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Fug Madness 2016 Round One: Bjork Bracket, Part 1

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I just finished my The People vs OJ Simpson recap, and all I can think is, “I’m not sure Bobby Kardashian wants his face dragged into any of this.”

This bracket brings you so much goodness, and also nudity. Heidi Klum takes on Nicki Minaj, in what will surely be a bit of a sheer-off. Diane Kruger has an early battle against someone who is sort of the same Genre of Dresser that she is, Greta Gerwig. We have Two People Often Accused Of Nepotism facing off, in the forms of Gigi Hadid v. Dakota Johnson. And, of course, one must wonder CAN KANYE BEAT BELLA THORNE?

Without further ado


Fug Madness 2016 Round One: Cher Bracket, Part 1


We kick off with perennial stalwart Rita Ora, the battle of Dior’s leading divas, and Cinderella in the making Kourtney Kardashian.

A word about the rules: The photos we show aren’t the ONLY ones in consideration; just a representative sample of everything worn from Feb. 23, 2015, to March 1, 2016 (though costumes worn while performing are ineligible). Polls close after roughly 24 hours. Vote on any device, as often as you want to or can. And ENJOY.

Let’s begin


Fug Madness 2016 Starts Thursday. And The Contenders Are…


And there they are, your Fug Madness 2016 field of sixty-four. They look pretty gnarly, don’t they?

What is Fug Madness? Glad you asked; here’s the FAQ, but in brief I can tell you that it’s our annual elimination-style tournament that decides who the fugliest celeb of the time period is — and the reason we do this time period as opposed to a nice, clean year-ender is to dovetail with the college basketball March Madness. We started it that way in 2008 and it’d be weird to change it now; we are nothing if not creatures of habit.

The eligibility period for outfits goes from February 23rd, 2015, to March 1, 2016. Another way of looking at it: from Oscars to Oscars. If they wore it to this year’s ceremony, it counts; if they wore it after, it goes in Fug Madness 2017. Likewise, if they wore it to last year’s Oscars, it doesn’t count, because it was included in Fug Madness 2015.

Each celeb has been chosen with moderate care, seeded with our wildest guesses, and then randomly plopped into one of four brackets. This determines their path to the championship. So for example, we decide which four celebs are ranked No. 1, but of those No. 1 seeds, the randomizer chooses which bracket in which they live. And so on and so forth. That way, the universe decides. Isn’t it nice that we can hand off the tough decisions? Truthfully, it’s because we’d much rather be amused and surprised by the games than to be their puppetmasters.

This is decided by reader votes. Clear your cache and vote as often as you like. The first round starts Thursday, March 17, and let me tell you, mixing this much fug with green beer will test your constitution intensely. Oh, and the name of each bracket means nothing; they’re simply in honor of four historic, artistic fuggers, who paved the way for those who cleave to sartorial inanity.

The full printable bracket is here; click to view it all and print:


If that’s not letting you click on it to enlarge and print, then try this PDF version: Fug_Madness_bracket_2016

And a list of who’s in what bracket, and at what ranking, lives after this jump.

Get ready y’all


Your Afternoon Chat: Fug Madness 2016

The Oscars are over, so that can mean only one thing: People in Hollywood are eating bread again. Okay, two things: that, and it’s Fug Madness time.

For any newcomers, Fug Madness is our annual bracket-style elimination tournament to determine the year’s worst-dressed celeb, but we do it now (and not, say, at the end of a calendar year, which would be so much clearer and easier OH WELL) because we line it up with the actual NCAA March Madness — aka, a time when everyone’s hunger for a bracket is at its most insatiable. Please visit the FAQ for an overview, and our Wall of Fame for highlight reels of past competitions, as well our list of winners. They are wide-ranging, and include Vanessa Hudgens, Justin Bieber, Amber Rose, Miley Cyrus, and last year’s champ Kim Kardashian. After being twice the bridesmaid before she took home the crown, can Kim be our first-ever repeat winner?

Jessica and I will be doing our nomination meeting soon — this extremely formal proceeding involves a lot of college basketball, potato chips in exotic flavors, and shrugging — but we always enjoy throwing open these comments to you, to see which contenders/offenders are on your radar this year. Remember, we’re only considering outfits worn after last year’s Oscars through this year’s, which is March 1, 2015, through Feb. 29, 2016. We are also continuing to disallow performance outfits.

Further, although we do LOVE synergy with the real Big Dance, we are eliminating play-in games (unless we are being SUPER indecisive)  and considering cutting the field from 64 to 32. The goal here is to give you as much Fug Madness bang for your buck as possible. If we’re struggling to flesh out the field in a way that makes sense, then we may just make the hard choices and have fewer entrants. We’re also mindful of Fug Madness Fatigue, so if making it even one round shorter means you are not tired of it by the time the final game rolls around, then great.

It’ll all begin at some point next week. (This is as disorganized as I have ever been about it. I haven’t even looked at the schedule. I THINK it’ll start on Thursday, March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day! DRINK! — which means we’ll provide the seedings and bracket on Tuesday for your perusal.) And so, that in mind: Who had the worst year in fashion? Who are your dark horse contenders? Which Cinderella can dethrone Kimderella? CHAT IT UP.


Fug Madness 2015: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

It was a tremendous Fug Madness tournament this year. We had two complete nail biters — Rihanna vs. Cara Delevingne in the second round, and Rita Ora vs. Lindsay Lohan in the Elite Eight, both of which came down to the last half-hour of voting as the pendulum swung wildly back and forth between them. We had new Cinderellas in Keke Palmer and Kate Walsh, who made it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen, and a slew of top seeds who delivered on the promises of a year’s worth of heinous insults our eyeballs. We made tournament history by giving us the first-ever final game rematch, between Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. And now, at long last, we have our official winner:

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Fug Madness 2015: The Final Game


It’s a rematch of last year’s final game, which we’ve never had in lo these many years we’ve done Fug Madness. Last year, Miley demolished Kim with 61 percent of the vote. The year prior to that, Kim lost to Justin Bieber with only 49 percent of the vote. Is this finally Fug Madness: Kim’s Revenge? Or is she doomed to be our very own Susan Lucci? That, dear Fug Nation, is entirely up to you.

[Remember, the slideshow is just a sampling of each person's Year in Fug, although it's nearly everything you need to see at this point. If you cannot choose, Kim's archives live here. Miley's are right here.]

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Fug Madness 2015 Final Four, Game Two


Who’s the wrecking ball NOW? We’ll see.

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