Fug File: Accessories to the Crime

Emmy Weekend Fugs or Fabs: The Ladies of Breaking Bad


It’s hard for Anna Gunn to top what she wore at last year’s Emmys – the Emmys which, along with Heather, convinced me to binge-watch ALL of Breaking Bad in like six weeks, which is a decision I do not regret. I literally found myself at parties saying, “hey, sorry, I have to go home and watch Breaking Bad” and nine times out of ten, the person to whom I was speaking would ask me what episode I was on, and then say, “oh my god, GO HOME and watch the next one.” That being said, I think this is pretty on her. I wish I could say the same for Betsy Brandt, whom I love. Betsy, my precious treasure, I do not know why you are always wearing Alice + Olivia — are you besties with Stacey Bendet? — but it’s time for some real talk. They are always too young-looking for you. And you are a YOUNG LOOKING 41. It’s just that Alice + Olivia are party dresses for quirky recent college graduates and I think you would be better served in something a little more elegant. LOOK TO THE LOUIS-DREYFUS.

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Emmys Well Played: Julie Bowen

On the red carpet, Julie Bowen told Giuliana that she was sure she was going to get slammed for this dress by the fashion police — and then said something they bleeped out, which I hope was, “especially those bitches on Go Fug Yourself,” which certainly SOUNDS bleep-worthy, trust me, I know — but guess what? I think it’s AWESOME.

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Emmys Fugs and Fabs Weekend: Kerry Washington in Prada

I wish Kerry Washington went to more events, because she is always so bubbly and charming on the red carpet. You sort of forget how vivacious she is, because Olivia Pope, obviously, is…you know. She’s got a lot on her plate. (On the red carpet last night, she had a great line about how Olivia always has a stain stick in her purse: “”Even a stain, she must fix.”)  And I ALSO wish she would tell Prada to leave her alone, because MEH:
The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

I actually think this looks better in photographs than it did on TV and I still think it’s totally half-assed. Kerry Washington deserves an Emmy dress that has not been phoned in. Someone, HANDLE THIS.

She looked totally cute at the pre-party, though:

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VMAs Well Played: Katy Perry

Y’all. This is the best thing Katy Perry has ever done. She Tweeted yesterday that she was going for the Best Worst Dressed list and that is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS. She and Riff Raff here (not of Rocky Horror fame, sadly) are BRITNEY AND JUSTIN from the 2001 VMAs. This is hilarious and it is delightful, and I desperately hope there was a dance off later in the evening.

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Teen Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Shoes

Because what better way to close out a summer Monday than with footwear you either don’t want, or can’t afford? I’M SO HELPFUL.

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Casual Fuggerday: Amber Rose

Oh, Pharrell’s Hat.

Amber Rose Pharrell Hat

LOOK WHAT YOU HATH WROUGHT. I hope you’re happy.