Casual Fuggerday: Jennifer Lawrence’s Pixie Cut

“It grew to an awkward gross length, and I kept putting it back in a bun and I was like ‘I don’t want to do this,’ so I just cut it off.”  We’ve all been there. Look and discuss.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Mel S.

    I love J.Law – she seems super nice and down to earth. However, my first though when seeing this hair cut was of Kate Gosselin and that weird, gross reverse mullet she had at the height of her fame. While I don’t know J.Law personally, I’m almost 99.9% positive neither she nor her hair stylist intended to pay homage to Kate Gosselin with this haircut.

    • Meggiemoo

      I think it’s the color even more than the cut. The color is too safe, too suburban with all of the streaks. I wish she had bleached it out, or gone darker, or something.

      (But I still have a girl crush on her.)

  2. erin

    I love J.Law too, but not a fan of this at all. But then I don’t like pixies in general unless they are on Halle Berry.

    • Erin

      Must be the name, because I feel the same. I’m about to break up with Once Upon a Time (long overdue, I know) because of Gennifer Goodwin’s ‘do.

  3. GFY Heather

    This reminds me of Coco Rocha’s haircut, which I love so much that I can’t imagine her with long hair again. So I’m positively predisposed to it. (Also kind of like Anne Hathaway, too, during that one VERY SPECIFIC growing-out phase around the Globes, before it got kind of mumsy at the Oscars.) I don’t know that I want J.Lawr to keep it forever, but at the moment I’m not mad at her.

  4. Bianca

    I really like her and I thinks she has a beautiful face, but I don’t care for this haircut at all. I agree that it would look a lot better if it were a tad shorter.

  5. CakesOnAPlane

    I agree with you completely – the proto-Williams would do her wonders, instead of the flat-ironed bang swoop thing.

    Also, I love that last picture because it reminded me of how nice it is when actresses can actually have facial expressions.

  6.  wildviolette

    I really don’t care what she does to her hair – as long as nothing stops her from making more movies or being her totally awesome self.

  7.  Gypsy Danger

    Meh. Recent better examples of a short cut done well are Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, Chenowith. This could be better.

  8. oliviacw

    That third photo looks rather Mariska Hargitay, doesn’t it?

    • Birgin

      To me, Jennifer has always been the dead spit of Helen Hunt, and this haircut does nothing to dissuade me from that opinion.

      Additionally, if virtually *every* mention of this pixie references Kate Gosselin, well then, something went very wrong with the haircut! Being compared to Kate Gosselin is not a compliment!

  9. AmandaD

    From the side, it’s way too Katie Couric/news reporter of a certain age. It ages her and not in a good way.

    • Tamarin

      Totally agree that it ages her…this is the same haircut Ellen Barkin got on the New Normal to catch up to other 21st century grandmothers =/

      • stephasaurus

        THANK YOU!!! I was trying to place the actress and I could only come up with Ellen Burstyn. And while this cut ages her in perplexing ways, Ellen Barkin was the person I was trying to think of. Oh well, they are all amazingly gorgeous women.

  10. Cat

    Love JLaw and I love a lady who rocks a pixie cut– but that said, I think this particular cut is too mature for JLaw (Mel S mentioned Kate Gosselin and this totally recalls a “mom” hair cut). This needs a bit more edge to it to funk it up and make it more youthful.

    • Cat

      So basically, everything the Fug Girls said because I didn’t actually read all the captions first. Great minds, yeah?

    • Margaret

      I agree. I think the punch is needs is some color. The color is problematic. Really problematic. It looks mousy, which just doesn’t work on this cut. If it was shorter in the front, it would be fine with the current color. Or, she could do something fun with the color to make the current cut a bit better.

  11. malie

    I actually think this makes her face look younger, and not in a good way.

  12.  Miranda

    I always get mad when someone tells me how to wear my hair. Jennifer’s hair is in good condition, the color is nice, etc. so if she likes it, who are we to tell her not to? We just have to get over it. It’ll change soon enough; she’s young.

  13. G

    It’s way too Kate Gosselin-adjacent for me. And I don’t think the short looks bad on her; she just needs less “busy soccer mom”, more “jaunty tomboy”!

  14. Maria L.

    When Kate Gosselin’s name shows up in 90% of the comments about your haircut, then you know you’ve done something not quite right.

    I don’t mind her in short hair; I mind her in this short hair.

  15. Joanne

    Do know what? Why should she give a flying crap what we think? She’s talented and gorgeous – and her haircut is the least interesting thing about her. I must stop reading these comments – you guys make me so cross.

    • Sandra

      She probably doesn’t. But if reading the comments about a celebrity’s haircut at a website devoted to commenting about celebrity fashion and style is making you cross, yeah, you probably should stop reading. No point going back to a restaurant where you don’t like the food.

    • Katherine

      This *is* a fashion website, and hair is part of fashion. If the comments aren’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, but they’re pretty in line with the theme of the site.

  16. Cat

    I have a sneaking suspicion that JLaw has 2 whorls on her head. As a lady who got a pixie cut last summer who has 2 whorls, I completely sympathize. It made me style it this way too. Unfortunately, going shorter just makes it worse. I am super sad because I loved my pixie cut and I looked awesome with it (on the first day with lots of product).

    • Heather S.

      This. I have the same problem, one in the front that properly worked gives me Veronica Lake waves and one in the back that sticks straight up. I have to either grow it long (where it does indeed get gross) or cut it into a slightly longer on top version of JLaw’s pixie. Her cut will improve with a few weeks of growth and more experiments in styling. I’d go redder, but I like her with darker hair anyways.

  17. VanceMan

    The profile is, evidently, different but this haircut reminds me of “That ’60s Streisand”:

  18. Robin

    Better color would improve this. The dull blonde doesn’t flatter her skin tone and ages her. Also those bangs look impossibly annoying to deal with on a daily basis but maybe not so much if you have staff on hand to take care of that.

  19. Naomi

    She is absolutely fab BUT this hair isn’t particularly flattering. I never understood all the hoo-ha about her being a ‘real woman’ (as in, overweight by Hollywood/tabloid standards) but I think this cut adds weight to her face as well as aging her. Maybe it would suit her if the colour was slightly darker?

    • Heather S.

      It enhances the roundness of her face and gives her a slight double chin. I agree that darker would be better.

  20. Ms Poopy von Pants

    Honest question, is this even a “pixie” cut? Isn’t a pixie cut REALLY short, like Mia Farrow? Isn’t this just a short haircut? In any case, I really like Pamela Anderson’s pixie of all of the ones who came out this week. This one, I agree is too Kate Gossellin, as is Krisin Chenowith’s (whose haircut/style is really similar to J-Law’s.)

    But, J-Law is young, beautiful and cute so who cares, I’ll give her a pass.

    • Jessica

      Yes, in fairness, this is probably not actually a pixie. Sorry about that! It’s wishful thinking since I wish it were shorter.

      Carry on!

  21. Olivia

    Yep, I thought Kate Gosselin as well. Short hair suits her tremendously, but I agree that something is a bit off. The front would be better shorter, although as someone who has rocked the pixie, starting a bit longer in the front can be a good way to break yourself into having shorter hair, since going long to short in one go can be intimidating.

  22. Trace

    Wait, Pamela Anderson has a pixie cut now? Love Jennifer but this cut is a bit Gwyneth circa 1996.

  23.  Erin

    I think it’s too heavy. Needs to have some more spiky layers.

    • ChristieLea

      Yes! She needs to muss it up a bit. To be fair, she’s probably never had short hair before and, as someone who once went from long hair to very short, you don’t always know what to do with a short cut at first.

      Let her get used to it, and then I think we’ll see her wear it a little more spiky and messy.

  24.  Alayne

    I must be living on another planet. Everyone keeps talking about Kate Gosselin and I had NO idea who the heck that was! I had to google her. And after doing that, I still don’t think Jennifer’s hair looks anything like hers. I would cut it a bit shorter in the front but I think she looks really cute with short hair! Makes me want to cut all mine off again! :-)

  25. Eli

    This looks sort of like Mom hair to me and I don’t think it suits her facial features. I second the above commenters who think Pamela Anderson’s short cut is way cuter and more flattering.

  26. HelenBackAgain

    This probably looks a lot better in motion than it does in stills, but I agree all the same – if she’s going to go short, shorter than this would be better.

    It’ll grow.

  27. Kim

    I love her. Which is why, if I’d been at the salon with her, I would have warned her that she’d just end up clipping back that front piece every chance she could, and encouraged her to go full pixie.

  28.  gryt

    “Edgy” (ugh) soccer mom.

  29. TaraMisu

    I am in the minority I guess, I love this cut on her! I can’t carry off short hair. At. All. Totally jealous.

  30. Tamarin

    I actually think Miley’s haircut may look better on JLaw than this…or even a short, fierce chin length bob. Meh, short hair is totally more convenient than long hair. And it’s JLaw, I’m sure someone among the throngs of stylists fighting each other to do her hair will figure something out :P

  31. Tina

    BEYOND HIDEOUS! It makes her look like every 40-something suburban housewife at my gym, circa 2008.

    • Pia

      I’d rather see that than those ladies of a certain age who are so clinging to their youth they think they can retain it with long flowing locks.

  32. kindakute

    Just awful. Michelle Williams, Miley, Charlize, got it right. Everything about this cut is wrong. Total Gosselin..Shudder. I would love to know the stylist who is responsible for this disaster. The color is beyond atrocious. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? She is a mega star! I am so confused. Box color would be better than this. It is so DULL!

    • filmcricket

      The way Williams is growing hers out is worse than this. I don’t care for this much, but Williams’ ‘do makes me want to reach for the clippers every time, it’s awful.

  33. jean

    It is different but forgettable. In a year no one will think of it. She is more than just her hair unlike Gwyneth apparently. Remember how lost she was with her pixie?

  34. TheReset

    Well she certainly looks better with this hair than Kate G. ever did. High praise, indeed.

  35. Liz

    Aw, she totally got the suburban short cut. I know that one well, as someone who grew up in the suburbs and asked for the Edie or Twiggy but inevitably wound up with this. At least the length isn’t bad on her, she just needs a cooler style. I do love her.

  36. Mai

    I think the first time you chop off all your hair you err on the side of too long because it’s like I hate it and I want it gone, but my hair! And then the next day you go back to the stylist and be like yeah you were right, this was a mistake, please take the rest off. It’s what I did the first time and many others I know did the same. It’s like she skipped that step possibly because wigging it all day means she doesn’t care?

  37. Edith

    Agreed, it needs to be shorter.

  38. LoriK

    Every time I look at this all I can think is, “If she thought the bun situation was annoying just wait until she decides to grow this out. She’s going to hate it.”

  39.  Vi

    She could be totally bald and she would still be stunningly beautiful.

  40. Daffodil

    That second picture makes her look like Hillary Clinton to me.

    Also, I think Jennifer Lawrence has really thick hair. I have really thick hair, and that’s why it was kind of a disaster when I went short. There is just TOO MUCH HAIR to lay down neatly, which a short cut demands, and you get that weird matronly poof thing happening. I think if she didn’t like her hair because it was a weird length, she needed to see a competent stylist who would shape it up for her and make it tolerable. If she wanted it short to fit under her Katniss wig, she still needed to see a competent stylist who could tell her, “Oh, sweetie, that’s a great idea but your hair is going to do this weird poofy thing and you’ll hate it and then you have to spend a dog’s age growing it out.”

    Some better color — something richer — might help. As might some hair wax to make things piece-ier. And maybe this is the time to indulge that inner whim to dye some portion of it blue or purple or pink.

  41. Ambrosia

    That look is dated. However, I really wish more actresses would get rid of all that hair. I’m sick of ponytails on grown women.

  42. CC

    She looks like Ellen Barkin…and 10 years older.

  43. infoqueen

    I think it’s fetching.

  44. bekabot

    She’s very pretty. This haircut makes her look less ingenue-like and much older. Can’t say whether or not that was the intention.

  45.  Sydney

    I completely agree: The first thing I thought was “Kate Plus Eight.” But short looks great with her face. I would prefer to see it shorter and more pixie-ish.

  46. Bella

    Shorter or longer, but not this. Still, she’s quite lovely.

  47. Megan

    i’m sure i’m the 100th person to say it but for me it’s the color not the cut per se. I think if she were a dark brown it would be much more sheik and striking. and maybe a little more straight in the back. otherwise, i sort of love it having just gone to short hair after 15 years of long tresses.

  48. Kristin

    I agree it’s not the perfect cut, but I do think that shorter hair really shows off her pretty features.

  49. Esme

    I think it’s adorable; it really shows off her lovely eyes. Give her some time; my hair always goes into “shock” when I first get it cut, but then I figure out how to work with it, and it’s fine. It’s a nice change, and it suits her.

  50. Pia

    I honestly don’t get the Kate Gosselin at all. It’s not like it’s shaved in the back like hers was. Surely, Gosselin wasn’t the first person to have short blonde hair.

  51. Claire1

    She reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh ( I think that’s who) in the last pic.

    She’s adorable, she’s young, it’s hair…it’ll grow and she’ll be able to say “I did it”…..
    Personally, I’ve always wanted to try super short and am deathly afraid to.

  52. Fannny__Trollope

    She’s gorgeous. She needs to commit, get it crazy texturized, and go full-on Sid Vicious. And get nuts with the color.

  53. Roz

    I of course agree with everything that’s been said. But I had to post to reiterate– what insane stylist thought this was a good idea?? I have a certain craziness about hair because of some traumatic haircuts as a child and I am super-sensitive to bad cuts, I admit it.. This would have made me weep. It is absolutely wrong for her–for her features, for her skin color, for the shape of her head. It uglifies her! It makes her look chubby when she is not! It makes her chin area look terrible! I detest the side sweep in front. What is that? It has nothing to do with her features or personality. She sould sue! I can’t look without getting mad!

    • Rachael

      I mean, maybe this is the cut she asked for? And maybe she loves it — if so, it is the right cut for her. I think “uglifies” and “makes her look chubby” are a little over the top, even if you happen not to like it. And sue? Come on.

  54. Ambrosia

    @Megan: Sheik???

  55. Mikatu

    I think she is gorgeous but her face ,although cute, reminds me of a cabbage patch kid and now I cannot unsee it. Her bod is phenomenal though. I’m not saying she’s ugly or trying to bodysnark she just really reminds me of those dolls.

    I think the hair will look better when she (or her stylist) gets more used to it.

    • Claire1

      She simply still has a rounded baby face….that’s all. She’s in incredible shape but is sooooo young looking. I get it. Good lord, isn’t that going to server her well as she ages, though?!

      • Mikatu

        Oh it is definitely not a dig at her looks, just something I noticed and now kind of creeps me out. But she is obviously beautiful and charming. I mean I like how I look but I sometimes feel I resemble those hyenas from The Lion King, so its mostly the way I look at people, faces and things in general.

        • Claire1

          I didn’t think you were. I was just coming at it from a “OH, I think this might be why you see that” aspect. I didn’t think you were being snarky at all!

  56. Heather S.

    I want to assert JLaw’s right to get questionable haircuts after having had long thick nuisancy hair. I was her once and will pay handsomely for pictures of the butch dutch boy I had at 22.

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