Casual Saucyday: Lupita Nyong’o

It’s not so much “Everybody Looks Better In Sunglasses,” so much as, “Lupita Nyong’o Looks Just As Great In Sunglasses As Without.”

This might be the first time I’ve SEEN her dressed-down, and OF COURSE she’s pulling it off with mystery and panache. CAN SHE NOT SPARE SOME OF THE PANACHE?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1.  HelenBackAgain

    I am suffering MAJOR COAT COVET.

    • James Michelle

      Same. I live in Southern California, where it’s perpetually sunny and 75, and thus no need for fabulous coats. But I majorly lust after coat dresses!

  2. Edith

    Apparently she has stolen all of JLo’s panache, as if she herself didn’t have enough to begin with!

  3. LoriK

    I wish she’s share some of the panache with me. I could really use some of that.

  4.  Jennifer

    Where is she that she needs all those clothes? Clothes that she looks fabulous in, of course. Love the yellow.

    • Holla

      I would guess New York. The northeast took a surprising turn out of spring back into winter for a couple days this week. I’m in Boston and it snowed a little mid-week.

      That coat and the yellow are fabulous. I expect nothing less from Lupita.

    • Jessica(NotThatOne)

      I’m in Kansas, and it snowed Monday. So, you know, nature is confused. As are my tulips, I imagine.

    • Mikki

      In my part of Canada, it snowed all day yesterday, so she looks seasonally appropriate to me! Mother Nature is obviously not willing to let Old Man Winter go yet.

      • Gypsy Danger

        Ontario, Canada here. We got dumped on this past Wednesday. Spring dresses and winter coats came out all in the same week.

        •  Shannon

          Houston. It’s been in the 80s all week. Sure, it’s great now, but in a couple of months it will be like the pit of hell around here.

  5. Ruth

    Zosia, *that’s* how you wear a hat.

  6. Joanie

    She is beyond fabulous. I’d be jealous if I weren’t in such awe.

  7. Kayla

    That scarf. I need.

  8. Brice

    I need to know where her boots are from?

    • Jules

      I have a pair that looks almost exactly like those. Mine are Vera Wang for Kohl’s. I doubt hers are though!

  9. marylou bethune

    I need to know where that coat is from. She looks stunning, chic, as cute as a button.
    Why can’t everyone figure out how to dress like that: weather appropriate, stylish, not like a trollop, not with words on your shirt when you are pushing 50, not trying to get attention by pretending to be Audrey Hepburn, not scowling but looking like you are happy to be here.
    She is the new Audrey Hepburn.

  10. simply_readd

    I’m not in need of Lupita’s panache but I would love to pal around with her … I’m not in danger of becoming her stalker (yet?) but I just know we would have so much fun!

  11. Citizen Science

    Not feeling it. The mojo is gone. Her last couple of outfits were fug, and she’s wearing Reese Witherspoon’s smirk, here. NOT GOOD.

    • Citizen Science

      Although I must say that scarf should be mine.

      • GFY Heather

        Well, cut her a break — she doesn’t get papped that often; most of her pictures have been red carpet. She probably doesn’t know WHAT to do with her face, especially if she was startled and/or annoyed.

        • Citizen Science

          Nah, unless it’s a blog rule, I’m going to call her on it. She’s had months to get used to having her photo taken. And her smirk really reminds me of Witherspoon.

          • suzannadanna

            It’s not what I’d call a smirk, but then maybe your definition of “smirk” differs from mine. To me, she simply looks like she has a relaxed facial expression. And her mojo appears to be fully intact.

            • Citizen Science

              This is true: smirks are subjective. One person’s Witherspoonesque sidewalk-tour smirk is another person’s charming beam of unadulterated joy.
              However, I’ve never had much faith in this woman’s mojo – there has always seemed to be a tinny, manufactured quality to it. She has clever people around her, and the workings of her fame-manufacturing mechanism leading up to the Oscars were impressive to watch. But I am interested in the process more than the actual product.

  12. annabel

    Lupita! You are a treasure.

  13. soitgoes

    How does she manage to wear warm layers without looking like a giant puffball?????

  14.  Snowedintoday

    The look on the woman’s face says it all: Wooahh I have been hit up by Lupita’s sunshine.

  15. Amy

    That coat! I’m going to have lovely dreams of that coat.

  16. maryse

    i like the coat but i don’t care for the hat or the scarf. both look ragged.

  17. Frannie

    Sorry, but this refutes the idea that Lupita can do no wrong–that giant, engulfing lump of a scarf is just too much.