Fug File: Fug or Fab

Fug or Fab: Diane Kruger in Preen

This might technically be an UnFug for me, and the parts I want to UnFug are paining me:

Celebrities Attend Fashion 4 Development's 5th

Namely, that I don’t know if I think that Mark Cross bag she’s carrying really works with this — she looks like she’s toting around a shoe box in case she wants to swap footwear, which, PS: SHE SHOULD. And this causes me grief, because I truly think the most glamorous thing that ever happened in the entire world was when Grace Kelly flipped open her Mark Cross overnight case in Rear Window (a movie which I, as a person who cannot stop spying on her neighbors, truly relate to, although none of mine have tried to throw me out a window yet; bonus points for the fact that GK looks fabulous on an otherworldly level throughout). ALL Mark Cross bags should make you feel as if you are the most glamorous person in the world and I just feel like this one has been married with the wrong gown. (And perhaps needs MY monogram and to come live with me for a while?)

Dress-wise: I kind of want it to be shorter. IS THAT INSANE Y/N?

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Fug or Fine: Kate Mara in Dior

I’ve not been a big believer in that haircut on Kate Mara, but her head is really working for me here.

kate mara

But that dress is as lukewarm as it comes. It’s a banal Anthropologie wedding gown onto which someone has cross-stitched elements of an air show they once saw. Thanks for the memories, but keep them confined to a throw pillow next time, maybe.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Emmy Awards Unfug or Fab: Claire Danes in Prada

I think Taraji did the chains better.

claire danes emmys 2015

Don’t get me wrong — I actually like them more than I expected to, but they might be too aggressive; Taraji’s were more subtle, if employing chains on one’s clothes could ever be considered so. However, I think the fabric is deliciously disco and the color is great. So I am on board with the GENERAL concept of this gown. Where it loses me: Claire seems to like a slouchy tank-style cut of bodice, and I think it does her no favors. And then there’s the pinned-up bob. That effect NEVER looks like anything except the times I would imagine myself with short hair by tucking it into my shirt and then fluffing it out to chin-length. Change up the hair — or cut it for real, Angela Chase! — and raise up the scoop, and have a nonjudgmental conversation about whether it needs the splits or the chains down the side, and I am more likely to step on board this bandwagon.

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Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Uzo Aduba in Jonathan Cohen

I didn’t see her at Fashion Week, so I never got to ask: What happened to Space Admiral Rodcocker?!?

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Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Laura Carmichael in Erdem

It goes without saying that her lipstick is great, but I’m going to say it anyway.

laura carmichael emmy awards

This face says, “I’m walking this red carpet while Downton is premiering in the UK, and I know what happens and I’m not going to tell you except that EDITH FINALLY SHOOTS MARY OUT OF A CANNON. Just kidding. Perhaps.”

Let’s take a look at the whole gown:

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Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs

You may have seen that the inimitable Jackie Collins — prolific novelist and sister of our patron saint, Joan —  passed away over the weekend. So I was happy to see this dress because there is something so inherently Crazy ’80s about those shoulders. As for the rest… it might just be crazy? Let’s discuss.

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Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Joanne Froggatt in J. Mendel

Anna, I love you, but I have notes:

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

A) We’re terribly jealous here in the US that everyone in the UK got to start Downton last night and we didn’t.

B) If you and/or Bates end up in jail again at any time in this final season, I shall go TOTALLY MENTAL with CAPSY RAGE in my recaps/in general

C) I’m concerned that here in “reality,” or whatever, this dress washes you out.


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