive any pleasure craft. It may lead to your doom.

let’s zoom in on zoe


Fug or Fab: Christina Milian

I feel like this look is really cute, but I also feel like it’s been a long hot summer and it’s possible I cannot be fully trusted:

Exclusive... Christina Milian Running Errands In Beverly Hills

It’s also possible that my intense envy of women who can pull off Sneakers With Dresses is blinding me to any and all faults herein. Please advise.

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