Carly Fug Jepsen

I know this is for a music video shoot, so traditional clothing options are not to be expected.

But aside from the prison encasing her torso and the bike chain dribbling from her belt, I can’t get over those ridiculous earrings. They look like bingo cards. One false move and they’ll assault her jugular at best, and behead her at worst. And they say bingo isn’t cutthroat. Humph.

[Photo: Splash News]

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  1. Art Eclectic

    We’re wearing solar panels as jewelry this year? Suddenly I feel old.

    • Helen

      My first thought, too! Solar panels. And I think they might actually be just that.

      • jennifer

        bingo cards, solar panels, or packets of birth control pills?

        • teekay

          My first thought was the pill; absolutely.

        • annie

          These earrings are actually happening! I live in DC and see these on the metro daily, sometimes even bigger. Apparently the bigger and brighter they are the better.

  2. Shoeniverse

    Holy hell, who pranked the poor girl by attaching rubiks cubes to her ears?

    Incidently did you know Joan Collins is on Twitter? I died :D

  3. Susan

    I was going with matching coin purses as earrings. I may try to DIY that idea….

    • anny

      Plastic canvas squares, fluffy yarn, beads if you’re feeling really artistic.

  4. christine

    I just don’t get the shoes- her whole outfit is ridiculous, especially the earrings, and she’s wearing comfy flats? I hope this is just a between takes thing, if you’re going to wear something that out there, rock some crazy shoes too!

  5. Lori

    Actually – those earrings are genius! Clearly she has her birth control pills attached to her head. And maybe – if I had them – i could remember to take mine too….

  6. Dyanna

    Bingo isn’t cutthroat? WHO SAYS THAT? They need to head on down to the Tanglewood on Sunday and make a little mistake. Those old biddies are brutal.

    • pidget

      Word. Those ladies would CUT anyone in the way of a blackout bingo. And then have 25 cigarettes immediately afterward.

    • Eli

      Right? My girlfriends and I go Bingo-ing every so often because we like to win money and gossip between rounds, and Ethel and Gladys and Myrtle are fierce. I’d rather take on the drug dealer that lurks in the back alley.

  7. kiki

    Does anyone else think it looks she’s making a female reproductive rights statement and they’re actually birth control pill packs?

  8. jjdaddyo

    CRJ is 26, yet she dresses like Miley Cyrus’ (19) younger sister. You KNOW that ain’t right.

    • Megan

      I have picked up on that as well. I wonder how much of it is her idea, and how much comes from her management.

  9. Alma

    I, too, see birth control pills. In which case….how has Lady Gaga not done this yet??

    • Art Eclectic

      Gaga, pfft. How has Katy Perry not worn birth control pills on her boobs yet?

  10. Dazie

    They’re earrings? I thought it was some sort of weird collar.

  11. H.C.

    I thought the earrings were detached collars at first, and the torso looks like the from-below view of a grill right when you slap a fresh piece of red meat on it.

  12. Jules

    I saw gigantic earrings like that at H&M last week…
    I was Almost, then like, WTF?
    But I don’t see them on their website so…
    I must have been dreaming.
    I guess anything goes, with earrings this year

  13. vandalfan

    I thought, potholders, like the ones you made your Grandma with the brand new weaving toy that Santa brought in 1968.

  14. cc

    Her styling is always so confusing to me. I don’t really get it.

  15. Sajorina

    Dear Carly,




  16. Me(lissa)

    Oh. I thought those were Frankenstein bolts coming out her neck.

  17. Kit

    I thought her earrings were solar panels. True story!

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  19. Bambi Anne Dear

    I just hope she’s a good singer. Without autotune.

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